Vuckic & Ferguson to become permanent


Rangers’ rebuilding job may have
already begun in earnest for next season with the news that Shane Ferguson
& Haris Vuckic are set to be released by Newcastle, leaving them free to
join Rangers permanently.
Vuckic has been a revelation at
Ibrox, becoming the second-top scorer in only four months, and getting some
vital goals at crucial moments. His fee was set to be around £1M but it appears
Newcastle will
gift him away instead as a free transfer this summer, with Rangers being the
prime destination.

had been completely out of commission till his extremely energetic cameo off
the bench on Thursday, and the Northern
Ireland international would, like his
Slovenian counterpart, come at no cost beyond wages, and his arrival would
certainly be a boost.
Gael Bigirimana is also set to be
freed by the Geordies but Rangers are certain not to take him on given his
health problems.

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  1. Its fun speculating about potential signings and we are fortunate that we are once again able to chat about football matters. However, appointing the correct manager will be the catalyst for successful recruitment and development of players. Appointment so crucial to our future. I will be very interested to view our progress throughout the summer if we can secure a multi-faceted, capable manager.

  2. I would take Streete, who has already been released, as well. There should be no delay in signing Ferguson and Vuckic as well if they are available. We must not let anyone else come in and sign these players!

  3. Err.. They both have a year left on their contracts. Newcastle have already announced who they are freeing at the end if the season.

  4. Rumour mill goes into production, cant see Vuckic staying if other teams come in for him and Ferguson hasn't shown me he is worth anything yet

  5. will they come to this shite ???? who gets the blame for this ?? wee ally ??? iv watched rangers for 56 years and this is pure shite,,,

  6. If hes a free transfer then rangers can forget it,,,if he.s back in scotland it will be with celtic,,they,ve been keeping an eye on him i believe,,

  7. Rangers should sign Steven Taylor from Newcastle so underrated and only 30 and available for nothing oh and mshnio has no worries just heard Frank wardens signed him up

  8. Get rid of the fuckin lot were RANGERS not fuckin Berwick rangers despite whats happened over the last 3 years.

  9. Why they would sign to play in the championship is beyond me.

    I would take them but only if their wages were realistic. Both are young enough with potential to increase their value.

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