Manager announcement – not before next Monday


The wait for a new manager to be
announced is set to lengthen with the news that Rangers do not expect to make
an appointment before next week.
During yesterday’s press
conference, where it had been speculated the chairman might spring a surprise
announcement into the media gathering, instead Dave King confirmed it will be
possibly next Monday before Rangers supporters know who their new manager is.
He said:

“There is a committee (for choosing a
manager), I certainly haven’t spoken to (Mark Warburton) but I think there are
a number of people who the committee have spoken to, a number of candidates,
and we’re hoping to make progress. I would say possibly within about a week we
might be in a position to make an announcement.”
While it is correct that Rangers
take their time to get the right man for the job, one does suspect the decision
was made last night (despite King’s claims to the contrary) and the delay in
announcing it is purely to get in motion transfer targets and rebuilding work.
Consequently by next week the
wheels of change would be well and truly spinning and a number of targets already
spoken to with negotiations begun and a structure in place for moving the Club
forward on the pitch.
This, of course, is speculation;
the delay might be exactly what King says – a delay to get the right man for Ibrox.


  1. I hope your right. Warburton doesnt strike me as the type to be pi**ed about. I wouldnt imagine he will sit waiting on the phone ringing for much longer before looking or listening to alternatives

  2. I suspect that Mark Warburton is already our manager and for the reasons you have stated and some others it will not be announced just yet

  3. Redknapp, 2013 – "I’d like….and Rangers to play in England. I’ve said that for a year or two. They are two of the biggest clubs in world football and it would also give someone else a chance to win something in Scotland if they left."
    Could he say no to one of the biggest clubs in world football? I think he'd love the job. Less hectic lifestyle in Scotland, passionate crowd, plenty of golf courses, chance to build a club from scratch and play in the Champions League in perhaps 3 years….very tempting indeed. Would be delighted if Harry comes in. If Mr. King wants to sell all the season tickets, getting a big-name manager like Harry is the best way to make it happen.

    • I agree. I have said for a while now, we need a Sounness moment. A manager who surprises all the media and fans. That is how we move forward with the backing of fans. I appreciate some won't come due to the league but we need that bump from a great first signing. Who will it be? Who knows but it can't be mediocre. If King want a following he needs to lead the way he intends to win. We also have to take a step back and tie salaries to win bonuses. No more pay and give up. 50% win bonus will soon get people hungry.

    • Absolutely mate, agree 100%. I think a big name is on the cards, it's got to be. When King said he wanted to sell out all the season tickets, I thought that was an extremely bold statement. King is smart enough to know that a Warburton appointment, though largely welcome, is not likely to inspire a season ticket sell out. And, presumably, without King knowing exactly who Warburton's transfer acquisitions would be, it would be hard for King to be confident of selling all the season tickets based on player purchases. Just a guess of course, but a big name manager could well be the ace Dave was holding…

  4. My (hopeful) guess is that Redknapp said pre play-off final that he'd be interested only if we got promoted, but he's had a re-think in the last few days, leading the Rangers managerial announcement to be delayed until next week while discussions take place. I remember seeing an interview with Harry just a few weeks ago where he was asked if he was keeping up to date with the football….he replied that he watches everything, and was "right now watching some Scottish football." Interesting…

  5. I would far rather have Warburton than Redknapp. The former has a track record at a small club in a big league, over achieving by bring through and developing young players, a commitment demonstrated by creating the Next Gen series. He is ready to step up.

    Redknapp has been operating with a wage and transfer budget far in excess of anything we could afford. No recent pedigree of bringing through players. Suspect he is looking for a high profile payday before retirement. Thanks, but no thanks

    • Fair points. Redknapp's record of blooding youth is not great (barring his West Ham days perhaps) but I would argue that player recruitment is going to be the most crucial aspect of the job over the next 3 years. We're looking at 6 or 7 new players this summer, perhaps another 2 or 3 in the winter window and, who knows, 4 or 5 next year? I don't see too many better football men in the UK than Redknapp when it comes to spotting a good player. And spotting a good player doesn't rest on how much the player costs – look at how many 100s of millions Liverpool have spent on players who haven't done the biz. Not all of Harry's purchases were big money buys by any means. With a younger coach alongside him, it would be a pretty shrewd appointment at this stage of the rebuild, where 3 years/6 windows of players recruitment set the club up for the longer term. Doubt it will happen, but I'd say it'd be a pretty shrewd appointment if it did!.

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