Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Playoff row - SPFL threaten to withhold Rangers' TV money

Within the last hour it has emerged the playoff season ticket row engulfing Rangers and the SPFL is set to escalate with Neil Doncaster’s men once again threatening to withhold vital TV income if Rangers go ahead with their plan to allow season ticket holders in without charge during the vital tie with Queen of the South et al.

Like in 2012 when the SPFL decided to withhold £2.4M of Rangers’ prize money from the Ibrox side winning the SPL in 2011, based on Rangers’ being a ‘new club’ (despite later admitting we are not yet failing to later deliver that prize cash), Doncaster and co are now attempting to hold Rangers’ fragile coffers to ransom and withhold an undisclosed number of thousands of pounds to force the Govan side to charge entry for the playoffs.

It is the latest in a number of ad-hoc punishments dished to Rangers by the governing bodies, and the fact Hibernian were allowed to do it last season, by the same authorities, has been completely dismissed.

This move threatens to cost Rangers money they cannot afford to lose.


  1. How much TV money are Rangers estimated to get this season ?

  2. Stay away and watch on the TV Don't give your hard earned cash to vermin like Thompson Liewell and Co

  3. I see the premier league chairmen still want to kick Rangers to the ground and stamp on our faces, led by Lawell and half of the Celtic contingency on the SFA board. Thompson should be reigned in and heavily fined for his flammatory comments. The balance of fairness certainly does not lie at our door. When we get back to where we belong, whether this year or next,,, We should boycott every one of the away games and charge +100% on ticket sales when they come to ibrox. I would like to know if their is a minimum or set pricing on those play off tickets within the Celtics SFA rulebook!! They are a bunch of scrupulous ruffians of the highest degree, but justice will prevail in the end!!!

  4. Rangers problems with the Celtic orientated Football Association epitomises everything that is wrong with the Republican led attack on Scotland these days. Sadly, the majority have been too busy 'turning the other cheek', or have their heads buried in teh sand while a vile minority have taken over the Judiciary in Scotland, the Labour and SNP Political Parties and a lot of the Financial Services Sector. Time for the majority to wake up and and return Scotland to the 'Establishment'. For Rangers however, thanks to McCoist and David Murray, it might take a lot longer than one would hope to return to their proper position in Scottish Football.

  5. Just for the record, Hibs where allowed to let their fans in free of charge for the 2013/14 play~offs only because they had been selling season tickets for 3 months prior to the league set up change which involved bringing the play~offs to the table. At the start of season 2014/15 all clubs new that the new format would be in place and the relegated team from the top tier would get a parachute payment (the gate monies makes up the payment). Every club voted for this system including Rangers, Motherwell & Hibs. Maybe the boards of the above mentioned clubs thought their clubs would never be involved in the play~offs, and voted without proper considered to their own finances which seems very shortsighted.


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