Thursday, 2 April 2015

Steven Simonsen's brass neck

With the news that the SFA failed in their bid to get Steve Simonsen’s ban increased beyond two matches, the English stopper has expressed disgust at their intentions, and condemned the original ban as effectively ‘ruining’ his Rangers career.

Problem here, Steve, is you did not regain your place after that initial suspension because third-choice Lee Robinson was a hell of a lot better than you, hence then-management confirming he was to remain first choice, until Bell returned.

Your astounding arrogance in making some vague assumption that you had first-refusal on the number 1 jersey is beyond staggering, and sums up the kind of complacency with selection Rangers have suffered until recently.

Cammy Bell is number 1 at Ibrox, not you, and for you to whine about loss of earnings and loss of place strongly infers you believe you have a divine right to start.

Speaking on his behalf, PFA spokesman Fraser Wishart had the following to say on the subject:

"The one game suspension that he did serve meant he lost his place in the Rangers first team at that point and he hasn't been able to get it back since.

"So, it has an effect on him in terms of appearance money, and also perhaps even his ability to get a new contract at the club.”

Steven Simonsen’s own inferiority to both Lee Robinson then Cammy Bell is why he lost his place, not an SFA ban. And for a multimillionaire footballer to complain about losing appearance money he is not even entitled to sums up the woeful attitude of too many players at Ibrox.

He himself has the following to espouse:

“I have lost my place in the Rangers team and, in the last couple of weeks, my place in the squad all together. I’m out of contract at the end of the season and I absolutely fear for my Rangers career now. I’m not even involved in the matchday squad and I also worry my good reputation built up over 20 years in football has been tarnished.”

‘Simmo’ is out of contract this summer, and there is a snowball in Hell’s chance he will be renewed.

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