Rangers’ board finally put their money where their mouths are


When news broke earlier that
Rangers had had a bid accepted for Wigan’s Rob
Kiernan, the most important part of the entire story was the following phrase:
“bid accepted”
After signing up the popular
choice Mark Warburton to take over the reins at Ibrox, a man who was highly in
demand after his incredible achievements with lowly Brentford, that in itself
sent a message out that this Rangers regime are taking the recovery of our
beloved Club seriously.

Regular readers will know this
site has been extremely critical of mistakes the board have made, and recent
entries were scathing regarding a lack of action.
But when Warburton signed on the
dotted line along with right-hand man Weir, it was the first step to proving
the doubters wrong, and today, by having a bid accepted by the Championship
outfit, it is a further step to showing this board is starting to truly put its
money where its mouths are.
The bid is said to be in the
region of between £150,000 and £500,000, with some outlets claiming £200K, but
whatever the fee, this would be Rangers’ first paid transfer fee since the modest
fee paid for David Templeton in summer 2012.
And that, small though the sum
is, is a massive step towards the rebirth of the Rangers we know.
For over 36 months Rangers fans
have had to tolerate mercenary out-of-contract rubbish looking for a cushy wage
at Ibrox, or completely obscure youth players from other clubs who failed the
grade elsewhere. That has been exclusively the kind of player coming in. The
only truly successful signings McCoist made were Lee Wallace for £1.5M
pre-admin, and Darren McGregor, another free.
That is the kind of lean diet
Rangers have been on for too long, and today’s news that the board are willing
to shell out hard cash, whatever the sum is, proves that finally, Rangers fans
will see what they deserve – a properly-scouted and targeted group of players,
with transfer fees attached.
It might only be sub-£500,000,
but it is far more valuable than that.

NB: Updated to take account of Templeton fee, but correction does not alter article’s message.


  1. He looks good and talks well in interviews, so all good. I just hope this is not the beginning of a flood of 'foreign' players.

    • I just want Rangers players to be playing in the Scotland team, it has nothing to do with tolerance or 'neutrality' (whatever neutrality is supposed to mean in this context).

  2. My heart is just bursting with overflowing. Well done Mr King and Galligan. Here we go, just tell us how to invest our savings!

  3. Light at the end of the tunnel at last. There is still a long way to go but at least it now seems like the whole club is now moving forward.

  4. One cook doesn't make a summer. We'll need a few more better, and I will be there, don't worry, I do not walk away my loyal so supportive brother bears.

  5. Totally agree. Kiernan at 24 is at a good age for developing as a centre half with Weir's guidance. Has played for 11 teams including Kilmarnock but I see that an neither a positive or a negative. I would like to think he is of a higher standard and with a greater than some of the afore mentioned mercenaries we have had to suffer bleed to club dry.

  6. If it is say, £200K, that's approx 500 season tickets. Doubt it's actually the board finally putting their money where their mouths are!!!

  7. It's a positive move and I am glad to see it.
    But Celik wasn't the last one, David Templeton was.

  8. Actually thinking about it, we also paid a fee for Peralta, though we would all like to forget about that!!

  9. I hear mr king was in London during the egm to meet a certain Mr Ashley….seems he had the begging bowl out and outlined the perilous state that second rangers were in…..if Mr Ashley doesn't help will that mean a third rangers , but of course you's will still be the same club…..do any of you's really believe all this…..really

    • Would this 3rd entity running Rangers mean we have equalled another record of Celtic? Why is it that the business running Celtic at the time of the European cup win no longer exists yet they still claim that part of their history? its 1 rule for they cunts and another for us.

  10. Only 500.000 …see that's part of the problem…..we live a hand to mouth existence but continue to act as though David moonbeams MURRAY was still in charge

  11. Why do the beggars insist on blogging or should I say writing crap on our sites I have never ever thought about looking or be interested in what the unwashed are saying Just goes to show how much they are obsessed with rangers

    • Beggars…really….this coming from a supporter of a tribute act ,that like the old dead club refuses to pay its debts…Charles green fc…Norman Bates fc

  12. 19:15 raises an interesting point. But I don't think it is a case of begging. One idea and its done in other sports (especially golf) is for these board members and major share holders to personally hire. It would not surprise me at all if the recent hires signed personal service contracts with various companies like Sports Direct and others instead of contracts with Rangers.

  13. Rumour is we're going for Alfie Mawson and Stuart Dallas too. If so, fine/great, but I'd like the foreign contingent to stop there, and buy Scots to make up the total of 7 new players. We want Danny Wilson, Scott Allan….a good goalkeeper (Bain from Dundee, for example) and a striker (Harry Cardwell, Stevie May or Gavin Reilly would do nicely).

    • Foreign contingent, what are you talking about? Both are British and the young lad that we have had a n offer accepted for is Irish. With the exception of Danny Wilson and Scott Allen, possibly May, none of the other players are particularly good, just your usual 'better run of the mill' Scottish players. We need to bring in quality and since I doubt we can afford the likes of Anya I will be quite happy to see a number of English, Irish, Welsh and European players join us if they have the quality we need!

    • Two possible British signings ……not foreigners !!! .We need to accept that other Scottish clubs do not want to sell to us so we have to get players where we can . Danny Wilson is a good shout but Hibs won`t sell us Allen , quite like May, and Reilly although he would be a gamble.No interest in Bain and never heard of Cardwell.

    • Tom – But how often have you seen the British national football team play;)? I don't regard these players as foreigners at all, but I want to see Rangers return to its rightful place where we have the best young Scottish talent at the club, that's all. I think it's quite natural to wish for it. Bayern fans want their team made up of Germans, Milan fans want Italians, and many like myself want the Gers first team made up mostly of young Scots. I think it does matter, for many reasons. Anon, 22:52 – you'll probably hear of Cardwell next season, but by then it might be too late for Rangers, unfortunately; once he breaks onto the scene he might be out of our price range (just a guess, but who knows). Check him out on youtube, he does look a great player.

  14. the boards money ur havin a laugh mate its out fuckin money again my season ticket money not paul potless not dave the king our money when will you wake fuckin up

  15. According to the Herald there is a suggestion that a problem with his medical scuppered a deal with Birmingham.

  16. 30mil/20mil/10mil promised. 200 grand bid for a player. Yip, that's showing the board mean business

  17. I don't care if they are English Irish or fucken from Timbuktu. As long as they improve the teams. Been shouting out for an age for a decent striker Stevie may would be a perfect signing for us

  18. I seen Dallas lately playing for NI and I must admit the boy looks a talent as for Harris Vuckic? Any word yet or is it just all rumours

  19. If we had stayed with Ashley, the new recruits would have been a lot more exciting, still no sign of Mr K's millions, wonder why.A

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