McCall: “Mohsni is gone”


Rangers’ (present) manager Stuart McCall has ‘confirmed’
Bilel Mohsni will not be offered a new deal next season, and will leave Ibrox.
Following the brawl at full time today, instigated by Lee
Erwin and finished off with the kind of aggression from Mohsni Rangers could
have actually used on the pitch in the 90, McCall stated:

“But it’s safe to say he won’t be at the club next season. He’s
out of contract.”
Rather ironic given these
circumstances apply to McCall himself as well, but nevertheless it is the first
official statement that Mohsni’s time at Ibrox is up.
The scenes at the end of the
match summed up Moshni’s appalling temperament, albeit his impressive UFC
skills, and summed up why the Tunisian has not been a success in his career
despite having the ability and tools to play at a higher level.
And he follows Jon Daly as the
second player in recent days to be effectively confirmed as released.
They will be far from the last.


  1. He was provoked, try shoving anyone in the back and wait for the result !! Not saying he did right but the whole afternoon was heavily charged just look carefully at the indecent where Lee got struck in the face unintentional !! never well meant watch the guys movement then his quick innocent response. However best team by a clear mile won McCoists team a joke again..

  2. Hopefully, so are you Stuart! Failure at Bradford, failure at Motherwell, failure at Rangers!
    Hope that the Rangers board have more ambition, sense! Please go back to Scotland with some dignity and stop grovelling for a job that you are not capable of. Mr McCoist made the same mistake.

  3. Mohsni glad he wont be back ,he is a idiot and let Rangers down badly ,but Erwin should take some blame for what he done .Motherwell fans should not have done what they did ,which could have caused more trouble if their had been more Rangers supporters left.

  4. Well seen u are posting as anonymous about Stuart mcall shocking comments. The man inherited that bunch

  5. You could not seriously blame mcCall he may not be the right choice in long run but he inherited super ally squad and we now know how much he failed so who is next as long as his name is not ally it will improve try billy Davies I think he would be good

  6. The most worrying thing for me is that McCall seems to believe that one or two of the 'out of contract' stars merit a new contract. That in itself should warrant that McCall is not the man to lead Rangers. Also, he immediately sided with Motherwell regarding the Moshni incident when no one really knows why Moshni reacted teh way he did. Wa the push the only thing or did the Motherwell make a comment to Moshni that he took exception to. Whatever happened he was never going to be good enough fro Rangers but then neither is McCall or anyone of those players that are out of contract. King needs to act quickly and follow in Lawrence Marlborough's footsteps by making an inspired appointment for our next manager

  7. Fuck off every one of you,,we need to be clensed from top to bottom,,, there is no positive to take from this at all,,,,Fuck Billy Davies,, he is not the fucking answer,, he is a failure also,,, the board has some decisions to make.,, from kids level, to first team…. its a total football management we need,,,,,,,,,,,,, we need to go German!!!!,,the most sucessful domestic and international country in the world……..its not fucking science,,, but hey,, does it matter any more,,,,,,,, fuck you Ally Mcoist,,, ya prick,,!! another year in the first division,,fucking disgraceful,, no excuses,,, get rid of every one of those pricks in that team,,we are such an embarrassment to the world,, disgraceful,,,McCall,, just walk!!,, you are not the answer!! God we were shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,so shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That it tell it like it is. Simply unacceptable. I'm hearing Billy Davis Ian cathro.derek mcinnes. These boys are not the answer. This board need to now put there money where there mouth is and bring in someone solid with a proven track record. Tactically astute. And have the ability to bring on youngsters. And a diciplinarian. The time is now for action get rid of this team and let's have no more mess ups.

  8. Mccoist signings have been a disaster, proved beyond all doubt this season. Mohsni should never be near a rangers jersey. We need to start from scratch, get shot of them all apart from mcgregor murdoch and Walsh. Mccall should be given a chance with his own team.

  9. Listen, I'm no saying this Mohsni done right, but he's been attacked first… Push a nobody in real life mate and see where u go..
    McCall has done the best he can, I sincerely don't blame him, but in all honestly I'd like change in manager and entire team… Nobody likes Billy D, but I think his attitude is what we need.
    No F'ing about…no sympathy and shite..

    Will Love Rangers Forever no matter what,,,


  10. At least he gives the impression he gives a f*** . Don' t lol but I would have thrown him up front to cause havoc.

  11. Eh,… McGregor and Murdoch sold 2 goals to motherwell on Thursday ya dick,,,what game were you watching!!!,,, McGregor is 5ft 10,,, he is not a Centre Half!!!!!!,,, Butcher, Gough,Amaruso,,Bougerra,, Greig,,, Big feck off Centre Halfs,,,, McGregor?,fanny,, he is to blame of 70% of goals against this season,,,,, Watch the game,, he is to blame for most of the goal against,,,,yet he wins player of the year?!!!!!!!,,,go fuck yourselves…!!!!!!!!!

  12. McCall will not improve rangers. He would be looking at signing players of a standard that is not good enough for Rangers. His failure against Motherwell is embarrassing, and his affinity with Motherwell before the game motivated them more than it did Rangers. Time for a total change of direction. Anything less highlights a total lack of ambition from King and Co,

  13. Big bomb scare the only player with fight about him any man worth his salt would hit back at being pushed if Dave king don't act tomorrow morning we are done as a team we need a total clear Murray park should be closed its only an expensive play ground mcall must go tomorrow we need a fresh start no taking advise from Walter smith or any old guard we need new men in with new ideas Miller Boyd mcullich same old players same old tired rangers fresh start stick together and we can bounce back WATP

  14. Erwin claims Rangers got battered from what I seen he took a few shots himself lol learn him manners next time lovely left Billy and the boot up the arse was spot on.

  15. As a kid growing up I watched my pals follow like sheep and shouting rangers,as the years went by I have witnessed hatred,violence,cheating,from a scummy club who doesn't represent football in any way,quicker they are gone the better,Scotlands shame

  16. Ricky Foster was a joke. Zaliukas not much better. Why oh why are they backing off and letting Motherwell drive into shooting range? It was school boy stuff. These two must leave. Boyd isnt effective either. Set pieces were the only danger. Change needed.

  17. lovely reading gents… not obsessed just couldnt resist a right good laugh… your 'club' are fucked.. no money, no manager, no team and too many gardeners = liquidation for the club that play at the stadium that john brown used to play for


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