Rangers fans confirm who they want as manager


Yesterday Ibroxnoise.co.uk ran a poll to investigate who Rangers fans want as their new manager. With chairman
Dave King confirming the announcement of the new man will not be for a week or
so, supporters voted in their near-thousands here yesterday to choose between
Mark Warburton, Ian Cathro, Stuart McCall, Billy Davies, Vitor Pereira, Alex McLeish
and Derek McInnes.
To say there was an overwhelming
winner would be the understatement of the year, so, without further ado, here
are your results (at the time of writing):

In seventh place, with a paltry
56 votes (3%), was Billy Davies. Of the 1500+ voters, the former Derby boss is by far the
least favoured of all the names in the hat.
In sixth place, with 81 votes
(5%) is former manager Alex McLeish. Not a lot better.
In fifth, with 85 votes (5%) is Olympiakos
manager Vitor Pereira.
In fourth, with 136 votes (8%) is
Aberdeen boss
Derek McInnes.
In third, 217 votes (13%) is ‘current’
manager Stuart McCall.
Our runner-up with 238 votes (15%)
is Valencia’s
assistant coach Ian Cathro.
But, as you have surely guessed,
the overwhelming runaway favourite with 816 votes (50%) was Mark Warburton.
He is who the fans clearly want,
whether they get him is another question.


  1. Disappointing really. No one on that list inspires. Cathro's coaching abilities do, but I don't think he's a manager/leader. 81 votes to Alex McLeish? All from Celtic fans I guess. McLeish has the worst 'eye for a player' of any manager I can think of…and for style of play is a poor man's Sam Allardyce.

  2. No one on the list inspires.. Eh Warburton inspired Brentford to the championship playoffs and has Davie Weir as a number 2, are you saying this guy doesn't inspire.?? So fed up with Rangers fans looking back, we need to move forward as football and tactics have.. McCall couldn't inspire in games against Livingston and Alloa at home, lucky to play Motherwell which ended in shame..

    • Billy Davies got Derby promoted a few years ago, and he doesn't inspire me either. But by your logic, he would be even more inspirational than Warburton (who only managed to reach the Championship play-offs). A history of 2 years in management at a club (Brentford) that's about as big on the world stage as Accrington Stanley does not inspire me one bit.

    • Warburton inspired Brentford to the playoffs?? They're still in the championship.If that is success let's just stick with the man who inspired us to the playoffs. None on the above fills me with any confidence. We need to cast the net wider or we will be in the playoffs next year.

  3. I just hope the fans get behind the new manager (whoever that may be) and support the team, try to be positive as difficult as that is at times. We've been to hell this last few years, now it's time to come back it has to be a new start for the club and we all have to pull together. There's enough haters out there without our own fan's putting the boot in.

    • For me it is and always has been love. Doesn't matter, just waiting for Mr King to send out the call for funds. Ready to go again again lads!

    • Seen you before on her Bunter and you cannot be real. Either you are a halfwit desperate to throw your money away or you're an impostor plonker from the piggery trying to make out all Rangers supporters are halfwits. If that's what you are fuck off Bunter, if not keep your money, because of you give it to DCK you'll never see a penny back.

  4. I don't claim to be an expert, but I do think it is worth noting that Warburton got Brentford to the playoffs in a season when they were expected to be relgated, just having come up from the 1st Division. Rangers got into the playoffs in a league they were supposed to walk away with.
    Warburton had a relatively tiny budget, Rangers the 2nd highest in Scotland

  5. I know that Bomber is not on the short list and is not the most polished speaker but as a manager and coach with Dundee he was spectacularly good. Pity he couldn't get the job maybe with big Mark taking on the sleazebag journos especially the BBC and DR.

    • Bomber went to the same school as me….albeit a few years older. He's a favourite of mine and was great for us at the time…..,

      …….as Manager, now….never in a million years. This old boy network shite must be swept aside, Durrant, Durie and any others sculling….We need a man who has a reputation and record of turning ordinary players into an extraordinary team. A philosophy, a modern approach to the modern game. Warburton all day long for me, with or without Weir, he's largely irrelevant in the main.

      Keep the 9 in a row old boys and their tales for the corporate hospitality areas and away from the tracksuits

    • I do not want Brown as manager of Rangrs FC. He is not the type of person that we should want as manager of Scotland's 'establishment club' and that is even before we consider his total lack of coaching ability and his credibility as a manager!

  6. I think all of them except Dizzy Babels could do a good job, but you guys got to hope that squint puts enough money in. If he doesn't even Josie and Sir Alex together wouldn't do f.a.

  7. Honestly, who the hell are these eigets posting comments? Clearly not 'Rangers men'! Mark Warburton is the fans choice and he clearly ticks all the boxes. So please, if you are going to comment, do so from a positive perspective – or stick to Celtic forums……

    • At least you know who and what I am. Your intolerance and inability to see when someone is offering genuinely motivated advice may explain how the likes of you got your club to where its at – and hiding like a cringing coward.

    • Hi Mr Noname, I should have also said that the positivity in my original comment was that all nominess except Davies would do OK. I would doubt that anyone – even you – would disagree that money is imperative. The moderators know me from way back and would have barred me if they thought I was out of order. You can't ber bared – nobody has a clue who you are, so you don't even deserve a reply.

    • You're in the right Padraig, He's looks like Ulster but I thought it was spelt eejit over there (where you probably are as well).

    • Intolerance you say…intolerance and inability to recognise positively motivated comments…..

      ….. And you call professional guys by derogatory names.

      Jeezo Timmy…..behave yersel or get aff the evo-stik and take your filth back to Kerrydale St ya crackpot.

    • I will not be drawn into commenting on how to classify squint and will resist namecalling those who choose screen names suggesting deviancy. My hunch is you're quite poor, but even if you think yourself well off, I could buy and sell you on two days wages. Try hard to respond with good grace.

  8. Hey. What about Warburton and McCALL!!? New ideas from big W and a bit of Scottish knowhow from Stewart. Better chance to hit ground running this way. Davie Weir doesn't seem to be able to connect with players. Remember Sheff Utd

  9. I know this is a bit leftfield but what about Neil Lennon. Great manager, has experience of managing an old firm team.
    Disnae take any shite,has a great eye for a player.

  10. Good kicking Padraig gave you, so you sneak away thinking no one noticed and revert to your standard foul mouthed diatribe. I guess he was right about your poverty as well – benefits or hospital slops porter at best.The Neil Lennon post was obviously a wind up but you are so thick…..

  11. Well thats the above theory out the window!! My source (current player) tells me the 'rumour' kicking about murray park is that warburtons wage demands are too high so the club have now turned their attention to McInnes but Aberdeen are not prepared to let him go or even allow him to talk to the club as he is still under contract. Looks like it will be McCall then. Pish!! Total let down…. King can forget selling his 45000 season ticket, thats for sure

  12. dont give the fat man a penny hes just out to screw rangers and newcastle fans to fill his piggy bank,,

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