Thursday, 7 May 2015

Playoff ticket pricing; Rangers have the last laugh

After a face-off which had threaten to escalate into yet more sanctions upon Rangers by the SPFL, the Ibrox side have the final laugh by charging a pittance for entry to the Queens match.

While not the perfect outcome for Rangers fans, the £5 ticket price will bring in a mere £80,000 maximum and stops the SPFL from being able to punish Rangers for not charging.

The statement released by the Club reads:

“The Club is pleased to announce that after careful consideration tickets for the above match are priced at £5 across the board.

Several pricing structures, including allowing season-ticket holders free admission with other fans paying between £5 and £20, were studied but it is believed the most favourable option for the Club and its supporters is a flat price of £5.

This means the Club can cover the costs of staging the match – between £70,000 and £80,000 – and at the same time comply with the SPFL rule, which demands a 50% levy from gate receipts after VAT (but not the Club’s costs) has been deducted. The cost to the Club of allowing season-ticket holders free admission would have been substantial after accounting for the levy that would be due to the SPFL.

Despite media speculation never at any time did Rangers state it would not adhere to SPFL rules and the Club believes that setting this flat fee should meet with the approval of all concerned.

The £5 ticket price for all will ensure as many supporters as possible can back the team and should we progress to the next stage of the play-offs our pricing policy will not change.”

A very smart move from Rangers which gets them out of any issues with the SPFL, while compromising on price for fans.


  1. a good kick in the teeth the spfl maffia

  2. Yeah good solution. Gets it right up Thompson and Co.

  3. Well played Rangers. A great price for the supporters and it leaves the parasites at the SPFL with much less than they were hoping to grab.

  4. I think it's BRILLIANT too, Colin. We get to look like angels, the SPFL look like what they are -- a bunch of greedy bastards -- GREAT free advertising for our club and no one is seriously out of profit. Plus SPFL get a pittance to what they were hoping for. Now, to fill that stadium ... and program sales (I was reminded) go to us ... so if everyone buys a program, then that's cash in the hands of the club.

  5. Yes, goes to show our new board has the club and fans best interest, unlike the previous parasites, and they current parasites who are still draining thousands from our club, messers McCoist and McDowall!!,,, oh, and I see McGregor is quoted saying that Rangers are a better team than Queen of the South!?,, For someone who is to blame for more than half of the goals conceded this season,, including Hearts last saturday,,He should keep his mouth shut!!, never or ever will rate him.

  6. 50000 fivers don't make 80000 at the school I went to

    1. Did they not teach you about taking the VAT off at your school?

  7. 3 x 50,000 @ £5 =£750,000
    SPFL Levy(50%) = £375,000
    Match costs 3x£80k = £240,000
    Profit =£135,000
    Promotion prize money =£300,000(?)
    Payment to NUFC =£500,000
    Net loss on promotion =£ 65,000

    Don't see how this is going to help cash flow.

    Where is the money coming from for May's payroll?

    Are we already biting into Ashley's 2nd £5m loan tranche and due to delisting no one wants to admit it?

    Is King jetting in for the play many matches has he seen on his previous visits?

  8. Perhaps more importantly ....Rangers have also lost out on £500k


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