Rangers confirm interest in Allan, Kiernan, Eustace


Mark Warburton has today
confirmed official interest in John Eustace, Rob Kiernan and Scott Allan, with
Kiernan understood to be undergoing a medical at Murray Park
this lunchtime.
Allan today removed his current
employers Hibernian from his Twitter account, near-verifying he will not be at
Easter Road next season, with the battle for his signature coming down to a
choice between Rangers and Celtic.

Eustace is also on Warburton’s
radar, and the manager said this about the former Derby man:
“People like John Eustace are few and
far between. We have just had a chat about him, no more than that.”
On Allan he said:
“Scott Allan of Hibs is another one I’ve
been alerted to.”
And on Rob Kiernan, who appears
to be the furthest along, the boss had this to say:
“I’d like to bring Rob here he is a
very talented player but as I say we are not at the end of the good
negotiations. I know him very well from earlier in his career, technically
gifted, six foot three inches. He was comfortable at Championship level down
south and if we can get him, he would be a good addition.”
He made no comment on Danny

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  1. Warburton's right that players like Eustace don't come around too often – in a 19 year career, he's never won a promotion, never won a trophy, never appeared in a final (nor even a semi-final or a quarter-final?) and never represented his country. But he has been relegated. 'Experienced' players like that don't come to Rangers too often, that's true. Not the player we need, sorry.

  2. He did comment on Wilson:

    "Former Hearts captain Danny Wilson is another linked with a return to Rangers.

    On the defender, Warburton said: "It's the situation the club is in at the moment but we're making good progress on a number of fronts and hopefully over the coming few days we will have some news for you.

    "Right now we are looking at various options. Does it work for both parties? Is it right? Do he fit into the squad or is it the right mentality for the squad?

    "He's [Wilson] a very good player of course he is. So it is us looking at the various options."

  3. I saw some of the comments on this bloke John Eustace's 'twitter' account. Pretty funny.
    Seems like an upbeat sort of a person. So should boost the spirit of the team.
    Obviously, he's a seasoned Professional Player.
    With no transfer fee having to be paid, it's a case of wages only. So seems like it would be a good bit of business to get him on board. Don't know anything about the Brentford guy, but young Scott Allen really looks the goods. I hope Rangers can land him, but 800K seems a bit steep.

  4. hope we get players in soon we have the ramsden cup coming up soon and i for one want to win it as it would give the club a boost for the season ahead

  5. It seems that Warburton relies a lot on Weir for telling him ‘how it was’ as a player, and this ‘2 or 3 older heads’ idea is the type of traditionalism I’d expect from Weir. As great a player as Weir was, he doesn’t come across as a footballing deep-thinker in the form of a Ronald Koeman or a Michael Laudrup. And that should worry us. If Warburton was the new manager at Ajax and he told them his strategy was to have 2 or 3 older heads in the squad, they’d laugh all day long. At Ajax today, they have 2 outfield players who are 29 years old – those 2 are the oldest in the squad but they both joined Ajax when they were 26. The rest range from mostly 18, 19, 20, up to 25 years old – giving the Ajax squad an average age of 22. But Warburton might complain that, “The younger players need someone to guide them through that big ask of walking out in front of 50,000 fans”. And Ajax might reply – “But that’s why we have sports psychologists at the club. And the best thing about them is that they don’t occupy valuable space in the playing squad. Our young squad at Ajax walks out in front of 52,000 home fans every second week (and often 50,000 AWAY fans on alternative weeks) and they are expected to win Eredivisie titles and reach the latter stages of the Champions League – not just qualify ahead of Dumbarton and Alloa to get promotion to the Scottish Premiership”.

  6. It would be good if Rangers can get Scott Allan. Not only, would it strengthen the Rangers squad, it would seriously weaken Hibs, our biggest threat, probably, for automatic promotion.

    However, If it's true that he will cost over 800 thousand, I'd have a good think about it. It seems a lot for a Championship player with only one year to run on his contract.
    Also, Alan Stubbs is a pretty shrewd character as well. He'll have a few players in mind he'd like to sign. It's possible that he might lose a good player, in Allan, but the 800 thousand might allow him to bring in 2 or 3, perhaps 4, really good players to replace him.
    No doubt Warburton and Weir will have that in mind.

  7. Ffs Celtic have no interest in Scott Allan…..he wouldn't get a game but will be a good addition for am ambitious Championsip club.
    However stand by for protracted negotiations as Hibs will want the transfer fee up front, £800k that Rangers currently don't have.
    Any team negotiating a transfer fee will be asking for money up front due to the previous financial mess, still a mess plus the Chairman is a convicted felon who is refusing to repay a loan to a major shareholder.
    Perhaps Ash will fund this as well.

    • dave says we are the most financely sound club in the world so i dont think 800k will strech us at all we are bringing in four players of high standing that could walk into any team in scotland lets face it man city wanted scott allen and we beat them to sign him well done dave and paul

    • Love the supporters from the piggery with nothin better to do than comment on a gers forum. Must be shite being one of the bheasts

    • Most financially secure club in the world….cos Dave says so.

      That's actually priceless. That will be the same Dave who last week begged Ash not to ringfence the ST money to cover the £5m loan, then had the brass neck to ask Mike for the 2nd tranche £5m……..oh and while I'm here Mike, ok if I call you Mike mate, do you want to buy my shares, just between you and me you know, don't want Paul or the 3 bears getting the wrong idea…..like I'm potless or what, ha,ha,ha, as if.

      What do you mean 5p a share. I want £5 a share, its hardly my fault that the shares are worthless because we have been delisted…..oh wait a minute������

      Oops, and don't expect Donald Park to be contributing to this month's kitty up for the payroll. He's had quite enough of TSASL to the tune of several million pounds that he will never see again.

  8. So as expected a PR version of the 'secret' meeting between King and Ashley has now hit the press.

    King wishes to improve the merchandising deal…no surprise there.

    How did the discussions go on the o/s defaulted loan? Will Ashley ringfence ST money or wii he continue to act as the lender of last resort and not pursue the loan?

    Did King ask for the 2nd tranche £5m now, because the financial position is now once again perilous. What was the reply from Ashley?

    Did King indeed offer his shares to Ashley as part of any future loan deals, given there is nothing left as security for future loans?

    What was Ashley's reply?

    Is it true that there has been a breakdown in relations between the new board members and that at least one of them is still on board in the hope of recouping his several million pounds investment?

    Where is the £30m to £50m over investment monies from the board, oft quoted by King?

    King and Murray continue to talk up an imminent share issue as part of the over investment strategy. How are talks progressing for relisting given King's toxic reputation in the City?

    Who provided the Daily Mail with their so called scoop…..given it's been blogging for a week now elsewhere?

    Time for Radar Jackson to pile in with his version……ie. a copy and paste Level 5 PR blurb.

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