Rangers’ fans’ poll: who do you want as Rangers manager?


With it firmly established now
the front-runners for the Rangers job are ex-Brentford chief Mark Warburton, current
Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes and Olympiakos coach Vitor Pereira,
Ibroxnoise.co.uk would like to assess fan opinion over who you want to see take up the mantle.
Who do Rangers supporters want as
the next manager? You will see the poll includes those names who appear to have
faded a little in terms of probability, but nevertheless this gives Rangers
fans the chance to have their voices heard, and maybe the board might just hear

The results of this poll will be
published in a separate entry, so choose wisely. You may actually influence the
So of Mark Warburton, Vitor
Pereira, Derek McInnes, Ian Cathro, Alex McLeish, Stuart McCall and Billy
Davies, who is your vote for who you want to see guide Rangers to the SPL next
Rangers supporters; it is over to


  1. Looks like Friday will be a massive day for us.

    EGM with Ashley, or his cohorts if he decides he cannot be arsed coming to the meeting he called, which seems likely

    And naming of a new manager, according to P Murray.

    I think that they are closely linked given that whatever Ashley decides will determine how much money we have to spend on players, and that will determine who will take the managers position.

    Unless I am wrong Ashley holds all the cards when it comes to our finances, and King stating that he is going to renegotiate the retail deals, terms of £5m loan, etc, is another mug telling us what he thinks "we would most like to hear"

    Ashley is a business animal, but this means he ties every deal with double knots and if King gets a better deal, you ask one question, "what's in it for Ashley". How we ended up with a partner like him is beyond my comprehension. He has treated Newcastle like an old toy, that he kicks about his bedroom every now and again, but mostly just ignores.

    Still waiting to see any financial commitment form Mr King and his cohorts that does not have to be paid back with interest. (3 bears loan of £1.5m plus interest, Rangers minded?? my arse)

    So roll on Friday and we, real supporters can get on with our lives without the constant speculation.

    Incidentally, I also think that the players that we have released because the new manager may want to bring some of them back.

  2. Mark warburton is a very clever man n knows his way with figures/numbers and he will understand that the club will have a small budget for players he'll understand the whole situation of wer other money has too go scouting Murray park, maintanence etc. wer as other managers with no financial back ground might expect the board too push the boat out because of wer we r n the lack of numbers and quality in the squad now cos it wud b their neck on the line. Warburton said Been ther there n done it and over exceeded expectation. That's y I think he's the right man at the right time.

  3. I would be totally and utterly amazed if many indeed any of the dunderheads that were released will be wanted by a new manager unless we are securing the services of Merlin or some other magician. With the exception of Smith, (who at least can take free licks), the rest are a waste of space.

    • total rubbish he could not get a game with Portland but the old pals act brought him back to Rangers ,just one more bad signing by Mcoist .

  4. None of the above,,, King said at his first press conference after the EGM that he wants Rangers to get back to tradition,, I didnt think he meant the early eighties. None of those managers belong anywhere near out Ibrox doors,, We are Glasgow Rangers, you know,, a sort of massive club with European ambitions as well as domestic,, and you expect the above to deliver?!, No, they wont. We need to copy other successful footballing countries and adopt their football ethos and bring in to place here. Why are we not doing this??,, Because Scotland is so small minded and lacks ambition to change,,, We had an opportunity 3 years ago and failed,,,this board is going the same way,,, Rip out the coaching staff and replace them with total football minded personell who have the experience to produce athletic, skillful, powerful, tactiful, football brained players,,, other countries are producing them,,,even with little or no money,,, so why are we so behind??,, I'm afraid the dirty mob will get the 10 in a row, the way things are going at Rangers,, somebody tell me I'm wrong and how?

  5. I have been a Rangers fan all my life and follow, follow (nearly 50 years), my beloved bears home and away. I am not one of the fair weather supporters.
    I am a very successful businessman and KNOW what it takes to run very large companies.
    I have little to no faith in the present board. The Chairman a convicted tax evader and a proven liar (hell he has been shown to have told lies since they took over – I will put money in no matter what… I will get a NOMAD etc etc ad nauseum). His side kick Murray was part of the original board who were culpable, he also had his chances prior to Green but couldn't or wouldn´t "show us the money". They promised us transparency and have shown us nothing to date, but "empty promises".
    Being Rangers men does NOT make you qualified to take Rangers where they can go. The vocal minority shouted and bawled at the last board and held them to account (quite rightly) and made judgments on them. THEY got there "Rangers men in", now it seems they don't want to judge the present incumbents using the same "measuring sticks". Rather they give blind excuses for them.
    This week will show us just how much of a clue the present board has and how high they are aiming. King gave a speech about his vision and what was needed to take Rangers back to the top. I mostly agreed with him. Now if he was serious and follows through I will back him for now. If he doesn't stick to what he said I will KNOW he is just playing at it or doesn't have a clue. His managerial appointment MUST reflect his so called vision that he gave at the Press Conference.
    So if he goes with McLeish, Rae, Davies or other such nonsense signing, he will show that its just the old board with a new face – Jobs for the boys, with "Rangers men" with their noses in the trough and / or those wanting the Kudos of being on the Rangers board. We went with the ""Rangers men" mentality…. McCoist, Durrant, Jukebox etc….. It didn't work. We need people who actually know what they are doing and have the experience and track record to do what is needed.
    If he goes with someone proven i.e. Warburton I will be comfortable and happy that at least he is trying to get us back where we belong.
    If he does the former I will know its time to put my beloved Rangers scarf away and call time on my support of the club that means so much to me.

    • King looking at a three year plan. Will overspend on players to achieve promotion. There will be no Director of football at this time. This scenario would suit Warburton and Weir. A brand new scouting system with a complete overhaul of coaching staff and training methods. Revolutionary training at Murray Park, start with a rename of the place. Looks like an announcement won't be confirmed until after Friday's meeting. Ashley the reason? Whatever, I think Warburton is up to the challenge and with his analytic and training emphasis with the ball could be a huge boost to the technically good players in the youth teams.

    • I am in agreement with you, are we just clinging to the hope of something different or are we just gullible. The last board, and as you say were under scrutiny, but had to go. With King we are all waiting for some good news. I afraid his statement today says nothing, no commitment, no time schedules, no defined amounts of investment, I could go on. He has already tried to pull the wool over our eyes with the I have lost £20m, I am a great Rangers man, only for it to transpire that he had £18m paid back to him six weeks later.

      I really wish these so called Rangers Men would either piss or get off the pan.

      As for the right manager, it should not matter if he played for us or managed us in the past or not. We just need the right man

    • "Smell the coffee"?
      I think you will find that announcement to be a little premature!
      Just wait and see, by end of July, McCoist will be back as Director of Football!!

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