Why Ally now means little but greed

Why Ally now means little but greed

Last night Rangers confirmed that
Ally McCoist has effectively rejected the opportunity to ‘walk away’ from his
salary in the region of £850,000 a year.
As this site brought you yesterday, Dave King confirmed McCoist intended to see the remainder of his
deal (up till December) out on “Gardening Leave”, at a rate of around £72,000 a
month for effectively doing nothing.

But King also revealed there have been negotiations with McCoist
regarding a goodwill gesture of his waiving away the remainder of his salary,
as a symbol of what Rangers mean to him, negotiations it appears McCoist has
completely rejected.
Rangers fans long had the theory
that McCoist’s stance on this issue was originally provoked as a protest
against the-then regime of Derek Llambias and Barry Leach, and that he
symbolically refused to budge while they remained at the helm.
Ergo, it was widely conceived
that the former manager would then immediately resign once a new regime was in
play, and of course that act took place on the 6th of March, two and
half months ago.
But that predicted resignation has not happened and it is
safe to say McCoist is damaging his legacy with Rangers now. As a player he was
an icon of Ibrox, a true hero, genuinely ‘Super’ – it is safe to say he was a
disaster as manager but this prose is not focusing on his managerial
credibility or otherwise – but on his association with the Club.
No one would question McCoist’s
allegiances; he is a true blue like
the rest of us, and wants only success for Rangers. The man bleeds the same
colour as the other thousands and millions of Bears around the world.
But now even the majority of
pro-McCoist die-hard supporters have had enough of his salary – Rangers have
been in a desperate financial predicament for 36 months, maybe longer. And
McCoist has been made a multimillionaire by this Club, in exchange for being a
champion on the pitch and idolised by thousands.
The word ‘servant’ really is erroneous
when used about wealthy footballers.
And it is safe to conclude the
only thing McCoist seems to represent now is greed.
It has gone beyond the teetering
brink of him threatening to undermine his legacy – the longer this shambles of
nearly a million a year going into his pocket for nothing goes on, the more damage he
adds to the fractures already forming in the legend that he used to be.
McCoist has permanently sullied
his reputation among Rangers fans, fans who would kill to have one hundredth of
his fortune or salary.
Rangers yesterday confirmed a
second £1.5M loan from the Three Bears, totalling £3M now, and a portion of
that is purely and simply for Ally McCoist.
The longer he continues to siphon
badly-needed money out of Rangers for zero return the more damage he does to
what remains of the memory of his playing days.

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  1. I think that we have to take what we hear and read in the mhedia with caution. Words are being twisted around to cause a wedge between Rangers and Ally McCoist. Yesterday's 'news' from one image on twitter did not show the daily record in good light, apart from them attacking Dave King's investment plans they are trying to whip up a storm against the new board when actually we are beginning to see daylight. So I am not falling for the demonising of Ally, I have no doubt a compromise will be achieved. You don't go through what he has and have a history with our club like he has, just to throw it all away for money. Also I am quite sure that he will be back in some ambassador role where he will be paid a salary ongoing which overtime will be more than his present time limited deal with the previous board. Ally is not stupid, neither are we, however we have to keep the also rans and their hordes at bay and not give in to headlines designed to cause new divides when we actually returning to our natural supremacy.

  2. Remember,,,, ally does not do walking away,,,,,,, you could not make it up, the gift that keeps on giving. spendid

  3. Would you walk about from £850,000? He has a family. I love Rangers more than anything, but I'm sure the new board have enough between them to cover it.

  4. Disagree, he had a contract, he is only doing what any man or woman would do in any job where the circumstance (the sacking) were similar. He, Ally, is correct in his stance, indeed Mr King appears to agree. J

  5. We find ourselves facing the truth that a man who we held in such high esteem is in fact no different to the majority of people in the world today, the adulation that was bestowed upon him throughout his career from hundreds of thousands of Gers fans that painted him as a humble guy who believed the same as us when it came to our club has well and truly been smashed beyond doubt, Ally has allowed his mask to slip and we are now seeing him for what he is,a normal guy who is looking out for himself and himself alone- fair play to him its his choice and he's entitled to it but maybe worth bearing in mind that when your credibility is gone you can never get it back- our greatest ever striker but far far from being one of the greatest club servants,we live our dreams through these guys actions on the pitch and when the actions dont meet our expectations it hurts- WATP

  6. Are you having a laugh when you put into your speech,,and i quote,,,

    "No one would question McCoist’s allegiances; he is a true blue like the rest of us, and wants only success for Rangers. The man bleeds the same colour as the other thousands and millions of Bears around the world."

    1, Of course his allegience to the club is in question,, he is a bloody parasite who has added to the downfall of Rangers through the years,, as a so called weak manager, he has left the club in ruins, no youth policy,,nearly didnt make the play offs, let alone not winning the division,,and he is still scamming the club,,,,, wake up!!!

    2. True Bue??!!,,like the rest of us?!!,,,, I dont bloody think so!!! he is a parasite!!

    3. He wants best for the club?!!! sure he does,,, why dont we just give him a raise,,dont talk bloody rubbish,, he is scamming our club,, he is a disgrace to the club,, and he should be banned from Ibrox the wage grabbing scum that he is,,

    Ally McCoist is no better than Craig Whyte,, only in it for the money,,,!

    • Agree with every word you have written, He was a total JOKE of a manager if he ever received 1p for his efforts it was to much !!! I fell asleep after a few minutes of games when he was in charge He will always be a plonker to me and far from blue..

  7. Absolute nonsense – Mr McCoist entered into a contract – simples. He is being vilified by all for doing nothing wrong other than standing by his contractual obligations. Imagine for a moment if he were a footballer on a lucrative contract and breaks his leg and his career ends – would the club pay his salary in full? A big no – simples!
    So in my thoughts Ally is being hung out to dry – he did not ask to be put on garden leave, it was the club. They need to make him an offer that is suitable to him and not do their talking in the media – simples!!

    • No, it's neither nonsense or "simples." McCoist has a contract alright which entitles him to the money legally, but certainly not morally. Over many years, Rangers have made this man very wealthy. So, he's not being "hung out to dry," he's still taking a great deal of money from the club which it can't afford and which he doesn't need and isn't earning. And if you read the article, it states that king says there has been negotiations with McCoist, so they aren't just doing their talking "in the media."

  8. He has a contract and that must be honoured. Asking him to give that up is akin to seeking charity. The key word is 'honour'. Pay the man and move on with dignity..

  9. one of the best rangers ever and always will be,,but time to step back now or even join the board,,,watp.

  10. Let's remember that although he handed in his notice, he was not the one who chose to go on gardening leave, he was put there.

    • And sadly 3 years too late Total rubbish manager and stupid boy O did I say boy I loved his interviews lots and lots of boys ,

  11. The reason he was put on gardening leave in the first place because the team was a shambles and we were disgracefully bleeding points like water out of a tap,,we were heading out of the play offs and no where near like winning the division,,,he had to go. Now, yes, I concede that he has a contract (bloody disgraceful one at that), but did Ally come out and say,,I'm doing it for the money??,, NO,, he said he was doing it for the club!,,I dont do walking away!! ,,, so no,,he isnt being hung out to dry,, he was scamming the club from the start,, and kissing the badge, loyalties are with the club,,and all that,,,, these are quotes from allys mouth,,so its not the media,, He still puts money before the club,,,,so fine,,,,but dont bloody dare come out and call himself a Rangers man,, he has shown his true colours,,just like Craig Whyte,,all about the money,, Honour?,,,850,000 for third division football?,Really?!,, pay the man bugger all,,and let him take our club to court ,,then we will see his true colours,, certainly not blue,,As for the ridiculous comparison to a player breaking his leg,,, the clubs insurance makes up for any losses,,so dont talk crap,,,I dont see any insurance paying us for McCoists wage grabbing exploits,, Money man, Yes,,,Rangers man, No,,,,,,, !

  12. need to see his contract. could he have been sacked for poor results? highly unlikely so only way to get rid of him was by giving him notice. how much? we dont know, could have been 3 months ..
    but i suspect the minimum was one year and he could do the same. which he did. this doesnt suit the board so they tell him to stay at home on full salary and they are stuck with it until the year runs out. onerous contracts comes to mind….

  13. The man deserves every penny and anybody having a pop at him should fuck right off because you will never be true Rangers.

    • Total trash wise up !!! Get wise he's splitting the clubs support done nothing my grandmother couldn't have done. had the team playing a brand of football the living dead couldn't watch.

    • suspect you a fully paid up member of the manky mob or an escapee from the loony bin. Probably both!

    • Neither , you enjoyed his brand of football then ? lol and you think anyone disagreeing with you is a member of the manky mob lol and you think its me that's the LOONY LOL

    • Fully agree with you, Ally deserves the money he's done a lot for our club and had to take a lot of sh#t off a lot of people. The club has to honour the contract he was given and move on. No other manager could have dealt with the board we had and I think he stayed loyal to the end and left at the right time. Fair enough he was a poor manager but the players have to take responsibility too.

    • I bet you could find a few million people in and around Scotland that would love the opportunity to take shit for a 850,000 a year Sorry the day i learned he was on that salary to manage in a pub team league that blew my sympathy.

  14. give ally a break the guys not working cant claim jobseekers because rangers are still paying him he has a family to feed six racehorses to keep going trainers fees are about 15 grand a year for each horse ok he sacked his gardener but he cant be expected to suffer anymore humilation king did say we are one of the most financially secure clubs in the world so giv ally his pittance

  15. Ally is a true blue! If you are that concerned about the financial situation at Rangers Football Club why don't you hand over our wages?

    • if you are so concerned !!! hand over our wages !!! dear dear..The sense that makes
      The only thing Blue about Ally was the air from supporters watching the total shit he had the team playing.

  16. The fact he remained as manager for as long was an utter disgrace, the older generation will remember his goals but the younger fans only remember him as being an utterly useless manager I'd be suprised if he ever gets a start as a manager again, similar to John Barnes only no where near as good a player.

  17. People forget the 355 goals ally scored and remember he offered to take 50% pay cut and gave ibrox tea ladies thousands of pounds out of own pocket when the inbox mafia played them all off here fans have short memories

  18. Said from the start he'd be no use as a manager but he carried the club on his own with little help from anyone and for that I will always be thankful he deserves his wages for that alone but I honestly think in the coming days you'll hear he's done the right thing

  19. He did wonderful things with a squad that didn't even want to be there. Do you think mcall would want to manage a third division outfit? Ally picked the ball out of hedges for rangers as well as being a legend. Hes entitled to the money so pay the man

  20. Always thought he was a very lucky man. He's made a fortune out of very little talent as a player or " manager" but it's time to move on. He is just yet another example of the onerous contracts most of which he offered to players that should never have been lucky enough to pull on that shirt (daly)! Ffs!!!! But it's all gone now and the money so we either get behind them again or we die. Can't go on fighting each other it's so sad

  21. Can't be greed when it's your due…bona fida, like it or not.

    It's certainly puts him up for scrutiny and doubt in the eyes of some who regard his management reign as wasteful at best and wreckless at worst.

    McCulloch to name but 1 is picking up similar wages. Daly, Black, Shields, Templeton are others amongst those who are taking plenty but offering the square root of heehaw in return. Should they hand back their wages?

    A word in the ear and swift termination for all should be dealt with due haste and for all. Rangers FC don't do public shows of disdain against their own. Pay the men and move them on. No Ferguson McCann style '3 amigos' swipes dished out to van Honkidonk, cadette, do canio welcome at ibrox.

    There's more than enough folks out there turning on Gers, their staff and fans without us turning on each other. Short fuckin memories and standards from fellow bears….when we should be together.

    Get behind the club, the board and everyone with the best interests of the mighty Glasgow Rangers at heart.

    Believe, support and hold strong. Watp

  22. I Think Allys quite right . After all nobody complained when we were beating plumbers and joiners .nobody complained when we set a points record in the third division , Ally just did what every Rangers manager has done pinch all the competitions best players ,so what if we couldnt afford them we're the Gers,, so Black,Boyd,McGregor etc…. it was only right they should come to us.. thanks to super ally he deserves his pay ,everyone else is pish,they need us we're the Gers… the teddy bears … everyone loves us ….bet everyone in scottish football was gutted about the result last night .. they must surely miss all the buckfast bottles and pish round about their stadiums …or the poisonous bigoted rhetoric we sing everywhere we go.. so don,t blame super ally to me he,s a leg end.Just wait till sunday we will get our usual penalty decisions ,the Gfa will help us out we will beat the usurpers.. Motherwell huh… we're the Ger,s. the teddy bears ,Mike ashleys boys … Rangers for ever !

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