Monday, 4 May 2015

McCulloch to Killie?

Twitter today caught mild fire when a tenuous rumour from a Kilmarnock forum weaved its way into the public domain.

The story was Lee McCulloch signing a one year pre-contract deal with Kilmarnock as player coach.

I should point out, I have absolutely no source for this, beyond said forum’s claim, and the thread has been locked since, but it is the first story linking McCulloch with a move out of Ibrox.

McCulloch has of course stated he fully intends to win a new deal with Rangers, but given his abysmal displays this season, this is a request unlikely to be honoured.

Question is, if this move to Killie is a pack of lies, why would a Kilmarnock supporter post it to a Kilmarnock forum?

Manager Gary Locke has indeed been strongly linked with a player coach from Ibrox, but his name is Kris Boyd, not Lee McCulloch, and my sources tell me McCulloch has been rather woeful as a coach, despite managing to complete his badges late last year.

So this story is either a complete load of nonsense, with silly season coming up, or McCulloch has managed to get a grip of coaching and Locke now wants him and his experience.

The former is infinitely more likely.


  1. Hope he goes there.

    When the Gers play Killie they could draft me in up front...I might be nearly 42 and cairying a bit extra timber but I'd still give McCulloch 5 yards start over 50 and still beat him. And if he tried any of that bully boy plastic hardman tactic or elbowing I'd drop him like a tray of pies or half him in 2.

    Leader my hole. Leach mare like and money for auld rope.

  2. Slinky, I think your being harsh on McCulloch,, at least give him a 10 yard start so not to totally humiliate him!!:),, and make it over 30, he wont make it at 50 without blowing out his erse!,, if the players were honest and admitted they were at Rangers for the money, but won us games and got us to the premiership by winning all 3 divisions, I could forgive that,,, but to kiss the Rangers badge, and pledge you allegience to our greatest institution,, pick up thousands a week from our financially crippled club,, but lose us games and the first division without even trying a leg, thats just unforgivable,, watching McCulloch laugh with a celtic player after the cup game made me sick,, far cry when a real rangers captain kicked a parkhead door off its hinges on live tv through sheer anger when we got beat. Your right slinky, Leader my hole, money for auld rope!!


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