Kyle Hutton (& partner) ‘confirm’ he’s been freed


Rangers’ (former) midfielder Kyle
Hutton has strongly hinted at what brought to you days ago
with the news that a glut of out-of-contract players, Hutton among them, have been shown the door
at Ibrox, even if Rangers’ board is excruciatingly slow at confirming it
Discussing Rangers’ fortunes
under (present) manager Stuart McCall, Hutton spoke of the Ibrox Club in a
passive past and distant tense, strongly suggesting he is no longer contracted.

“Obviously the Motherwell games were a big,
big disappointment for everybody but, given a bit more time, I think he can be
a success. Giving him a chance to recruit his own players would obviously help
and he has been quite clear that he has
in mind what he would want to do there
. It’s up to the board to decide
whether they want Stuart or if they are going to go with someone else but I
felt he made an impression on the players when he came in.”
This context implies very heavily
that Hutton is no longer a Rangers player, and the worst-kept secret in
Scottish football continues to circulate without verification from Ibrox.
He continued:
“We were better against Hearts and Hibs and
while the Motherwell games are what people will remember, I think the schedule caught up with Rangers a little bit there.”
Given Hutton did not play under
McCall, coupled with the ‘release’ of the surplus, this ‘distance’ he appears
to be putting between himself and the club strongly infers he is a free agent
Furthermore, his girlfriend has
99% corroborated this by recently tweeting:
“It’s moving day feel sad to leave our first
home proper home together, and the home we had our son thanks for the memories
Glasgow harbour. Excited for a new adventure with my wee family, here’s to
bigger and better things to come.”
Rangers remain silent on the


  1. Hutton should never have been given a new contract by McCoist. He is a poor player that would have been a success by now if he had that 'something special' that makes the difference between thoroughbreds and cart horses. I wish him well and am certain, that unlike most of the others, who were total wasters, that Hutton will continue to make a living out of football, ideally in England, where a decent quality coach might just get that bit more from him.

  2. Spot on pal ..Get the utter garbage out of ibrox asap …..deadbeats and losers have made us a laughing stock …mccoist the biggest joke of the lot

    • I have to be honest here Ally saved my life Had he not stepped into his garden I would have jumped off a bridge !! what doss he was as a manager He had the slowest passing gutless team I ever seen .

  3. I've read the history pal I go every game home and away …don't tell me about mccoist he was,a legend as player …buy he's a embarrassment as a manager and has wasted 3 years of a chance to stabalise the club buy signing total dross ….so see you at alloa on a cold Tuesday night again or raith away on a Friday …go and watch that craps then comment fool

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