Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Interest in Nicky Law: it depends on McCall

Speculation has mounted in the past two days concerning Nicky Law. As brought you in January, the Englishman has become a target for a number of English clubs, and that interest has resurfaced with recent reports citing as many as 10 teams interested in him.

Given the fact his form was far from impressive prior to January, the fact that at least three or four clubs were most certainly keeping tabs on him at that point only supports a glut of others joining them in lieu of his recent free-scoring form and renaissance under Stuart McCall.

Before McCall took over, most fans could not have driven the former Motherwell man out of Ibrox quick enough, but post his appointment, a new Nicky Law has emerged, with a titanic display against Hearts and the recent brace against Raith.

This is the Law we expected, and McCall is slowly, but surely, bringing it out of him.

This is why McCall’s future and Law’s, are inextricably linked. His former Bradford and ‘Well gaffer is the best manager to make him tick, and if Rangers were to be promoted with McCall confirmed as next season’s boss, Law would surely have no interest in leaving SPL Rangers managed by his favourite mentor.

I am far from advocating Law as the best player in the team, although on his day he is indeed very impressive, but under McCall he is an increasingly important piece of the jigsaw and if Rangers have aspirations of keeping him, and fending off the wolves, appointing McCall is key.

Maybe Rangers fans do not see Law as an important enough part of the puzzle to warrant concern over his departure, and would be quite happy with the reported pricetag of £500,000 for his signature, but it is nevertheless the case that he canvassed for McCall as manager, and is far more likely to stay if McCall does.

Whether fans want either, or both, is a matter of debate.

As for what McCall himself makes of the recent speculation:

“All you need is an agent to know one person at a newspaper to put a story on the back page. One newspaper has run that 10 clubs (are interested in Law for) £500,000. I think you take that with a pinch of salt. He’s capable, left foot, right foot, technically, he’s very good. If he’s playing at the top of his game, he can play at the highest level. But he’s not only a good player, he’s got a good agent.”

That final sentence is more than cynical, and implies the interest is completely manufactured. Well, he knows it is not, and is desperately trying to dismiss the story as a complete nonsense to avoid a bidding war. It is as clear a ‘not for sale’ comment as you will see, which clearly shows what McCall feels about losing Law.

Whether fans agree is another matter.

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