Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Shane Ferguson farce

Rangers this week confirmed the latest stage of the bizarre “Newcastle Five” saga, by announcing Newcastle and Northern Ireland international Shane Ferguson, part of that aforementioned quintet, had made his long-awaited journey north from St James’ to Ibrox and is now training at Murray Park.

With McCall’s comments a few weeks ago suggesting in near-certain terms that Ferguson and his three colleagues (Streete, Mbabu & Bigirimana) would not be playing for Rangers this season, Ferguson’s arrival adds another caveat to what is already becoming one of modern football’s most surreal stories.

As brought to you earlier, it is pretty clear the entire loan deal was a farce, a way to get these players fit for free by using Murray Park’s world class facilities, before receiving them back in Tyneside fully-fit and ready to sell.

The fact then-CEO Llambias ensured they would not receive medicals merely serves to prove further the veracity of claims in conjunction with it being a scam.

However, Ferguson’s journey north muddies the waters a little.

On one hand his present manager has stated he may have a role to play in the playoffs, when he is match fit:

"He's a wee bit away from match fitness and won't be ready to play in the next week or two because he's been out too long. But he is mentally in the right place, as in he is here to help, and he could be a welcome addition for the back end of the season."

But on the other the fact he is probably not going to be fit for quite feasibly up to 6 weeks or beyond (it took goalkeeper Cammy Bell a month to actually play once he returned to training, a winger like Ferguson will take longer) further verifies that he, like the other three, is basically using Murray Park’s facilities to get fit.

This is not an attack on the player, or any of them, but on the scam deal perpetrated by Ashley, Llambias & Leach – one which rubbed arsenic and lemon juice never mind salt in the wound when they installed that scandalous £500,000 bonus payment should Rangers get promoted.

Rangers end up with four crocks, get them fit, get promoted, then they go back and make Ashley profit in a multitude of ways.

Shane Ferguson is extremely unlikely to play any meaningful football for Rangers.

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