Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Why Rangers need to appoint McCall right now

With only four matches left until the playoffs, it is clear manager Stuart McCall has made a positive impression on both the team, and the fans.

Unfortunately interim chairman Paul Murray has merely described him as a ‘candidate’ (among others) for the permanent position, and it has come to a stage now where, at this stage of the season, McCall really needs to know categorically whether or not he is next season’s manager, regardless of which division.

The reason is simple; right now, Rangers cannot plan for next season at all on the pitch. It is absolute nonsense to suggest plans must be put on hold due to uncertainty regarding which league the Club will be in.

There is most definitely the core of an existing squad good enough under the right management to win the Championship next year at a canter, and new signings are an absolute must whether promotion is attained or not.

That right management appears to be McCall.

If he is considered a risk (itself preposterous), he can easily be given a one-year deal now for next season so he can plan who to keep and who to bring in.

He has at least earned that right, and it is not the case that promotion is an instant pot of gold Rangers will suddenly be able to afford Ronaldo with – the Ibrox outfit will still be a newly-promoted team with a modest budget, much as they currently are, and only a year or two back in the SPL will allow player budgets (among other things) to increase significantly.

Rangers board cannot dawdle any longer over the management position.

Hire McCall right now so plans can start in earnest.
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