Monday, 27 April 2015

Three Championship clubs in for Nicky Law

Rangers midfielder-cum defender-cum auxiliary forward Nicky Law is a summer target for Birmingham, Reading and Brighton.

The former Bradford and Motherwell playmaker has had an indifferent time at Ibrox, with criticisms of his contribution to matches punctuating his time in Govan, but has improved his performances under new manager Stuart McCall.

His recent displays have alerted the likes of Birmingham who are actively keeping tabs on his availability.

The English forward’s pricetag is said to be £500,000 and this would prove absolutely no problem for the ilk of Championship giants who are currently courting him.

None of the sides currently linked to Law are promotion contenders, and he may wish to wait for a more illustrious side to make a move, but the only other sides to have been publicly named in the past are Leeds and Huddersfield.

If Rangers manage promotion, chances are Law will remain at Ibrox, especially if Stuart McCall remains boss (due to their past experiences together at Bradford and Motherwell) but failure to do so would see the likes of Reading making their move for sure and Law likely taking them up on their offer.


  1. Serious question how do you know this?

  2. Stewart, Justin Barnes doesn't know anything about this stuff so it can't be important.

  3. There's a player in him. There's also a hiding bastard in there too. Part of a sorry lot who have shamed the light blue.

    A million and he's offski.

    Ta ta Nicky, get a player in without a poofy name to replace him. Archie, Ernie, Jimmy, jock.... A tough man with a fuckin tough mentality instead of a rent a quote squeaky voiced's men, that's what we need in the middle of the park. One who's happy with either a ball playing game or a fucking kicking competition. Every midfield needs one of them.

    bremner, souness et all..... Can play and won't poof out when needed. Presence, ability and a fight till I die spirit. Not seen that at Gers for far too long. 'Nicky fucking nicey nicey, if it gets rough I'll be fucking hiding'

    'Jimmy fucking nasty nasty' I won't be over run no matter what or by whom is what we need. Put that Liberty taking 'Scotty the Mongolised who you looking at I'm a plastic Hardman' in his place.

    Tough lads with ability, that's what we need in the middle. No good one without the other.

  4. I'm no Jose fuckin Mourinho but I know a fitba player.

    Centre halves that can heeder a baw, read the game and be quick across the grass.....

    Full backs that can first and foremost defend, not just bomb up and down the flank, but cannae defend and puts in a good cross a Baw 5 oota 10 times....that's just pish...

    A hard bastard (maybe just the wan, 2 at the most) who can play AND be capable of putting the boot their discretion and as required.

    Wide midfielders who can beat a man on the inside or ootside with either foot. Fit, hard working and with an eye for a pass and the ability to ghost in at the back stick with s goal or 10 each season. Dead ball experts preferred. (1 of the 2 at least)

    Strikers - 1 out and out No9, big, strong, quick and no' feart to stick the jaggy bunnet in where it matters.

    2nd striker, as above if possible, but mibbies not quite as big, more craft and able to drop back into midfield and link middle to front. A no10 if needs must away from home in Europe.

    Got to have a spine of hardy punters....dig deep, take no shite from anyone in the team and drag team mates through games when needed....moany bastards welcome to apply. Being able and willing to throw the odd right jab in the dressing room to slackers at half time/ full time or even through the week particularly desirable.

    The time for fucking about is over, only the strong and suitable candidates above need apply.

    ......and the manager....he who can handle all of the above (mentally & physically) knows the game, can throw out a line or 2 to the press and keep the tims on edge. That's the guy for me. Harsh but fair a distinct advantage.

  5. I've heard Justin Barnes says Paul Murray must step down, and the board have to issue an apology for firing Llasmbias and Leach. .I just don't believe this type of shit propaganda put out by piggery.


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