Jon Daly: “McCall lied about me”


Former Rangers striker Jon Daly
has launched an angry attack on managerial candidate Stuart McCall, indirectly
accusing the Ibrox hopeful of lying about his injury state, claiming that he
was never injured, contrary to McCall’s claims.
The Irishman said:
“I’ve been nowhere near the team
because I wasn’t picked.”

McCall went on record as claiming
Daly had a knock, and this was relayed through official channels such as the
Club website, and as Daly says, other reputable sources such as Sky Sports
He went on:
“I knew I wasn’t getting a new deal
because I wasn’t getting minutes on the pitch. But I deserved more of a run
than I got. When the new manager came in towards the end of the season and left
me out of the squad, a lot of people thought I was injured. I wasn’t. I’d see
on Sky Sports News that I was injured but it wasn’t the case. I was chomping at
the bit. I could have made a difference.”
This will could considerably harm
any lingering hopes McCall has of getting the job, given how easily he publicly
crucified Bilel Mohsni but appears to have lied about his refusal to select


  1. It really wouldn't. Daly was passed it. Whatever reason McCall had for keeping him out of the team it was the correct one.

  2. Jon Daly had plenty of time to prove himself and failed. If McCall told the press he was injured it was kindness to him, the truth, namely that he was rubbish, would have been far more hurtful. To be fair to Daly though he was a much better player before he came to Ibrox and, in that, he is part of a sizeable group

    • Re-anon>
      Only in your bigoted mind.
      Who gave him abuse when he signed for Rangers?
      Oh aye it was the Mopes.

    • Correct(anon 03.16),the abuse he took when he signed for us,from that mob was unreal.What was it again ? That's right Judas and Traitor if memory serves.But if we don't sign players from these places we're sectarian.Or if we sign them and then their surplus to requirements we're sectarian. Twisted people who'll spin it no matter what !

  3. Great big player who McCoist ruined! Genuinely think if we had built the team around him we'd be much better off! Strong as an ox!

    • Agree absolutely that McCoist ruined him. Daly was a very decent player when he arrived at Ibrox, there's no doubting that.

    • Bearing in mind virtually the whole squad had done well with their previous SPL employers the fact that they didn't with us says it all about McCoists management ability – abd reflects on McCall too unfortunately! Without the signing (imposition!) of Vukic we would have finished nowhere near the play-offs!!

  4. I wish people would understand the damage McCoist had done to the playing side of the club, he should have been sacked or even moved within the club three years ago. Poor buys and no tactically sense. Think back to the first season in the lower devisions, buys centre halves that can't win balls in the air and then plays a high ball game. Not one of his cronies made a comment about it, Smith, McCall etc, let's get some new blood in from out with the Smith area.

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