Sunday, 26 April 2015

Were Rangers fans right to boo Lee McCulloch?

Booing at Ibrox is not uncommon from opposing fans, desperately trying to inspire their visiting players to raise their game.

True, Rangers are clearly not the scalp they once were, but it still means something to any team to beat the Famous Glasgow Rangers, particularly less illustrious teams like Alloa and Queen of the South.

However, a rarity occurred yesterday when it was a home player booed by his own supporters, with captain Lee McCulloch the target of ire after two mistakes allowed for two Falkirk goals.

This has spawned raging debate – the right to free speech, to express your view as a paying customer, and, in opposition, the notion that anyone in blue must be supported as one of our own, and that is the very definition of ‘supporter’.

Let us take a look at both these sides and compile the argument as a whole:

Many would say McCulloch has had this coming for some considerable time, and that as ugly as it sounded and looked, the booing was morally justified if inherently embarrassing. The man is on a wage pretty much every fan at Ibrox can only dream of, and he has an immunity clause in his contract guaranteeing a place.

He cannot defend, cannot lead, yet is captain and the main CB at Ibrox. His media soundbites have only served to provoke further criticism, with it being plain for all to see that his career is as good as over yet he quite arrogantly insists he will play on and try to win a new deal, almost as if he believes he has a borderline divine right to play for Rangers in the SPL next season (should we make it).

He is also not the first Rangers player to be booed by his own fans; Amoruso and Boab Malcolm both famously were in the recent past, so this is not unprecedented behaviour.

Add to this all the defensive errors he makes, the fact he contributes almost nothing on the pitch in any capacity yet not once since June 2012 has he been benched in a competitive match. If fit and not suspended, he plays, period. McCoist dropped Weir, Brendan Rodgers even dropped the mighty Gerrard, but no one can drop Lee McCulloch? And there are doubters regarding a clause…

However, let us travel to the other side of the debate; he is, quite simply, as a Rangers player, one of us. Rangers are in a tricky place, with promotion on an absolute knife edge, and regardless of how anyone feels about McCulloch or his circumstances, booing does not help anyone. It will not turn him into Thiago Silva any time soon, and it certainly does not help his own self-esteem.

Lee McCulloch knows he is not at his best any more, and reminding him of that so aggressively is not going to help him in the slightest, nor will it help his team mates. Beyond the ugly nature of it, it is extremely distracting. How can you pass to your team mate when you know he will be booed on receipt?

So it distracts team mates from their own games too.

And the ultimate truth is booing never solved anything; all it did was make the player in question feel terrible, the team feel bad, and the manager angry. It also gives fuel to enemies who will use anything to attack the Club. This was manna from heaven.

So that is both sides; it really is up to you readers to decide which one you prefer, if either.


  1. Some people have very short memories the guy gives his all every week he didn't up and run he stayed to fight for the cause.I would have him by my side rather than some of the pretenders .

    1. Well willie you speak like we have played this season utter push man

    2. He's a cock who's taken millions from us and contributed the square root of heehaw.

      Never a defender in a million years. Struts and Wallace woulda kicked his arse the length of Edmiston Drive.

      Donkey, time's up.

  2. He stayed because he wouldn't have got money like that anywhere else and he is far too slow and make far to many mistakes time for him to go

    1. Plenty others left when they could have stayed and still been on good money

    2. Naismith and Davies couldn't get out fast enough. Both have hinted ithey couldn't stand the "everybody hates us but we don't care", but Naismith was always a sycophantic wee scunner.

    3. Both and Kyle laugherty 'hinted' they would someday like to come back.......the day before both were due in Glasgow to play a Scotland v Northern Ireland game.

      Think we're all fuckin idiots.


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