Saturday, 25 April 2015

Rangers kit; boycott or no boycott?

As broken here earlier this month, Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct hijacked the launch of Rangers’ 2015/2016 kit by making it available for pre-order before the Club had had any chance to promote or tease its impending arrival.

Caught so cold by Ashley’s ruthless move were the Club that a half-baked job of putting it on the site at the last minute caused the pre-order links to only direct to 2014/2015’s kit, mainly because the Rangers megastore was not even ready for pre-orders.

The controversy surrounding this kit has been vast, not just the above example; the issue is one of boycotting or not.

The problem is thus; thanks to the clauses and conditions in the contract underwriting the loans from Sports Direct, the Newcastle Owner has direct control and ownership of the majority of Rangers Retail.

He demanded that in exchange for the working capital, and now effectively directs Rangers’ entire merchandising sector, and profits from its income.

Hence fans are torn between boycotting the shirt, to stop funds going into Mike’s back pocket, and buying it, supporting their Club.

Unfortunately, it is a rather moot conflict of interest, as part of the deal with Sports Direct guarantees Ashley payment regardless of how many actually sell.

In other words, if fans do not pay for the shirts, the Club does.

End game; Ashley is guaranteed to profit, and boycotting is completely pointless.

This is not my condemning the motives of those who choose to boycott the shirt; it is entirely rational that they do not want to support the company whose owner holds Rangers to ransom.

But the problem is boycotting the shirt makes no difference.

Until Rangers’ board pays off the £5M loan, voiding the contract, Ashley has the Club by the short and curlies and it does not matter who pays for the shirts; someone does.

So Rangers fans find themselves in an impossible dilemma;

Boycott the shirt but potentially put the Club in trouble with having to pay Ashley off, or buy the shirt and know every penny ultimately ends up in his pocket anyway.

This is truly ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


  1. Fully agree and in common with most other shareholders, I am outraged that we have been seriously misled by the wretched MLK. This initiative will prompt a class action suit on behalf of the wider shareholder base and action by the Exchange will also follow. This will make it impossible for the SFA to find them FAPPs. Outlook bleak especially now Justin Barnes is on the case. I also believe MLK has personally asked the Sons of Struth to stir up another boycott but does anyone think he’s acting in the bwest interests of the Club?

  2. Who’s the odd man out? René (Allo Allo), Fish Supper, Dave King?

  3. Fitba tops are for weans and fitba players.

    Fat blokes look pathetic and only usurped by skanky birds wearing the kit.

    If yer weans want a top then don't deprive them the pleasure of youth in a Gers top 'cos some fat Londoner/Geordie will make a few quid.

    If your a adult / middle aged fattie or skanky bitch........ Dream on and get some self respect. Haha


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