New signings on hold till manager confirmed


With chairman Dave King finally
back in the UK (he jetted in on Saturday) the critical process of appointing a
new manager has approached the business end, and Rangers have put player
signatures on hold until that manager is installed.
It has been well established on in recent days that the favourite is still Mark Warburton, but
with a speculative shortlist backing him up of Ian Cathro, Vitor Pereira,
Stuart McCall, Derek McInnes and Billy Davies.

McInnes has emerged as a more
serious contender of late, with Rangers bringing him into the equation
despite his contract with Aberdeen,
but in Rangers’ favour is the fact the former midfielder has proven himself at
Pittodrie in over two years of stewardship there and may be interested in a
bigger challenge at a bigger club.
Sources suggest ex-manager and
ex-non exec chairman Walter Smith is aiding in the selection process, which in
itself may be controversial given his judgement in the last manager he helped choose, but nevertheless his wisdom is not entirely unwelcome and he knows
Rangers better than anyone.
The new manager is mooted as
being appointed by the end of this week, but it is clear new players, while
identified, are not being fully pursued until the new manager is in place.
Rangers evidently want the new manager to
build his own team, and not inherit players he did not solicit.


  1. Fully agree, McInnes would be on a hiding to nothing and his cv would be totally destroyed if he came to us and flopped. Word is he's in for a much bigger job in the English Championship.

  2. Time is upon the board to name the man who is gonna be in charge of first team affairs,forget all the BS about 6 possible names,come out and tell us who it is,and lets get on with the rebuild that should have happened over the past three years.

  3. i believe you as writer of these blogs to be reasonably intelligent guy and not one of the we are the people idiots who believe everything you are told by a serious of con-men in murray, whyte, green and now king because of that some in our support to be an intrinsic right for rangers to be successful. it is not our right and the more people question the people running the club the better and not take every soundbite and press release as fact. therefore i am disappointed you seem to going along this route with a moombeam mcginess or indeed any manager in work will be obtained. the fact is the cheap option and cheap players is the plan but while king attempts to con fans into paying for his investment moombeams galore will be suggested. if we believed this of others before king we might still be the strong successful rangers of the past

    • seems saying we are the people annoys you yet we have to listen to drivel off other clubs supporters you sure you support rangers ?

  4. I dont want ex-rangers players managing Rangers,,, I'm sick to death of them, and not one successful,, McCall did ok,, but not brilliant. McInnes?,,come on!!,,Job is far to big for him!!,, Billy Davies?,,Dont make me laugh,,,, THIS IS GLASGOW RANGERS!!! not a lower class, bottom of the league pub team,,, Yes, finances have to be reigned in,, but its total football structure we need,,, and out of all the candidates,,, you tell me one that has that?? Warbaton is far too much of a gamble,,oh wait,,David Weir,,lovely guy,,but back to the old pals act. I read somewhere Walter Smith is helping David King to choose,,yeah thanks for recommending McCoist and McDowall,, and it was you that benefited with millions of pounds and top class players,, you would have done damn all with the current squad!!,, Backwards, Backwards Backwards,,,, its not rocket science to copy what other successful countries are doing to produce excellent players,, we are in such a wee goldfish bowl, with narrow minds and no brains,,,, We will crash and burn if we chose those candidates,,,,crash and fecking burn, mark my words!!! We're bigger than that,,but the board are still clinging to romance of former players,,,, get a grip King and Murray!!!

    • Are you for real? Maybe you think King should ask some top English Premiership managers if any of them feel like having a season in the Championship with us? The short list we have is perfectly fine for where we are at the moment. And Warburton certainly isn't "far too much of a gamble." You imply in your post that we need new ideas and to move forward and as far as I can see, Warburton and Weir (and it would be absolutely nothing to do with the "old pal's act") would be ideal in that respect. A new manager at any team is always a bit of a gamble, but everything I've read about Warburton is very positive. He's got great football knowledge, has a vast amount of contacts in the game, is intelligent, hard-working and knows how to put together an exciting team without needing to spending a fortune. Sounds well worth a gamble to me and hopefully, by the end of the week, he'll be the new Rangers manager.

    • Fully agree. Smith should not be anywhere near the selection of a new manager. His appointment of Ally McCoist as manager must go down as one of the worst decisions ever in British Football, (even worse that Alex Ferguson supporting David Moyes at Man U! Walter's problem is that he will want a Rangers' man and his style of football only works with quality players. He was always a manager and a top motivator, he was not a top quality technical coach. The new manager needs to be able to find quality young players with a low budget and then develop them into a top side, (a bit like Warburton has done at Brentford).

  5. It seems odd the announcement of a new manager will be Friday, same day as the meeting, is this a pr piece for a smokescreen to detract from the meeting?
    The board have obviously made up their mind on the managers position so name him now.

  6. It should not really matter, for Gods sake we are RFC, we should be walking into the top flight, but no, we continue to struggle, the new board, I fear will be worse than ever, we have missed the boat, someone who was not embroiled in past glories, someone who saw potential, was willing to fund shortfalls, find new ways of re-establishing our once greatness, but no, we got rid of Ashley and brought back a greedy clone who might well destroy us once and for all, Mr K , where is your money, your plan J

  7. Walter Smith OMG … Will some people never learn . Why do we have to dwelve into the past ,surely we can get some fresh impetus into our club.How much is he charging for his advice … hell with it may as well ask McCoist for his opinion too .Both these men are millionaires in their own right especially Smith ,how much as he offered the struggling club

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