Thursday, 23 April 2015

Rangers remain interested in defender

As broken on the 3rd of April, Rangers took two trialists on board for a spell at Murray Park. Former Hamburger youth winger Josef Shirdel, and Montenegrin defender Milos Milovic (second from the right, above).

It is unclear if young Shirdel’s time at Murray Park continues, raising doubts as to whether he impressed, but indications are that former Mogren Budva wing-back Milovic (19) remains on the Club’s radar, having been confirmed as still being on trial as recently as 9 days ago.

Right back is most certainly a problem position, with the perennially-injured Richard Foster and Sebastien Faure the only two players allotted to that slot, and both are out of contract with only a 30% chance either will be rewarded with a new deal this summer.

The window for signing free agents passed prior to the start of both Shirdel and Milovic’s trial (March 31) so even if manager Stuart McCall is impressed enough to wish to sign either of them on, he cannot.

He said on the third:

"They are in Britain right now, so it's a chance for us to take a look at them and, if they do well, the club might take it forward later in the summer."

It appears Shirdel may not have done enough to impress, while Milovic would fill in a problem area.

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