Five reasons why Warburton is the right appointment for Rangers


As brought you
recently, it is now near-certain that Mark Warburton will be appointed Rangers
manager with David Weir his assistant.
The announcement is due to take
place tomorrow before the end of play, and in a poll on this site, the former
Brentford boss topped the list of candidates by a mile, gaining a majority of
the votes.
Warburton is clearly going to be
a popular appointment, but exactly what will he bring to Rangers; here are the
five key positives to this appointment:

The first critical aspect to
enhance his CV is that he got Brentford promoted at the first time of asking
from English League 1. This is a tough, gritty league, and he seized promotion four months after taking over from Uwe Rosler, second only in the league to Wolves. In other words, Mark
Warburton knows how to get teams out of hard leagues. His teams work tirelessly
for him, while not being afraid to play football. A radical contrast to the
utter dirge fans have seen for as long as they can remember at Ibrox.
The second one is a
counter-argument to the many who claim he inherited Uwe Rosler’s legacy at
Brentford and cannot be fully credited with promotion; at a much higher level,
the Championship, he nearly did it again, only losing out to playoff finalists Middlesbrough. He took a newly-promoted Brentford, that
he had only been in charge of for around six months, and began a fresh new
season in England’s
second-hardest division, finishing an incredibly respectable fifth at a frankly
laughably higher level than the Scottish Championship. It is worth noting that England’s
Championship is widely regarded by many as the strongest ‘second division’ in world
The third one is the very, very real possibility that he will
bring Lewis Macleod back with him. With chairman Dave King promising a major
glut of high quality players being signed, they will not come cheap, and
Macleod will probably set Rangers back around what they sold him for. But the player
is on record as having not wanted to leave in the first place, and being keen
to come home too.
The fourth one is the fact Mark
Warburton is a fast learner. When he took over at Brentford it was his first
job in senior management, after being technical director at the Club for years.
Being a tech director at a Club far from guarantees you will be a good manager
for them; look at Milan’s
Leonardo and his dire switch from that role to the dugout. But Warburton went
into the deep end and not only stayed afloat, he swarm an effortless crawl –
one promotion nearly following another. He is the perfect fit to learn quickly
how Scottish football works.
And the last is by bringing Weir
with him, Warburton has a man who is in touch with what Rangers mean, are, and
who has himself plenty of experience as an assistant coach. Having a right-hand
man who knows the Club inside and out, who is thoroughly respected in football
circles, is going to be key for Warburton.
He is a very good appointment;
keen, intelligent, and with Weir at his side is well-equipped to deal with
Rangers, Scottish football and the change in culture.
If Mark Warburton can get lowly
Brentford to within a whisker of the English Premier League, he is probably
just about good enough for Rangers too.


  1. I’m willing to go with this appointment, but I’m quite intrigued about how the new Rangers management team will set up the scouting system. If the system of finding players is to be based largely on what it was in the pre-Administration days, then I think it’s doomed to fail. We need a completely new mindset in this area if the club is to be self-sufficient in the medium to long term. Common sense tells us that if we want to attract the best young players in Europe/the world, we should scour the youth teams of those big clubs that play in the top division in each country – so if we want the best young Serbian talent, we go to see youth team games at Red Star Belgrade or Partizan, and for the best young Croatians we go to youth matches at Dinamo Zagreb or Hadjuk Split. If this is the plan of attack for our new manager, it’s a bad one – because by the time the best young players arrive at Red Star Belgrade or Dinamo Zagreb, it’s already too late for Rangers. Talented young players are often available at these clubs for reasonable prices, but if you’re looking for the big stars of the future, neither Red Star nor Dinamo are going to sell them to Rangers or any other club for less than multi-millions – figures that Rangers cannot pay. We need a system where we pick up wonderkids before they end up at the bigger clubs in those countries. When Branislav Ivanovic was 20 years old, he moved from FK Srem (Serbian 2nd division) to OFK Beograd (Serbian top division) on a free transfer. It’s at that moment, with him at lowly FK Srem, that the Rangers scouts need to be spotting that talent. I’d argue that we need to have full-time scouts in countries like Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Bulgaria instead of the obvious ones like Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain and France, and have them live and work in each of these countries – not have scouts simply fly in to those countries to check out the odd game now and then. If we’d had a full-time scout on the ground in the Croatian lower leagues in 2001, he’d have spotted Luka Modric at 16 playing in NK Zadar’s (2nd division) youth team and picked him up for nothing. Instead, Dinamo Zagreb spotted him – and then sold him several years later to Spurs for 21 million euros. It’s how the Red Star Belgrades and the Steaua Bucharests have survived for many decades – acquire young, and sell later at crazy profits – and we need to follow the same route. Our criteria should be strict – if we’re not talking about an extremely special young (overseas) player, we don’t sign him. We’re a Scottish club and we should be aiming to have the best array of young Scottish players we can possibly have, but if we can augment that with 3 or 4 genuine young stars of the future from Europe/rest of the world, we’re onto a winner as a club. Very often, when a future star from those countries is under 20 or 21 years of age, the level they play at is often not what is most crucial to them – what’s important is their amount of game time and their overall development. The Scottish Premiership (once we get there) is at a similar level to the top leagues in eastern/central Europe, so we can still be a pull for a top kid from that region, since we could offer the same amount of week-in/week-out playing time in a similar standard of league football, but with more money, massive crowds every second week, possible Champions League football, and an eventual route to the English Premier League. If Warburton/Weir are the new management team, will they implement the type of unconventional scouting system which focuses on youth teams in the lower leagues of these countries named above? I have my doubts, which is partly why I have my doubts that these are the right guys to lead Rangers in a new direction. But let's see how it goes.

    • Yes a lot us verbiage, maybe a fancy Dan poser? The only one I've seen here in years was called Lubo and the only use he had was for Slinky's business down the docks. We don't appreciate know it all refugees from the piggery.

    • I hope Hermione Murray isn't barred. She was a great supporter and was crazy about quite a few of the boys.

    • Yeah Percy, I'm sure a guy who can spell is a Fancy Dan in your eyes, you thick, illiterate twat.

    • Peremptory screams like this are frightfully disconcerting, but I will just have to console myself with the spectacular view from my pad overlooking Lake Annecy. I am entertaining three associates on Wednesday at one of the truly exceptional gourmet restaurants nearby. I will let you know how it went if you could just disclose your identity.

    • You may well be right about our scouting system but to have doubts about Warburton before the ink is dry on his contract and when our current scouting network is virtually zero is a tad harsh!

    • Point taken, Ian. It might be a harsh judgement, but now that he is Rangers manager, I'll support him all the way. If he brings an attacking, Ajax-style philosophy to the club and fills the team with the best young (mainly Scottish) talent available, I'll be very happy.

  2. Like i said…… I have been posting on ibrox noise since last week that warburton deal was done. The deal was agreed in principle last Tuesday (my source comes from with in the club). Warburton has spent the last week brokering deals (along with King) for the first batch of players (hence King being in London). Warbs will be officially unveiled tomorrow at a 5pm press conference along with 5 new players…. Only question is whether one of the will be Macleod. Good times are racing back!! WATP

    • Its good to see moonbeams are alive and well, with the above post….are you Mark the Radio Clyde caller i wonder?

    • at least warburton will put some bread into the club not like potless paul and that other guy who keeps telling us to stump up again

  3. Aye Warbuton is the man.

    Davie Weir, a true pro and a Gers man. Beyond that I'm indifferent to him as assistant.

    Don't care about the boy MacLeod. He's been here and moved on. If he comes back that's fine if not then it's no big deal. I wouldn't be chasing him.

    As for 'quickly learning how Scottish Fitba works'. Don't know what that means. Same as any other fitba league.

    • Chancelry is the prerequisite of the delicate melting moments of true nausea (but in moderation) Bucket of Dog Vomit – porter bent double Off to the Louden to see you Skanky. Make sure you bring the carbolic.

    • Skanky is some gal. I take my own protection – double strength dettol, nippy but worth it.

  4. I humbly offer Mr Warburton (wellcome) this survey of the vista 360 degrees for the famous Glasgow Rangers, Hibs and St Mirren are our closest rivals for the title, so we will definitely end up at worst third unless QOS edge us. So we just have to hope we can finish above Falrkirk to aqualify once again for the playoff finals. No worries. In the cups we just need to avoid those four plus the SPFL plus Livingstone, Raith Rovers, Alloa, Livingstone and Dumbarton, so with a little bit of luck we could get through to the quarter or even semi finals of both. On the other hand I could see us giving a good hiding to all of those last mentioned and giving a good game to all the rest, so the future's bright. the future's orange. We truly are the chosen people and I give thanks for this each and every day. Martin, the whole Rangers family wishes you all the best.

  5. But you said McCall was a complete revelation as manager before turning on him and saying he wasn't good enough when he never even got the chance to sign his own players. I have no doubt that if Warburton is the new man you will turn on him as well if we have a couple of bad results.
    The big change now is that we have the right people in charge at Rangers which gives the manager a far better chance and he will get better financial help as well, both of these things have been severely lacking in the past few years, something that all the McCoist haters seem to be forgetting

  6. I hope this will be a good appointment. I think we will see a few unkown signings from Warburton from the English lower leagues that will be gems for us. Much like when Celtic signed Hooper. There is a few Brentford players I would love too see come to us including – Jota, Andre Grey, Stuart Dallas and the young Jake Bidwell. Actually there is maybe about 8 of that team I would gladly have at the bears and I wouldn't be surprised too see 1 or 2.
    I really do hope this appointment works as we really need it to be a success. I like most of the fans wont accept anything less than champions in the forthcoming season. I really do believe we are starting to turn a corner here. Cant wait for the season to get under way again.

    Come on Warbs!

    No surrender Davie Weir!

  7. This is an excellent appointment in my opinion. I wish he had of been appointed 3 years ago. This is somebody who's teams have an identity and somebody who has the ability to re structure the whole footballing side of the club. We would be in much better position now if somebody of similar ilk was appointed in division 3.

    I wish him well !

  8. Yes, Mr Warbuton,, please be seated and I will show you how "Scottish Fitba Works". Firstly, the centre half takes possession of the ball at the 18 yard line of the goal area,,,, Secondly, the Centre half give the ball a right good punt up the field, bypassing the midfield, with a wee hope and prayer it lands to his striker, thereafter lose possession of said ball,,,,, that Mr Warburton,,is how Scottish Fitba Works,,,,,,,,,,,,, I thank you,,,

  9. Coincidences are that my team is also the Rangers (Texas) and we got caught up in the same shiit as you dear guys. Slinky cleaned the toilets in the dorms when I was in coillege and he sure knew how to spank the monkey.

  10. Wonder what salaries Warburton and Weir will be on? If they do the business, I don't suppose it will matter, but I hope it's nothing like McCoists.

  11. With Weir's connections at Everton, we should be able to pick up some quality young loan signings from them too.

  12. Scott Allan dale Jennings Danny Wilson Lewis McLeod even though I don't think Wilson would come back but we should try. And like the other guy said there is bound to be loads of players we've never heard of who would thrive in Scotland . A decent striker is hard to find for the kind of money we've got to spend but they are out there to find watp

    • I agree. Check out Harry Cardwell (Reading youth team/Scotland) on youtube, looks very promising indeed. Also like the look of Gavin Reilly at QoS.

  13. One thing I hate in life is kiddy fiddlers interfering or molesting with people, who on earth would want to be associated with Saville and priests at CFC, we don't need Delia Smith houseboys to comment on our website so FUCK OFF.This could be the start of something special, I really hope we hit the ground running and produce good football as it should be played,was Blair a good socialist debatable? but won 3 elections at ease, McCoist a good Rangers man , yes manager no,the moral of this we now have a new leader time will tell if he can produce, we are stale and need this impetus to go forward, so rest assured Delia Smith were after your mantle WATP.

    • Hi to many old friends, you will maybe have noticed that posts from me are very rare these days but I have to point out that the above comments do no service to our cause. Judging by the tone, its more in hope than expectation that I pray for this to stop. They laugh at you because all they see is low life unable to contribute anything of value.

    • You my uneducated fool are an insult to our club.Rangers need to move forward and mud slinging isn't the way.Chanel your emotions into the club ,be positive ,leave them to their own devices .Im sick to the teeth of reading tit fot tat,they did this did that.You are isolating yourself and our club by posting these underwhelming and ridiculous comments.I am a Rangers fan ,have been for 43 years and could never see the need for the sectarianism and hatred shown by both sets of fans over the years .I am a Northern Irish Protestant but it's football lets try and keep it at that .This site is open to everyone as long as it's construtive and debateful in nature.Less of the profanities or maybe it is you who should find another site

  14. Stuart Mccall wasn't given a chance and inherited a rank team but although he stresses that hiring is his strong point,I'm not keen on taking the risk. Warburton will bring a dynamic attitude that has been missing and his man management skills will mean we avoid the disaster that was the dressing room under previous management. Warburton was almost managing in the English Premier, so to get him, with David Weir by his side really is a coup for Rangers.

  15. Looks like Diagouraga (DM) will be one of the ones arriving from Brentford. And if Everton will let him leave, maybe Chris Long (FW) on loan…

    • Where did you read or hear this? Both players you mentioned would be welcomed additions to our team.

  16. Would love to see Cathro in charge of Murray parks youth setup that would be a massive positive for us.

    • That would be amazing mate, I agree. Maybe not impossible if he's relocating back home permanently.

  17. We also gain Sylvester Stallone, for good measure good old Warburton, we are on the move.

  18. The comments board is for Gers fans to discuss and debate Rangers topics, but theyre being successfully wrecked by trolls. can you please try to filter them out, editor?

    • I'm a Celtic fan and I visit this site every day. I don't consider myself a troll. Ibrox Noise is probably the best Rangers blogger to get an accurate insight as to how most bears think about Rangers issues away from the most extreme views. I hope I'm not filtered out.

    • The site is on the internet!! To make it exclusive it should become a sign-in site but beware because even makes some serious mistakes in assessing contributors.

    • I, for one, welcome Celtic fans who want to come on and make a proper contribution (i.e. contribution that doesn't include foul language and childish comments unrelated to football), but the trolling that is going on – as you can surely see on this page – is wrecking interesting boards.

  19. Have you noticed that those using upfront IDs mostly make constructive contributions, whereas those cowering anonymously in the background are mainly reactive and use coarse language. Is it just me, or does anyone else see it that way too?

  20. Have you noticed that those using upfront IDs mostly make constructive contributions, whereas those cowering anonymously in the background are mainly reactive and use coarse language. Is it just me, or does anyone else see it that way too?

  21. Have you noticed that those using upfront IDs mostly make constructive contributions, whereas those cowering anonymously in the background are mainly reactive and use coarse language. Is it just me, or does anyone else see it that way too?

  22. Filter please! I have no interest in reading about your filthy terrorist loving paedophiles so why are you so obsessed? Get tae fuck!

  23. On scouting….the latest Croatian wonderkid, Mateo Kovacic (formerly Dinamo Zagreb, now with Inter Milan):
    "(In October 2010) it was reported by the local sports daily, Sportske novosti, that Arsenal's chief scout, Steve Rowley, had arrived in Zagreb to watch him perform in under-17 matches against Cibalia and NK Zagreb." (Wiki)

    On the basis of these matches, Rowley decided it wasn't worth signing the 16 year old Kovacic. But if Arsenal had a permanent scout on the ground in Croatia keeping a track of the boy, they'd quickly have realised their mistake. He signed for Inter a couple of years later (15 million euros), and now Liverpool are in for him at c.25 million quid.

  24. My mate owns a pub in Edinburgh and he said over the next few days Danny Wilson will be signing on the dotted line with the promise of captaincy. Watch this space.

    Ross Irving

    • Top man. God I hope you're right. Wilson back at Ibrox as captain….that definitely sounds good. Perfect start to the revolution.

    • Hi Ross, nice to get someone with balls not like the cowerin dross on here. You could well be right, my source told me Celtic's was the better offer and his onéy loyalty was to himself bu let's see.

    • My team is Crawley (rhymes with Fawley where I worked in the refinery) and Mark sure whipped us 3-1. Also remember him doing for Fleetwood, Cheltenham and Accrington. One bad result he got was losing 4-1 to Eastleigh ion the cup, but they^re no pushovers.

  25. ..also i hope its not a 3 year and pass it to davie weir. Could be another Walter and ally. Remember david weir hadnt done well as manager

  26. 10 games I give Warbuton,,, then every one of you will want him out the door,, Vision for the future??,,, Cheap bargain basement within the English lower leagues more like,, god, you are all so blind, its not even funny!!!

    • Why don't you give it a rest? You've been on this site several times with your doom and gloom "bargain basement" type rants. Practically all the comments on here, with the exception of the usual asinine contributions from the other lot, are supportive of Warburton's appointment and are excited about the coming season(s). Come back after the 10 (competitive) games you mentioned and if you think we're not making enough progress and you feel the need to complain, do it then. Until that time, at least, try to act like a real supporter and give the man a chance.

  27. Right new manager in place, presumably happy with King's player investment budget.

    However Mash will be in court this week to ringfence £5m of season ticket monies.Unless Kingco pay off Ashley or lodge £10m in the bank account he will win a judgement.

    If the board still cant pay him then he can sell the assets that have been secured, or put locks on the doors of Murray Park etc etc.

    He's also going to sue the entire board for his monetary loss re the delisting………….as yet it appears that King is not officially a Director?

    Next week could be a bloodbath and the poster who thought King was playing Ashley like a fiddle is going to look a little silly.

  28. Good morning gentlemen and ladies.
    As a Forest fan, I think you've made a very good appointment here. He got Brentford playing some great attacking football and a shoestring budget and they fully deserved a top six finish.
    I'm also very grateful you didn't opt for Billy "Liar" Davies. He would've destroyed your club in a few short months.

  29. 5 players to sign today are sesoned pros rest of backbone of the team to be under 21 Dave king has demanded youth to be forefront of the squad.

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