Thursday, 23 April 2015

Sandy Easdale: "I'm not suing Rangers"

Former Ltd board chairman Sandy Easdale has confirmed he will not be taking legal action against Rangers, but against Dave King and Paul Murray individually.

Speaking about the initial breaking story some weeks ago which led fans to believe Easdale was suing Rangers as a company/Club, the McGill’s tycoon has clarified that is not to be the case.

Describing the action he intends to take, Easdale offered this:

"That would be against individuals who misled the shareholders as we would see it.”

Easdale believes Murray and King deliberately set about having the Club delisted, and did not carry enough or indeed any due diligence regarding replacing the outgoing nomad WH Ireland.

He went on:

"We have no appetite for taking legal action against Rangers as a club.”

Fans outraged by the initial announcement of legal action can rest a little easier – Easdale will not be filing any suit against the holding company.


  1. Truly disappointing, but encouraging at the same time.

  2. Nothing story and it just provides categoric evidence of what most have believed all along...... Easdale has more money than sense.

    He has little to no evidence to which level of due diligence King & co completed prior to takeover regards appointing a Nomad. By nature, the inner goings on of the club were hidden at best and shambolic at worst pre- King. What is widely known is that several hurried re-issues of statements to AIM were required, the reported credentials of the previous board were allegedly inaccurate and the financial state / governance of the club could be described as appalling.

    Only on takeover would the fears and supposition be confirmed and at this stage the Nomad engaged by King decided......nah, no thanks, don't phone me Dave I'll phone you.

    Keep throwing your money about Mr Easdale. There's never a shortage of Lawyers willing to take it from you. You know what they say about a fool and his money.....

  3. I see MA has now offered us Justin Barnes who is by far the biggest superstar to hit the scene since Martin Bain and I fear that not even Gazza would have been a match for him even in his heyday. It’s a dégâts now moment for the club and fans alike like in the Botham days albeit that the guy was bipolar, What an all rounder to have in your team. WATP. Have to say though one or two problems with the stadium.


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