Paul Murray: “Trust us”


Rangers’ non-executive director
Paul Murray today refused to explain at the Club’s EGM why the board’s motion
to have Mike Ashley’s demand for immediate repayment of the Sports Direct loan rejected
is the right path to take, instead only requesting faith from supporters
regarding the subject.

Rangers’ board have opposed the
request, claiming, among other things, that regaining all of Rangers Retail
Limited is not in the Club’s best interests, and hoping shareholders share
their view.
He merely asked for ‘trust’ as to
a reason why shareholders should support the board’s stance, and Murray, who
chaired today’s EGM in chairman Dave King’s absence, would not elaborate on why
not paying the loan back is the right course of action.
Rangers will release the result
of the vote on Monday morning live on their official website, and should the
board win the vote, will presumably hope to use the loan as leverage to
renegotiate the terms of the various contracts in place.
Whether it is the right thing, or
the ‘Rangers Way’
to use Club debt as a tool for negotiation with the creditors of said debt is
another question.


  1. Well i trust the guys no problem , but whatever J Gill says is 100% fine by me , as the guy bleeds blue . There are one or two wee A/H at the mix ? but J Gill will NEVER EVER let anything get in the way of re-building Rangers , so i will use John as my "Litmus test " ……….onwards and upwards ……………WATP ! always have been .

  2. trust these guys im a blue nose but dont have a fuckin penny murray and the champoion story teller ive got loads of money but im not putting a fuckin penny in i want the fans to do that king give us break at least ashley kept the lights on and still is by all accounts wise up guys eh

  3. When Rangers retail was set up in 2012 there was a rumor going about that said, what the punters don't buy the retail dept will. If this is the case then cashley is welcome to 75% as he stands to cover 75% of losses. The board are doing the right thing, hit him where it hurts. Be patient bears, best things come to those who wait.

    • At least Mr A put his money in, loan free and provided player support,, not good enough said Mr K , I will plough in millions if you support me, we did and now he ask us /support for money, no sign of his, very strange, I am sure it will be fine, no strike that we missed the truth with King and missed the chance with Ashley J

  4. I've just read Dave King's letter to ST renewals : in it, he claims that "I have always taken pride in being a Rangers supporter. It is something I inherited from my father who, in turn, inherited the legacy from my grandfather"
    Is this the same person who said that his dad HATED football, and only reluctantly took him to a match ?
    Was he lying then, or is he lying now ?

    • my dad wasn't a great football fan ,but he taught me that if I was going to follow football there was only one team to follow follow . WATP.

  5. Ashley is acting in his interests, King is acting in the best interests of Rangers. I believe that to be true.

    Crack on Dave old son….

  6. Agree 100% with anonymous 12 June at 16.08 stop all the talking and putt your money inro the Club NOT the fans yet again !!! King appears every quatrer for one week ie March, June, September & December does not even watch our games on RTV and Paul Miuray's previous bucsinees failures have been well douimented before and 4 :5 years later we are still in the mire. Come on Robert Sarver or A N Other !!!

  7. I am not a Paul Murray fan and I doubt I ever will be. From what I have seen to date he is all mouth! When he digs into his pocket and invests big monies just for teh love of the Club then I might have a different view. After all, his latest sound byte was that we would appoint a new manager today! As for King, I will await with interest to see who is appointed manager to see how ambitious he actually is. The appointment of any ex Rangers player other than someone like Ronald DeBoer wouldn't show a lot of ambition!!!

  8. im a rangers man and have been for 67 years now, we are on the up now so get behind this board and support our club NOW TODAY.

  9. Craig Whyte said as he announce we were going into administration “This is a difficult day for Rangers – but we can emerge a fitter and stronger club for this.” ,,,,, Dave King and Paul Murray, now say that we are a financially strong and fitter club!!,,, All were in the same board prior to Administration,,,Coincidence??,,, We have been played!!,, This is all too convenient!,, I wouldnt trust any of them,, they are actually supporting Ally McCoist,,what does ally know?!,, I really hope someone just comes out with the truth… I am not going to put a single penny near that club until i see a business action plan,,, they had months to do this,,,,as for the manager,,,oh yes,,King was bragging that we would get a top class coach who will lead rangers and develop youth,,who are we getting,,, a bloke with 2 years experience and yet again,,another ex rangers player,,,god help us,,,,,!!! Yeah guys,, you sure threw out the net for those 2 waste of spaces,,, !!

  10. Did Paul Murray really miss the point on Thursday? The court injunction was all about trust..or lack thereof. Mike Ashley made it a point with his legion of lawyers that you cannot trust those in charge. And those who breached that trust must now pay the court costs.

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