Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Why Rangers need to appoint McCall right now

With only four matches left until the playoffs, it is clear manager Stuart McCall has made a positive impression on both the team, and the fans.

Unfortunately interim chairman Paul Murray has merely described him as a ‘candidate’ (among others) for the permanent position, and it has come to a stage now where, at this stage of the season, McCall really needs to know categorically whether or not he is next season’s manager, regardless of which division.

The reason is simple; right now, Rangers cannot plan for next season at all on the pitch. It is absolute nonsense to suggest plans must be put on hold due to uncertainty regarding which league the Club will be in.

There is most definitely the core of an existing squad good enough under the right management to win the Championship next year at a canter, and new signings are an absolute must whether promotion is attained or not.

That right management appears to be McCall.

If he is considered a risk (itself preposterous), he can easily be given a one-year deal now for next season so he can plan who to keep and who to bring in.

He has at least earned that right, and it is not the case that promotion is an instant pot of gold Rangers will suddenly be able to afford Ronaldo with – the Ibrox outfit will still be a newly-promoted team with a modest budget, much as they currently are, and only a year or two back in the SPL will allow player budgets (among other things) to increase significantly.

Rangers board cannot dawdle any longer over the management position.

Hire McCall right now so plans can start in earnest.


  1. I dont agree at all ! last weeks collapse against Queens is EXACTLY the reason why Rangers shhould hang fire ? . I like McCall i hope he goes on to be a great Rangers manager ? but this is a very important appointment that we MUST get right ?, and in my opinion another collapse like that ( where SM was far too slow in making changes IMO ) should take Stuart out of the running ! all that said...........i hope it doesnt happen .

  2. As much as I like McCall and see progress he's not done enough at this stage for me.

    Keep him hungry and that carrot dangling (nae pun intended). Take his advice on who stays and who go's. Let's have it right, us bears can see who should go and who could stay......ffs...... Stevie fuckin Wonder could call that about right.

  3. Sorry, but I don't agree. If we are in the Premiership next season, we will need more quality and experience than we would in the Championship. The latter would involve more youth.
    McCall can't plan on targets until he knows which league we will be in, determining our budget from STs etc. The decision on next manager may well be determined by league too. If we go up, I say McCall gets a shot. If we fail, he is in with a chance, but its not a one horse race.

  4. I don’t agree either and looking to our reduced training circumstances next season (which we all know but don’t talk about), its someone in Jock Wallace’s image we need for next season.

    1. Different game now and players are poofs, sensitive and moisturise ffs.

      I'm feeling all angry about these modern day footballers and I know
      why they have gone all soft. It's because of poncy names. That's what it is. Remember the old days when footy players kicked a fucking ball made out of ten pounds of clay stitched inside a steel reinforced leather shell with laces made out of piano wire?
      Well, in them days, players could only survive the rigours of the
      game because they were called things like Eric, Jock, Bert, Jimmy
      Bill, Eddie, Bobby, Jack and Stan. Fucking tough names for tough men them was. And what do we have now? Cammy, Lee, Dale, Kriss, Nicky
      Fucking tarts names they are. Great big fucking poofs.

      Nae wonder the ball's like a fucking balloon and shin pads are like
      slices of bread. In the old days you never saw a Willie Waddel or John Greig with a poofy little Sondico piece of paper down his little thin
      socks. Fucking shin pads in them days was made out of library books and socks was like sackcloth. Same with jerseys. Fucking shirts with holes in em now so they can breathe. Yes and so Lee's hairless chest can breathe and he doesn't get a chill. Fuck off. Jock Shaw used to dribble
      round Europe's finest wearing a fucking tent and shorts cobbled together fae the jacket of his demob suit. Aye he bloody did.
      Nae wonder players fall over whenever an opponent comes near them. And they never used to show their arses at one another either. Can you imagine what might have happened if Eric Caldow had flashed his ring at Bert Auld during an old firm game? He'd have got one of them
      size 10 hobnail fuckers up his chuff.
      F*cking therapy for stress my arse! That arsehole Stan Colleymore slaps his missus about and he takes three seasons off with stress counselling. Wits that aw about? In the old days, it was expected for footballers to
      belt the old sow about a bit, especially after a bad defeat. And the old women used to expect it and so they should have, they was lucky to be married to fitbaw players.
      Archie McShiit of Dumbarton got run over with a horse and cart one
      Friday night and still he turned out against Morton the next day. And he
      scored two goals. That's cos he didn't have a poof name. Good old Archie.
      It is said he broke his hip, both legs, murdered his wife and buried her
      under the patio and still made the Scotland team for the home
      internationals. Did he have any stress counselling? Did he fuck.
      And drugs? There was none of that in the old days. Oh no. In them
      days it was a quick shot of morphine before the kick off and you was lucky
      if you got that. By half time it had all but wore off so they pumped you
      full of Laudanum. None of this Gatorade or any of that shite.
      Goal celebrations. Don't talk to me about goal celebrations.
      Crawling on the floor and thrusting their hips at the crowd. Huh, I'd have
      Liked to have seen Wullie Johnston do that after a run down the left flank and crossing for Colin Steinto fire home a winner. Handshakes, that was all you got. That and a wank in the showers afterwards. But it was a proper wank....all man stuff. None of these poofy wanks between blokes that you get nowadays with players like Henrik Larsson and Stan Petrov.
      20 grand a fucking week! Ha! I wouldn't pay 'em tuppence. Two
      bob is what willie Woodburn used to get....a month! And Ralph Brand still
      worked as a plumber four days a week when he was playing. Its Players had to work them days just to make up their money.
      Not like today. George Young had to clean sewers and doubled up as the Ibrox shithouse cleaner. He had to go off during one game because a big shite blocked the "U" bend in the main stand.
      So I say we start calling kids real male names again. If you're
      having a wean don't even consider a poofy name like what people call their
      Weans these days. Otherwise, what are we gonna get in twenty years time eh?
      get the poofs out of the game once and for all!"

    2. I'm a Tim. There is not a man in Scotland right now in Jock Wallace's image

    3. Slinky McPervert's Glove14 April 2015 at 22:27

      Aye well I for one wouldn't turn my back on you Slinky, going on about names but what about you Velvet the Pervert?

    4. Aye and slinky mcvelvet is a right manly name ya poof

    5. Mans man me.

      If it's no' fitba, drinking or riding yer talking about then yez can aw fuck off away fae moi. 😎

    6. Slinky, that's the finest piece of writing this website has had the privilege to post, all articles included. Bobby puller and mcperverts glove, I can only conclude the pair of you have poofs names, otherwise why would you get so bent out of shape over what is obviously meant to be tongue in cheek humour.
      Slinky take a bow mate, fucking brilliant

  5. McCall is a temporary appointment. Never what we need! Get real and stop settling for mediocrity and anyone who just happens to be available. Next appointment is vital to our future prosperity and development.

    1. Homeless 32Red Addict14 April 2015 at 22:10

      With respect nameless one, its you who needs to get real. We'll have to take what we can afford - not Barry F or Gazza obviously but no superstar either. That's the realiy and we need money for a lot of other things not least the stadium.

    2. With slightly less respect strange nameless one. There are a number of ambitious young coaches/managers who would not cost the earth. Taking our time to find one will be vital. We must try to recruit, develop and sell young talent to return us to a sound financial footing. Murray Park (please rename) is a vital resource that is currently, massively under utilised.

  6. He accepted the deal. End of season we decide. Let's imagine we don't finish second and lose in first playoff. Not, sadly, an impossible scenario. Do you really think the fans would be happy. Maybe. But we can wait.

  7. The rest answered your article, its stupid to dive in now, not saying he cannot do the job, but eh
    what the fuck have the wankers been playing at all season, new along McCoist was never up for the job, but to loose all those points behind Hearts just UNREAL

    1. Just don't see us making it and will be much harder next season when we lose Murray Park. Motherwell will regenerate and QOS and Falkirk will be even tougher. And you are right 100% McCoist has been the number one arsehole in our long history. He should never be allowed anywhere near Ibrox or wherever else we end up.

  8. Wharton of the Reform14 April 2015 at 22:01

    When will we ever learn? Wide eyed boy King aided by Puffer Gough, gets us to stuff the club then walks in, buys it for peanuts and asks us yet again to put the money in to get it going again. Loyalty is fine but being played for fools over and over is not on. Go ahead all you loyal bears and pay up once again. I'm out. No more.

    1. Timmy of the Kerrydale mare like.

    2. Good, I'm happy to hear that. Now f*ck off and don't come back.

    3. Sure thing sir. Get a fucking life....and a 'handle' instead of anonymous.....stand behind your comments instead of hiding behind them.

  9. Slinky McVelvet? So funny - What a load of fn blks you talk - Go to bed and stop ranting.
    So funny...

  10. It could be that the new board have someone lined up for next season who was with a club at the time of the egm , so appointed Mcall as a temporary stop gap. And to answer your question about player recruitment, it may well be the case that new manager has been consulted about new players.... I found it interesting to see Big Mcleish announcing that he was quitting his Belgian club at the end of the season..... Maybe one to keep an eye on

  11. Oh my! Proposing big eck is surely a wind up!?


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