Monday, 4 May 2015

Why these players have no future under McCall

Since Stuart McCall took charge of Rangers on the 12th of March, there have been some very subtle changes in the lineup. Critically, there are players who quite simply have completely fallen out of favour the moment he was appointed, players who seemed part of the problem under the previous managers.

Today we take a look at the players who were prominent (to varying degrees) under those managers but who barely get a look in under McCall, be it by way of a tactical decision or injury problems.

Ian Black. While Kenny McDowall was the first to drop him (following the late sub v Raith in the cup when his ultimate successor Andy Murdoch replaced him) Black has found his appearances under McCall isolated to late substitute cameos. He has not started a single match under the new regime, and thanks to Murdoch’s solid displays, he has not been missed either. Black was a stalwart under McCoist, regardless of form. He is now completely surplus.

Fraser Aird. Previously covered here, Aird has dropped back to the unders and has made only fleeting appearances on the senior subs’ bench. Aird was a mainstay for over 18 months, be it on the bench or starting, but under McCall he is completely out of the picture.

Kyle Hutton. Enjoyed a bit of a renaissance in form under McDowall, but a few appearances on the bench aside, finds himself on the fringes under McCall and unable to force his way back into contention for a starting jersey. His form had dipped prior to McCall’s arrival, but Hutton is a 5-match a season man – where his decent displays are in the absolute minority.

Bilel Mohsni. Has made a few starts but more often than not the Tunisian is bench material. He was ‘annoyed’ not to start v Hearts at Ibrox, and did prove a point in his second half cameo following McCulloch’s dismissal, but too many tellings-off from McCall over his attitude and complacency in general has seen Moshni’s appearances dramatically tail off. His incident at Tynecastle last weekend was probably the final straw too, where he was warned by police not to remonstrate with home supporters, no matter the provocation.

Jon Daly. A truly honest pro, Daly gives his all, but he is the absolute symbol of the worst of the McCoist regime, with the long-ball dirge and his target man nature setting up some of the most horrible football ever seen at Ibrox. Admittedly troubled by injury since McCall took over, Daly is nonetheless fading dramatically from the first team at Ibrox.

Kris Boyd. He has been a shockingly poor signing, and McCoist frustrated supporters repeatedly by selecting him regardless of the fact his confidence is shot and he just cannot score. He has been permanent bench material under McCall, sometimes being left out the squad entirely – McCall has stated only one of he and Daly can be benched due to their play styles, and that is a blunt way of saying neither are in contention to start.

Steven Smith. Another one blighted with injury, but he has nevertheless disappeared entirely after being a sub for McCall’s debut. He is currently fit again but is still not in the squad picture. He is out of contract this summer and one really cannot see any reason for retaining him, other than in the event of Lee Wallace being sold.

Sebastien Faure. Still unfit, Faure was injured v Livingston on McCall’s return to Ibrox and has been out ever since. This one is a bit of bad luck as he has been a fairly solid if uninspiring performer for the Club since he joined, but nevertheless his injury status means he will probably not play for Rangers again given he too is out of contract this summer.

David Templeton. Managed a sprightly display v Cowdenbeath, but did not feature again significantly till his atrocious performance in Fife for the loss to Queens, whereby ever since he has been out of favour and barely on the bench half the time. Templeton is a frustrating player with a great deal of talent; when he hits the high notes he is unplayable, but all-too-often he goes completely missing. He was fouled twice early on at Palmerston, and immediately it was plain to see he no longer fancied it and basically stopped playing. He remains in contract this summer, so he is unlikely to leave unless paid off, but his career will always be one of the biggest ‘what ifs’ in Scottish football.

With the renaissance of players like Zaliukas, the emergence of those like Walsh, Murdoch and Hardie, and the return to some form for the Millers and Laws, it is rather obvious why the players in this list essentially have no part to play at Ibrox any more.


  1. I agree with the sentiments above.
    Aird may add skills to speed, but needs to work on that quickly. I don't know if Faure would have made it given more playing time, but too late to find out now.
    None of the others will be missed, although Temps will be around for another season, I suspect

  2. Agree with most of what you have said but ever selecting McCullough in a Rangers team is suicidal along with Miller we can kiss promotion goodbye

  3. Zaliukas should be on that list, he is mediocre at best and makes a lot of mistakes

    1. Disagree. The big yin is a proper central defender. He's got ability and that little bit of calm on the ball that sees him play a pass and not just lump it. Get him fit and he's a keeper.....

    2. McCulloch, Miller, Clark (sandy' boy), Foster, to name a few more that must go. Never up to the standard. Ta ta


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