Cathro quits Valencia – have Rangers plotted his appointment?


Rangers’ managerial soap opera
today took a new twist when (former) target Ian Cathro quit his assistant coach
role at Valencia
citing ‘family reasons’.
Previously he was viewed as a
pipe dream, and an outsider for the role, but his departure from Champions
League-bound Valencia
is a big shock and unexpected turn in the increasing saga.

He has returned to Scotland, and
it must be said, conjecture though it may be, the ‘family reasons’ cited could
simply be his desire to return home and exploit it by making the step up to
senior management he craves.
On departing he said:
“I would
like to thank Nuno Espirito Santo for the opportunity to work with him in the
top leagues in Portugal and Spain. It has been a unique and hugely rewarding experience for an
ambitious Scottish coach. I wish Valencia the success they deserve.
I had an amazing time with a great club in a fantastic city. This was a very
difficult decision to take and was agreed some time ago.”
The latter portion is critical –
Cathro clearly knew weeks ago he was not remaining as Valencia coach,
but was undecided whether or not to take the Rangers job. It presses the
possibility the delay in Rangers’ announcement is down to Rangers’ board
awaiting this confirmation before pushing ahead with negotiations with the
former Dundee Utd youth coach.
If they have not already agreed
terms with him.
His odds have gone from 8/1 to
6/4 while Warburton’s have faded dramatically – he remains odds-on but
nowhere near the level he was at. He is now 4/5.


  1. Just my opinion but I think this lad would be more valuable to us as a coach and not as a manager he would need someone to deal with all the other issues outwith the tactical and technical part of the game

  2. This is the Souness moment we're been waiting for. This is the guy to start the revolution at Ibrox, not Warburton. Cathro is one of the most exciting young coaches in Europe, and he'll have free reign at Ibrox to instill his own philosophy right throughout the club. What a brilliant opportunity for the boy. If he signs, we're going to attract the best young talent in Scotland pretty soon and season tickets will sell like hotcakes.

  3. After today's legal developments, we now know why nothing has been going on in terms of next season. Ian Cathro needs some solid legal advice if he has any desire to be Rangers next manager. It looks like next to Ally McCoist, the biggest salaries will be for lawyers representing Rangers and Mike Ashley. We also know from today's developments that the 315th richest person on the planet has just started to extract his revenge. And for those that don't like Mr.Ashley their silence is deafening.

  4. a don't thnk he would be the rite manger for us just now maybe we mite take to get murry park working better but that would prob mean McCalls getting the mangers job

  5. With all due respect, the change in the reasoning between the gers and the tims ist just amazing. There is no logic, no hope, just stupidity involved with the gers fans. The clear difference to the Rebels is clear for all to see. the Tims would never have accepted the people have taken and will continue to take.Iit can only be downwrds from now unless you finally stand up and rebel.

  6. That's what we need a fresh approach get the old coaches out new start as what should have happened 3 years ago.

  7. What revenge has Mike Ashley started. Think Mike was desperate that the public do not learn how disgracefully one sided his retail deal actually is.

    • Today was a little flick of the wrist. The 315th richest person on this planet is never, ever desperate. Remember there is still the loan and the delisting of shares to be dealt with. As I understand the 20k in legal cost is temporary and a final bill will be determined at a later date. Now we know why DK is begging for 45,000 season tickets. It's to pay for Rangers and Mike Ashley's legal bills.

  8. McCall isn't the right man to manage Rangers. He is not big enough for our club. Motherwell is his standard!

    • Just sayin like don't like to say, but skeletons up that garden path, and youse and such as youse know what that means. While we're at it, seen you before on here Bunter and you cannot be real. Either you are a halfwit desperate to throw your money away or you're an impostor plonker from the piggery trying to make out all Rangers supporters are halfwits. If that's what you are fuck off Bunter, if not keep your money, because of you give it to DCK you'll never see a penny back.

  9. You know, as regards Dave King, I've thought about it. I've considered and reconsidered, capitulating and recapitulating. I've analysed it from top to bottom, right to left and back and from corner to corner – just like our Union Juck. I've discussed it in the pub, in the bookies and in the DHSS. I've asked people at the bus stop and in the street. Finally I have winged in on it in a meandering direct lateral thought process and come to the conclusion that I just do not fucking know. That's the Kilwinning Higher Grade for you.

  10. warburton-new manager with 2 year contract
    cathro-youth coach then managers job in 2 years
    Ashley=what a greedy man. don't think he visits foodbanks
    im concered that the hate this man promotes could be his downfall

  11. Bugging me crazy, but Cathro sounds to me like something to do with battery and that would be good enough but just can't square it. Any ideas?

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