Monday, 18 May 2015

Why Advocaat, Robinson & Warburton are unwanted distractions

Dick Advocaat has today apparently confirmed he will not be staying at Sunderland beyond the end of the season, which has led to rampant speculation from some media outlets that he could return to Rangers as manager.

There is zero basis for this story, but a number of Rangers supporters have expressed excitement over the prospect of the Little General returning to Ibrox.

Unfortunately, such speculation (this is the third manager linked to Rangers in a week) is undermining the important job Stuart McCall is currently trying to do in getting the Govan men promoted by way of another two playoff ties.

The constant gabbling surrounding McCall’s position is an unwanted distraction, and Alex Rae, former Rangers star and keen advocate of the current regime, yesterday stressed that the rumours are not helping nor are any approaches to potential replacements before the playoffs are complete.

First MK Dons’ Karl Robinson, then Brentford’s Mark Warburton (and David Weir) yesterday and today Advocaat.

It simply is not fair on McCall to see his position threatened at this point – yes, he knew he was only signing on till the summer for sure, but right now is the most important part of his job – to get through the playoffs, and these distractions are beyond a nuisance.

Some have suggested Advocaat as a Director of Football, which might not be the worst solution, but if he is appointed as manager, it would laugh in the face of the promises King & Murray made about a young and progressive head coach, as opposed to managerial matriarch.

But what will be, will be…


  1. i dont want dick mark or davie, you realise brentford are letting mark and davie go because they are going down the head coach route and dont think their the right fit,
    i still think we should go for ian cathro all the way

    1. Totally agree with you(who ever ur) we should give ian cathro a chance, not going back the way.

  2. The problem will be getting someone to work in div 1 Scottish league. Not the most attractive job going. The days we can attract the best are long gone I'm afraid. Can't see us putting 4 good performances together as we haven't for years so it's gonna have to be time to downsize wether we like it or not. Seems to me the new board don't have the money or the will to invest the millions needed to challenge the tims for a long time yet


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