Monday, 20 April 2015

Wages: Rangers set to save nearly half a million

One of the biggest aspects of the end of Rangers’ season, beyond promotion, that is, is the impending exodus of the ‘Rangers Twelve’.

That is, the dozen+ out-of-contract players who are extremely unlikely to be given new deals, and will inevitably move on to pastures new.

The critical question is how this action will benefit the wage bill, and the news is extremely good for Rangers supporters.

Let us take a blow-by-blow look at how much Rangers will expect to save a month with the likes of Lee McCulloch, Ian Black and Jon Daly heading out of Govan.

Lee McCulloch. This is the big one. As brought you some weeks ago, it has emerged he is the highest-paid individual at Ibrox, outwith ex-manager Ally McCoist. McCulloch is on around £72,000 a month, £18,000 a week.

Ian Black. Another large wage as broken here weeks ago, Black benefitted from an appearance clause last December and is now on £40,000 a month, £10,000 a week.

Jon Daly. He made the move from Dundee Utd to Rangers, and his wage is roughly around £20,000 a month, £5,000 a week.

Kenny Miller. Coming from the MLS, the SPL, the English Championship, and the EPL Miller’s experience is impressive and for League 1 Rangers to snatch him set the Club back a reputed £26,000 a month, £6,500 a week.

Kris Boyd. Also making the step down to the Championship, Boyd’s wage is said to be the same as Miller’s; £26,000 a month, £6,500 a week.

Bilel Mohsni. He came from the upper mid-range of English football (Southend, Ipswich), and his Ibrox wage is said to be around £36,000 a month, £9,000 a week.

Steven Smith. In a similar boat to Boyd and Miller, he was reported as being on the same as McCulloch currently is (£72K), at his former side MLS outfit Portland Timbers. But that is no longer the case at around £26,000 a month, £6,500 a week.

Kyle Hutton. His wage is slightly more modest compared to his peers, at no higher than £20,000 a month, £5,000 a week.

Richard Foster. Again, similar to Miller, Boyd & Smith. Roughly £26,000 a month, £6,500 a week.

Steve Simonsen. Despite being a deputy and no longer first-pick since Bell’s return, Simonsen is reported to have commanded around £40,000 a month, £10,000 a week to join Rangers.

Sebastien Faure. Former Lyon youth player Faure is out of the picture under McCall, and was a low-cost signature in 2012. Basic wage around £16,000 a month, £4,000 a week.

Lee Robinson. Another low-cost wage, the third-choice (or second, depending on McCall's mood) is around £20,000 a month, £5,000 a week.

So with these players set to depart over the next two months, Rangers stand to save:

£83,000 Per Week

£332,000 Per Month

Obviously these figures are not completely backed up by documentary proof, given no one other than the player, his agent, and the CEO knows exactly what clauses and wages go out. But sources do manage to get information from those they work with, and that is how salaries often leak out. These figures also exclude win bonuses and appearance clauses, unless otherwise stated, so the actual number is likely considerably higher.

Optimistically add the severing of McCoist’s ongoing salary for Gardening Leave and that basic monthly figure leaps to around £400,000.

Either way, it is a clear fact the wage bill is far too high and that near-half million a month would be better used in other ways.


  1. If they get us to the top flight this season, then as a whole,, its money well spent. If you cast your minds back, we didnt have a team and we had a 12 month embargo on buying other player. No top stars wanted to play for Rangers in the lowest league in Scotland, therefore we had to pay over the odds for mediocre players that were going to be good enough to get us through the first 2 seasons. The biggest error of judgement was keeping McCoist and McDowall, but again,, who else was there at that time. We struggled as the SFA and the rest of the rebels and ruffians, wanted Rangers blood,,they kicked and slagged us off. The first year was a nightmare for us,,second year was just as bad. Now with a new board and manager,,there is a little chink of light at the end of the tunnel,,, lest we forget those who tried to kill our club off. 11 votes, one abstaination from the SPL clubs condemned us to the lower leagues,, I shall be boycotting all away games if we go up,, as for the players out of contract,, your greedy gravy train has come to an end, lets see if any other club would give you a quarter of the wage, bloody parasites. Couldnt even win the first division,, disgraceful.

  2. Call it £5m a year. For half that amount they can get 10 better players.

  3. We will need to being in four or five quality players to link with the quality young players that we have so I don't see the wage bill being reduced that much. The minimum quality we should be looking at is players of the same or better standard as Vuckic and that will cost us £10,000 a week. We must do all we can to hold on to him and we need a quality centre half a quality holding midfield player and a winger that knows how to cross the ball!

  4. Yeh we have not been getting much value for the money

  5. Only the very best of our players should be getting £10k per week. Mature, proven, experienced internationals. I am thinking Wallace and that's it.
    Next grade down would be the likes of Law, if he stays and continues as he has since McCall arrived. Senior Pros who can bring the kids on. They should get £6-8k per week. Bring in another 2-5 of them, to replace the deadwood heading out the door. Would Danny Wilson want one of the slots? Is he good enough? That's for McCall to decide. I think he will have plenty of offers and I think he can pick wisely.
    Then you have the kids on £2k per week, rising as they deliver. They sign contracts, improve, then get sold on for a couple or so million if they prove themselves.
    Add in some astute buys from across Europe and the best of Scottish youth who will come to see Ibrox as a place they can develop and play. That will take us back up where we belong.
    Rose tinted? Simplistic? Perhaps, but it is the execution that is difficult, not the vision.

  6. That would be great news ,the players mentioned get rid of we should be able to get half decent players from out of contracts ,half the price

  7. And the most interesting or maybe the most disturbing part is that the squad will probably be stronger without the lot of them.

  8. Are you absolutely sure Lee McCulloch gets paid that amount in Pounds and that its not 72,000 pence ? even if its pence its way to much !!! little wonder the clubs on its knees

  9. That's good in the long term. What about this month? Time for DCK to ante up. The Three Bears paid the bills last month.

  10. When we're back up to the top league hopefully we can keep vuckic but I doubt it. A decent striker someone to get 25 goals a season a central defender like the other guy said someone who can cross a ball. With a bit of luck some of the younger generation can save us money. Like at right back hopefully Walsh and hardie and Murdoch can kick on and carry-on playing the boys out on loan maybe save us more money. And I can't believe who must be the worst keeper we've had in my lifetime and I'm 30 was getting 10 grand a week. That is unbelievable black also but can you actually blame them for taking it anyone else would

  11. A lot of these wage figures seem over the top to me. I doubt if many of them are accurate.

  12. There is absolutely no chance that Mohsni is on 9k a week and Simonsen on 10k a week. Nonsense.

    1. Whether or not the figs are right, the players hopefully leaving are, or are they? Assume we are promoted, assume our manager stays, we will need to pay more money, why because of the slush fund that England will become due to Sky money, not sure where we go unless Mr K stumps up and I have my doubts *J

  13. All those figures are total guesswork - end of!!

  14. as a rangers fan id say boyd yes 6k a wk. millar 6k awk daly was with dundee unwas probs on 2 k awk join rangers think would be at least double 4 or 5 k a wk moshni i;d geuss 4 k a wk .simmison probs 5k awk Faure probs 4 k a wk foster 4k awk black . 4 or 45 k a wk. McCulloch. was on 20'k be4 we went burst. i;d guess he was on 12 or 14k a wk simth and robinson probs only 3 or 4 k a wk

  15. Salaries quoted are mostly wide of the mark. However, there is no doubt they are very high for the level they play at and have not been " value for money". In the main though, that's what was offered and , be honest here, a player is not going to say NO! The last three and a half years have been a mess right across the club. Wonder how much those young men who have contributed to our " mini" revival are on?

  16. The club needs a wage structure that won't be broken,we could set a precedent not only in Scotland but all over.wages must account for a large chunk of the clubs revenue.
    put simply players get paid too much & it's
    not sustainable, the bubble will burst sooner or later.

  17. What you say is factual and would work until a few months ago, Scottish football and all the clubs will suffer because of the Sky deal down south J

  18. We currantly have a team that wouldnt last two minutes in the premier league. religation a certainty. unless we spend some of the money dave king is bringing on some quality players well struggle and If were honist we all know that


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