Rangers’ most striking failures


Examining where Rangers’ weaknesses
are could take Einstein several millennia to complete, such is the richness of
material to analyse. However, breaking it all down to the most basic
denominator, football’s currency is in goals. Pure and simply the number of
times you score and the importance of scoring more than your opponent.
That is Football for Dummies, Vol
And that is the most imperative
place to start and indeed outright focus on when it comes to Rangers.

In the playoffs, Rangers have
scored 6 goals, and every single one of them has been from a different player.
Clark, Miller, McGregor, Shiels,
Smith, and Wallace have registered a goal a piece, and while some might argue
it is a good thing to spread goals out, the sheer impotence up front from those
whose job it is to find the back of the net really does highlight one of the
most stark of Rangers’ many failings this season.
Rangers’ top scorer this season,
comically, is the horribly patchy and inconsistent Nicky Law, who has found the
goal 10 times from midfield. Yes, 10 goals has been enough for Law to be the
Club’s top scorer, while Haris Vuckic weighs in at second with 8 goals –
indeed, a player who has only been here for just under four months has scored
more goals than anyone else bar Law and Clark.
Next we have Miller with 7,
although he could argue his deeper position has certainly lessened his chances
of scoring more, and he may have a case, but the fact he is our second top-scoring
striker with an absurdly pathetic 7 while Clark’s
mere solitary extra one is enough to make him the number one sums it up.
Meanwhile Hibs’ Jason Cummings is
top scorer in the division with well over double that amount on 18 and their
second top scorer Malonga still scales well over anyone at Ibrox with a very
respectable 13 epitomises how ghastly Rangers have been in the final third
overall this season.
Is there even any point
mentioning the catastrophic failure that is Kris Boyd? Or the now-departed
Jon Daly?
Rangers’ strikers have been a
complete embarrassment this campaign, and generally the scorers’ charts
illustrate it brilliantly:
No one from Govan even appears in
the top 10 scorers in the Championship, with Law not showing up till number 12,
while going down to a minimum of 6 goals sees altogether four Rangers players totalling
33 goals among the lot while Hearts’ five entries boast 53 goals. Hibs only
have 3 players in this list, but they share 31 goals between them. And 18 of
them are from Cummings. Lastly Queens have likewise only three players in this
list, but 36 goals are what the fourth-placed team’s entrants have to offer.
If one thing highlighted Rangers’
problems this season, those stats are beyond indicting. Rangers brought Miller
& Boyd back to tear Championship sides to shreds, but they along with the
rest of the side have barely tickled defences on the whole.
Must. Do. Much. Better.


  1. yes Law has scored 10 goals but dose that not show how bad we are the man has been shite since he signed him from Motherwell ,I just hope he is one of many to go .

  2. We dont create enough chances for the strikers, its not as if Miller and Boyd are missing sitter after sitter. The only players in our team that would get into a top 6 SPFL team are Wallace and Bell. Its probably a blessing that Motherwell are going to knock us out, watching us being beaten regularly by Celtic, Aberdeen, ICT, Dundee Utd, Hearts would just be horrendous. Maybe we have found our level ? Maybe the glory days have gone forever and the odd cup run is the best we can look forward to ? Maybe we should let this current version of Rangers die, start a new club, a club for the people ran by the people ? We are pinning our hopes on a convicted tax cheat, a guy branded a glib and shameless liar by a judge. Is this what we want our club to be associated with ? As it stands we will always be branded tax dodgers, cheats, zombies by other fans….and if the shoe was on the other foot I'd be doing the same. Lets not cling onto the old club myth, let us be brave. Start a new club, one we can be proud of, one that can create its own history over time….a peoples club.

    • If you are a rangers fan, which I very much doubt, any team would be doomed to failure with depressants like you supporting it. Get to the docs without delay mate and try to get your life back. Rangers will never die! Perhaps just wishful thinking on your part! You know though, with certainty, that we are on our way back. Just accept the inevitable.

    • You are not a Ranger supporter talking a load of rubbish like that LOLWATP…………….

    • We are Rangers, now and always, and we shall rise again!
      Meanwhile you are a barely disguised miscreant from castle Liewell!

    • And ps Bells the worse keeper in Rangers history , so you obviously know fuck all about football !

  3. Boyd clarke shiels Miller can all leave …Miller won't he's triggered another 12 months,somehow …hardie and Gallagher havnt had a sniff of late as mccoists duds have stayed in team ….mcculloch no doubt influences McCall to play them …..get the whole lot of them out in summer and a complete rebuild is needed…. mccoist dureant McDowell thank you for 3 wasted years and millions in your bank accounts …….Charles was right about super ally …..the guy is a complete failure

  4. where does the anonymous guy think that bell could play at in the top league he can not command his box and failure to come off his line at cross balls sums him up for what he relly is and that is a second rate keeper and no where good enough to b a rangers No 1

    • Worst thing is gers had chance to sign craig gordon while he was training to get fit at Murray park and mccoist didnae sign him worst thing happened to gers was mccoist being manager yet the greedy count wants every penny out of us legend not

  5. Spot on pal ..all 3 keepers are rotten …bell not same same shoulder operation … full clear out is the only way forward and asap

  6. With the exception of Wallace and Vukcic not one of the present team, and in particular those given a contract by McCoist, are fit for purpose. There needs to be a clear out and a rebuilding plan put in place; preferably by a new coach and a DOF

  7. Worst thing is we should have won the league this year and had a really good team next year for premier league maybe not good enough to win league but at least finish 3rd or 4th but we stood by that idiot who had no experience of management ever before taking over rangers we had two years to build a good team for championship and were no better forward than when we started the 3rd division and yet mccoist still wants every penny he deserves gets me really angry

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