Saturday, 2 May 2015

Rangers v the hypocrisy of the SPFL

This is a quote which is already haunting Ralph Topping, SPFL chairman:

"Our rule book is not a pick and mix."

Despite the fact the SPFL did not punish Hibernian for failing to charge for last season’s playoffs, this season Rangers are being threatened if they follow suit.

The principle is simple; Rangers and Motherwell have publicly stated a desire not to charge existing season ticket holders for entry to the playoff matches, citing that they ‘fall under the league umbrella’. Which, of course, they do.

But, the truth is, Rangers are a monumental cash cow for Scottish football and while already withholding our SPL prize money for 2011 (£2.4M), the SPFL now wish to pillage Rangers and our fans for as much as they can.

Rangers officially stand by their supporters and refuse to charge those season ticket holders extra for these matches, a scenario which is now turning into a formal face-off with the SPFL.

This is the correct stance; Hibernian gained approval from the SPFL last season to do it, but then they do not bring in the kind of income Rangers fans do, and the SPFL’s hypocritical response on this occasion merely highlights their determination to break every rule in the book when they want to, and enforce them when they do not.

Topping says the SPFL rule book is not a pick and mix, and yet he and not Rangers is the one picking and mixing.

He said in full:

"The rules on play-off levies and ticket pricing were agreed unanimously by all 42 clubs, including those likely to take part in this year's Premiership/Championship Play-Offs, less than two years ago and an attempt to amend them for the benefit of a limited few was overwhelmingly rejected by SPFL clubs at a general meeting just last week. These rules were introduced for the benefit of all 42 clubs, not a select few. That's democracy in action and it is a fundamental principle of the league. Everyone can see the dangers of trying to change rules part-way through the season, leading to accusations of self-interest and opportunism. An overwhelming majority of our 42 clubs voted to continue with the existing model and it is the clear duty of all clubs to respect the rules and the core principle of majority voting. We must ensure a positive, collective approach if we are to strengthen the league for the benefit of all clubs and as an independent chairman with no club affiliation, I am clear that this is the only way forward for our game. To do otherwise risks the very fabric of the league."

Once again the football authorities in Scotland commit laughable hypocritical incompetence, bordering on blatant corruption designed to kick Rangers while they are down while feeding off the stricken club regardless.
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