Friday, 1 May 2015

Murray passed "Fit & Proper": now for King

Rangers’ interim chairman Paul Murray has been cleared by the SFA for full-fledged directorship at Ibrox.

Murray, who is keeping the seat warm till Dave King similarly passes his own test, will be delighted a small hurdle has been overcome.

The SFA’s statement read:

“The Scottish FA can confirm that at a meeting of the Professional Game Board (PGB) on Thursday, April 30, consideration was given to the Fit and Proper status of Mr Paul Murray as a director of Rangers Football Club in respect of Article 10.2 of the Articles of Association.

“This followed a submission from the club of an Amendment Form to its Official Return. Specifically, Mr Murray was invited to provide information in relation to his involvement as “a director of a club in membership of any National Association within the five-year period preceding such club having undergone an insolvency event”.

“The PGB examined Mr Murray’s involvement as a director of Rangers FC in the five years preceding the insolvency event experienced in 2012. Particular focus was given to Mr Murray’s role and function as Director, any financial benefit or otherwise from the insolvency event, steps taken to avoid the insolvency event, co-operation throughout the insolvency event and intentions as a Director to avoid a repetition of the mistakes of the past.

“Having considered the documentation provided, and taking into account Mr Murray’s detailed personal submission before it, the PGB is satisfied that Mr Murray is Fit and Proper in terms of Article 10.2.”

Of course, as said, the big one is getting King cleared, but it is now looking less and less likely that this should prove to be a major obstacle.
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