How Rangers CAN get promoted


It was all doom & gloom at
full time on Thursday. Rangers, humbled humiliatingly by the visiting
Motherwell, saw their chances of promotion hanging by a thread, and that
thread in itself was only there thanks to Darren McGregor’s late goal.
However, if there is one solitary
positive to take from the result, McGregor’s goal aside, it is the fact that
Rangers’ best results under McCall have been when the Ibrox men needed to win in the big, big matches.

Hibs away – it was about three
points, as was Hearts at home, as was Hibs in the first leg of the semi. Ditto
at Palmerston in the quarters.
The reason Rangers lost in Edinburgh on the day in
the second leg is the entire match had been a protection job, a containment
attempt; sustain what they had from the first leg and make sure not to concede.
It might have been the wrong mentality, but it worked, and Rangers made the
final thanks to a big defensive display.
This time the role is more akin
to what Rangers needed in the three matches already mentioned – an outright
win. Like Kenny Miller said yesterday, the roles are now reversed.
Some might call this clutching at
straws, but Rangers have been at their most effective under McCall away from
home compressing the midfield and springing a fatal counter. They have been
most effective with the 3-5-2 when they simply had to win.
Even the Motherwell match was not
a critical win – it was an unknown. Rangers went into this match not truly
knowing what they were up against, nor what they needed to secure the tie. Now
we do.
Rangers travel to Fir Park
knowing a display like McCall’s first in Edinburgh
is required, one where a containment job is not the order of the day as it was
the second time he took his team there; this time Rangers have to attack – but unlike
Hibs, Rangers are not completely toothless. Over five playoff legs they have
scored 6 goals. It is far from a glut, but it shows goals are there.
Can Rangers go for it and claw
back those goals? They have to. And that mentality might be the very
inspiration needed to achieve it.

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  1. How can the Rangers counter attack when Motherwell are at home with 2 goals up and playing just for the draw.

    • Walter did it for years. It was horrible to watch but usually succeeded and we're not football fans, are we?

  2. As big Marvin said keep believing !!!! sorry but i dont its another yr in the championship , i hope i am wrong

    • I'm with you wully, but it could be worse – we could go up and get gubbed every week.

  3. The McGregor goal was quickly followed by a Boyd goal offside, a superb save, and a good Vukcic chance. The players have seen they can trouble the Motherwell goal. They claim they showed bottle but almost blew it. When the whistle blows on Sunday we'll see their bottle. If Rangers score first, a season of misery will haunt the well players. Bring on the battle!

    • Couldn't agree more, I honestly don't believe the tie is over we just need to take our chances. As for the papers saying Boyd will be recalled I wouldn't even let the guy on the bench if I was mcall on Saturday I'd play Shane ferguson tom Walsh and Ryan hardie as one thing that we are missing is pace.

    • Would fully agree with you if I could understand what you were saying. I reckon you are a troll from out east, scumbag impostor.

  4. Oh dear, oh dear.

    SPFL club takes on Championship table 3rd best……..score 3 away from home.

    Same tactics at Fir Park, guaranteeed at least another 3…….tie is over, journey complete, at least anotyer year in the lower leagues.

  5. I can't see us winning by 3 clear.

    2 clear and e/t against a fitter stronger and fresher team?……can't see it. Add the fact our players are a fucking disgrace to the jerseys and it's all pointing one way for me.

  6. I saw this on the Scotsman blog, and just wanted to make sure none of us missed what these bastards say about us.
    They had delusions of master race and were as sectarian as an Orange march in Portadown,
    As racist as the Klu klux klan with the financial integrity of an expenses fiddling MP
    They cheated like Lance Armstrong and used shredders like News International
    They robbed charities like a Mafia Godfather and lied and deceived like a corrupt Tory boy
    They have more factions than in the Life of Brian they do intimidation like a Venezuelan Death Squad
    They march up Copland Rd like the undead in a horror film then claim they have come back from the dead like Jesus Christ.

    Then they ask us why they are so universally despised.

  7. Poor you the poor oppressed or should that be the poor obsessed . We don't ask why people don't like us we are rangers super prangers no one likes us we DON'T CARE

  8. I believe you, and I fully agree that is an undesrstandable position to take. It speaks volumes for the support and explains why everyone, and I mean everyone does hate you. The only ones speaking up for you are misguided ones from my clan who only want you promoted so we they hump you any time they want.

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