Board: “Ally is entitled to his pay”


Rangers’ director John Gilligan
has conceded that unless ex-manager Ally McCoist voluntarily waives his salary,
Rangers are legally obliged to continue paying him.
At today’s EGM, the question was
raised to the board as to why he is still being paid, with many murmurs of
agreement among shareholders.

Gilligan pointed out that McCoist
has the legal right to his salary, and will remain on Gardening Leave until his
contract runs out (November).
He said:
“It’s a company, we’ve entered contracts, we
have obligations. The current manager (McCoist) has a contract and is on a
period of gardening leave. We’re doing the right thing; this is the law. Unless
he changes his mind, he will remain on gardening leave until
There appear few Rangers
supporters happy the ex-boss is being paid for doing nothing, but unless the
former Ibrox legend does a u-turn into the direction of altruism, it will not


  1. McCoist is the lowest of the low. He's forfeited the right to be called a legend for a few hundred grand, and shouldn't get the time of day from any supporter.

  2. the last board made a fool our of ally and our club, its time ally just walked away and he will always be a rangers great no matter what, lets get on with rebuilding our club and getting them back to the top, WATP,,

  3. He is entitled to his pay, he wanted to work his notice but the previous board put him on gardening leave, it was not his choice

  4. To some extent he is no different to the players who ran away seeking s heckles, in the end of the day he's been sacked, as many union colleagues, like myself over many decades, the majority taking dismal severance pay, it's absurd in our present financial state to paying huge wages to somebody mowing a lawn. many workers at Ibrox lost their jobs over the past 3 years receiving peanuts . I'm afraid all respect i had for McCoist has gone, so please move on let's start with Warburton and no silly nonsense of bring Sith back to partner Weir.

  5. Ally is a true Rangers legend who at times over the last 3 years has been the only thing that has kept us united and in many ways ensured that the club that we love will survive and thrive for many generations to come.
    Ally McCoist would never do anything to hurt Rangers.
    Let's wait until contractual restrictions are made public before passing judgement.
    This site has a terrible record of attacking real Rangers people.

  6. McCoist is a an absolute disgrace, zero ability and wads of cash he should never be allowed back into Ibrox, he nearly destroyed our great football club with his greed, reap as you sow Judas!!!

    • He is a disgrace. And aside from his outrageous salary, any manager (especially a Rangers man) with a bit of class about them would not have celebrated winning the Third and Second division titles as if we'd just won the Champions League. To see him and his team of overpaid duds showering themselves in champagne at those moments said everything. Cringeworthy.

    • McCoist is a legend,maybe not in the managerial sense, but he started off with seven players and had to build a team with no money.I didn't hear too many moaning when we got out of those two leagues,but we found our "Tipping Point" we are where we deserve to be with the team we have.You cannot keep blaming Ali for the state we are in, after all haven't we got a billionaire backing us. He's making enough off us through merchandise etc.. All we hear now is that he needs his money back.He's not much of an investor. It's time to give Ali a break and vent your anger elsewhere.

    • You are all forgetting how economical he was as a fantastic player, how equatorial he has been as a manager and how ecologial he's shown himself to be even in the last week opening Saint Vincent's Hospital Garden (in Maryhill I think). Ally was a true legover – I can tell you.

    • I think, No I know he was a bag of shit in every sense knows less about building a football team the my granny knows about building a nuclear bomb . Nice £400+ shoes thou !!!!

  7. If you work in a hospital say as a porter? would that get you to be promoted to a surgeon, nah McCoist was a striker at RFC a certain Souness never rated him either, as a manager he was a porter , get over it buddy RFC was going nowhere with him at the helm, yeah we would not be in involved with any play offs at the end of the season. A walking advertisement for the Tory party at the next general election good riddance ,

  8. Didn't ally go unpaid for a while to help preserve some areas of the precious club at the start and was working trying his best to start the journey back. Sadly he wasn't to the ability of a manager needed to complete the task. Instead of moaning about the failings of people as fans let's get back into supporting this great club and get it back to the level we want and should rightfully be.

  9. ally mcsalary is a disgrace,he isn't any better than any member of the previous board who bled our club dry,his legend status has well and truly been tarnished forever.

  10. I liked Lou, but I adored Airy whose only fault was driving an old banger. HRH Prince Charles who we especially revere, knew the score as we can see from recent apologies. God Save the Queen.

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