Thursday, 30 April 2015

"SPFL are wrong to demand playoff charge" - Stuart McCall

Rangers’ manager Stuart McCall has backed Rangers’ (and Motherwell and Hibernian) stance on briefs for the playoffs, highlighting that the SPFL are wrong to request clubs charge for entry.

Rangers’ boss has supported existing season ticket holders being admitted for free, and describes the tickets for the playoffs as surely ‘falling under the league umbrella’ of rightful entry for ST holders.

He reasoned the following:

“All we want and all the supporters want and the players want is a full house and I think when you pay for a season ticket you know you’re going to have to pay for cup games.”

But regarding playoffs he considers them a completely different rule:

“I think the playoffs should be coming under the league umbrella and season ticket holders should be allowed in for nothing, definitely.”

And of course he is absolutely correct, as are Hibs (who succeeded in not charging ST holders for last season’s playoffs without SPFL punishment) and Motherwell, and Rangers with their recent statement ‘waging war’ on the SPFL’s intent to force these clubs to charge ST holders.

Queen of the South, curiously, disagree with all of the above, and that is a disappointing stance for them to take and it is unlikely their supporters condone their position.
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