Monday, 4 May 2015

Stuart McCall: "We don't need to win them all"

Rangers’ manager Stuart McCall has already downplayed suggestions Rangers require to be at their absolute best in the playoffs in order to progress.

Speaking after the disappointing draw at Tynecastle on Saturday, McCall was clear to reduce fan expectation regarding what Rangers need to do to get promoted.

He said:

"We put in a good, strong away performance today and we'll need to do the same next week. We don't need to win them all but we certainly have what it takes.”

After McCall put on McCulloch for Foster in the dying minutes of a comfortable match, the quickfire concession of two goals to throw away two points (albeit ultimately redundant) forces the notion that should Rangers’ manager persist with the captain in any way, the team most certainly will not win them all anyway.

He went on:

"It's two tough games against Queen of the South, there is no doubt about that. If we get through it's two tough games against Hibs, and we'll take it from there. I'm pleased with a lot of stuff. A bit of naivety of decision-making cost us in the end. We played some good football in parts. The second goal was a tremendous football goal."

The former Motherwell manager’s messages have been slightly mixed recently, with criticism of the SPFL’s ticket decision by stating the playoffs fall under the league umbrella, while arguing they do not in relation to player bookings.

There can be no doubt he is feeling the pressure now, and seems eager to reduce expectations among supporters.

That will be impossible to achieve.
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