Rangers’ fans’ poll; the players you value the most are…

Rangers’ fans’ poll; the players you value the most are…

The results are in.
Yesterday, Ibroxnoise.co.uk ran a poll to find out which players Rangers fans wish to keep at Ibrox, the players
they deem good enough for a future at the Club in next season’s Championship
fight for promotion.
The players included in the
options were those who are not out of contract, and guaranteed to remain at the
Club unless their contracts are paid off or alternative clubs bid hard cash for
With so few assets at Rangers’
disposal, it is unlikely a great deal of players will attract interest from
other clubs, but it promises to be a curious summer on the transfer front
But without further ado, here are
your results, the players you want to keep in Govan:

In an honourable sixth place,
young Callum Gallagher with, at the
time of writing, 9% of the vote. Gallagher has barely featured under McCall,
but clearly Rangers fans feel he deserves a shout.
In fifth place, Ryan Hardie, 10%, Hardie made his
breakthrough under McCall, and while not heavily used, proved himself a useful
player indeed and one for the future.
In joint second, Lee Wallace, Tom Walsh & Darren
, with 11%. Despite the former having a weak season and the latter
struggling badly in the playoffs, they are nevertheless widely regarded as two
of our best players and fans clearly wish to retain their services. Walsh had a
similar breakthrough to Hardie and is viewed highly.
And the clear winner out on his
own: Andy Murdoch with 12%. Not a
runaway victory but it illustrates this young man’s impact that he only
appeared in February onwards and is now viewed by supporters as quite simply
our most important and best player, at least by the 1600+ voters who cast their
It also says a great deal for the
regard in which Nicky Law, Dean Shiels, Cammy Bell and David Templeton are held that the
highest any of them managed was 6%.
In a mild oversight the poll
completely forgot to include Barrie McKay and Nicky Clark, but this probably does not
alter the results a vast amount.

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  1. I have commented on here before about Andy Murdoch not a stand out player but could be an outstanding player…

  2. If we can get 250k for Nicky L, we should bid up to 750k for Scott Allan, We don't want him going over the piggery do we?

  3. See Dickie Dwarf has gone to the Black Cats. Hope money wasn't the problem. Maybe othe other cat – Felix will agree a deal.

  4. Dean sheils has been a stand out since mcall came in always gives a 100% gd technical ability, vision creativity the type of player can create something out of nothing and playin him off the strikers in his natural position can and would be every bit as effective as vukic. Out all these player would have Wallace mcgregor Walsh sheils n Murdoch in first 11, bell Clark hardie Gallagher McKay templeton and zaliukas as squad rotation players and law who can't handle the size the club Crawford and aird to b let go. Would to see gers bring in Allen bring back Lewis McLeod N have Murdoch along side them in a midfield 3 with sheils in front of them plenty of young energy and fight in middle of park. Cud always bring vukic in n him n sheils can fight for attacking midfield no10 role.

    • I wouldn't agree on the 100% comment. Shiels has technical ability but he is not consistent and he shirks 50:50 tackles. The fact that he is considered to be worthy of a starting eleven slot just shows how far that our ambitions have fallen. In an ideal world he would be no where near Rangers. We need our next manager to be able to uncover quality young players like Warburton and his guys have been able to do. there are no more than four or five of the current players at Rangers that should be near the starting eleven for the new season and these are all youngsters with the exception of Wallace and McGregor

  5. If this is the extent of what we could exchange for hard cash, the future does not look very optimistic. If for example you price our young players who if we are honest are relatively untested, you might get £250,000 per player and only if an English championship team is prepared to take a gamble, from the names above it gives us a total of £1.75m. Nicky Law is a bit of an enigma at present but could possibly be worth £0.5m. I don't think you could give Shiels or Bell away on present form. Wallace remains the only class act but looked less fitter and sharper than the Motherwell players, so even if we say £2m. On a good day possibly £1m for McGregor. This totals our best 11 at a mere £5.25 m which is what we owe Ashley.

    We don't have are trademarks or licensing, Murray Park, Albion St, etc as the are secured against Ashley's loan.

    Ashley has 76% of our retail sales and an agreement that we have to pay him a percentage for unsold stock. So almost no income there.

    We owe the three bears £1.5m and possibly rising

    Sorry at this point I seem to be making a lot of noise without any point, bear with me.

    King said we are in great shape financially, we have no debt, own our stadium…blah, blah…., I am sure you all read it the same as me.

    Can I ask, who is this bawbag trying to kid??????

    We have more debt than assets at this time, unless you count the Ibrox stadium (our home) which I will come onto shortly.

    I will ask another question to Mr King before I renew my season book, where is all the "investment money" you and your cohorts were willing to pour into Ibrox two months ago ??? it is simple question unless you think we are some kind of mugs. It is true that lots of us will pay for our season tickets out of loyalty to our club, but we are not all that obliging, some like myself want answers before parting with our hard earned cash.

    You stated two weeks ago that you had already lost £20m that you invested in Rangers, but changed this to a substantial amount a couple of days later, when it was discovered by some journalist that Rangers accounts showed that you received almost £18m from Rangers six months after investing your £20m. I am not a genius but that is £2m loss, hardly a substantial amount to a man of your assumed means. It is also not clear if you were paid during your time on the old board which I would guess would lessen the amount of your loss.

    Now the stadium, and another question, why can the stadium not be used as security for loans?? Are the rumours correct that Craig Whyte still owns Ibrox Park ???

    I don't see you game plan with pissing of Ashley either, you stated that is was not in the boards interest to repay his loan(s). WTF we would gain 26% more form the sale of strips for a start and we would gain control of the secured assets. Why is this a bad thing.

    Ever felt like you were being taken for a ride??

    What you forget Mr King is we have seen your sort before, we now ask questions when people like you ride into town asking for our season books money, we need to see something in return, and we want to see it quickly!!!!!

    I will apologise to all of you who do not question anything Rangers, and will renew their books regardless, I don't think that you are wrong, it is just that I am no longer willing to subsidise some spivs and their cronies.

    • Nah, the guy's right!
      We've been taken for fools by lots of previous knights in shining armour.
      Personally I'm getting really annoyed now. Yet I'm still going to invest my hard earned cash on renewing my season book.
      Just wish there was some honesty here!

    • I may well be a fool mate, but I am wanting answers. Here is a question form you, what happens if we all renew and King finds a reason to not invest, like many other before him, how long are we going to last with no money or players??

  6. Dean sheils 6% that nonesense since he's came in under McCall he's pt a lot of other players too shame always gives 100% and if played in right position off the strikers he'll create goals and score goals he's got gd technical ability,he's creative and skillfull. Out off that bunch of players I'd keep Wallace mcgregor n Murdoch for starting 11.bell, Walsh Clark templeton,zaliukas, Gallagher ,hardie and McKay as squad rotation and let go of law,Crawford and aired.. Would like too c next manager go for gray at hibs right back, left back Wallace ,Center halfs Danny Wilson and mcgregor, midfield 3 of Lewis McLeod scott Allen and Andy Murdoch and in an attaking mid role off the strikers dean sheils or vukic n up top cifti and Cummings of hibs. If possible too get these players would say spending £3mil max. Not sure who I'd go for in goal.

    • You get SOME of the 3 million by winning the league you idiot!!!!!!!!!…..
      Oh well…… There's always next season

    • How much did king say he wud give?? His children's inheritance , i believe kings mentioned on separate occasions I quote £10 -£30 million. That's wer the £3 millions cums from ya Celtic fan!!

  7. to gascoigne pees. you are seriously deluded if you think we could sign scott allen if celtic are remotely interested. as to us signing him at all i would be astonished if he was not way outwith our budget

  8. How much did king say say he wud pt in ? His children's inheritance!!That's wer we get the £3mil from muppet!!

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