Mohsni: “McCoist isn’t on Gardening Leave – he was fired”


Outgoing Rangers defender Bilel
Mohsni has set the cat among the pigeons by claiming that rather than being on “Gardening
Leave”, ex-manager Ally McCoist was in fact sacked outright after handing in
his notice.
The Tunisian international,
himself the centre of a huge controversy following the full-time brawl last
Sunday, claims that rather than McCoist receiving a monthly wage of £72,000 for
doing nothing, the former chief was paid off in full to the nature of his
entire year’s £850,000 salary and presumably has signed a confidentiality
contract prohibiting him from ever publicly revealing it.

The former Southend stopper said:
“The big mistake was to sack McCoist in the middle of the
season. After they sacked him no one
knew what was happening at the club. It was like a mess so it is normal that we
didn’t get promoted. Everything was a shambles.”
It is of course possible
something has been lost in translation here, but if it has not, and indeed
Mohsni’s English is pretty good, then the entire “Gardening Leave” story is a
total lie and public relations exercise.
The curiosity is whether the
truth looks bad, indeed good, for McCoist, or for the ex-board. And may also
explain why the current regime has been extremely vague about discussions with McCoist.
Dave King has claimed, very specifically, that he understands McCoist’s
contract is still being paid:
“Ally McCoist is still being paid by
the club, I think through to the end of his contract. That’s my understanding,
he’s still being paid.”
If McCoist has already been
outright fired and paid off, then King is being ‘economical’ with the truth.
And if there is indeed a confidentiality clause, that is probably why.


  1. Shock horror, just read Smith might be recalled to the breach, come on King get a move on Warburton wont be around for ever, if Smith is back keep all the ob's and return Percy McCoist to potter about, to think the sun was shining earlier, hope this a nightmare.

  2. That well known leader of men, Gary Player, and friend of Dave King is taking over at Ibrox. Gary knows everything about everthing , as he keeps telling the world. So the Ibrox job will be a doddle for him.

  3. Hibs will win title they have been busy got pre season sorted and are way ahead of gers……we have no manager no players no infrastructure….King in south Africa is a joke ….we will be in play offs again and no guarantee of going up ….we are a laughing stock once again

  4. Disagree, King should be here sorting out the rebuilding of Rangers. He is now the man in charge and we can't have him leave it down to Murray etc: Maybe once the team is stable yes, but at the moment it needs to be ll hands on deck from Scotland..

    • where is the 30 million promised by King, don,t pay Ashely thats the answer , this our saviour ,he has went into hiding maybe he wanted control to cover up some of his past deeds while at our beloved club so sorry i won,t calm down , why i it alway us supporters fighting the battles while all the big wigs come in take money and go then turn to us

  5. My opinion.king was hiding his money from the South African tax authorities in our club (he claims he put £20m in, but took £18m back & David Murray got £2m "commision") and he has no intention of putting any more money in. He quite plainly expects us to cough up yet again! well not this little Black Duck.

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