Thursday, 2 April 2015

Boyd to become Kilmarnock coach

Interim Kilmarnock manager Gary Locke is in talks to bring Rangers striker Kris Boyd back to Rugby Park, but as a coach rather than player.

Boyd, who has spent the majority of his career at Ibrox and Rugby Park, returned to Ibrox with much fanfare last year, but has sadly failed to make the mark in Govan unlike his first spell.

On the other hand he was exceptional for Killie last term, with a colossal 25 goals in the SPL, but it has not transferred to this campaign.

He has conceded he has been a ‘failure’ and truthfully his interviews to the press this season were of a dead man walking, angling for a move out.

“For the other 20 games of the season they’ve not really done anything, but that’s not me. Whether it’s a Scottish Cup Final, a league decider, a team at the bottom of the Championship or in League Two, I look to score as many goals as I can.

“Coming here, the big thing for me was to target that 20-plus figure that a Rangers striker should have with the chances you get.

“If you don’t then I think you’ve failed. And, at this moment, as a Rangers striker this time around, it’s safe to say I’ve failed.”

His confidence has been sadly absent, with an uncharacteristic Boyd out there, and while he has scored 10 goals, most have been cup strikes, with only three in the league.

Locke is understood to be close to becoming the permanent manager in Ayrshire, with discussions ongoing and is keen on Boyd alongside him as assistant.


  1. If the team had provided him with the chances then he would have scored 20+ goals this season at Rangers...Ally Mccoist has a lot to answer for..

  2. In all fairness to the team, Boyd has missed an awful lot of easy chances this season.

  3. I think both are true... I've seen Boyd squander many chances but that's not to say his teammates have been laying them on a plate for him game after game. In fairness to Boyd, he is one of the few senior players in that dressing room that has owned up to his shortcomings... Its evident he learnt those standards first time around at Ibrox because Ally and Kenny managed to return them to early 1980s levels..

  4. Boyd has never been a worker, I guess he has chucked as hes let his fitness more than an average player when fit....Hence why Walter never played him on big occasions....might be wrong but think his record is just one goal against Celtic, which was a meaningless game after they had already won the league....overpaid and overrated

  5. I thought he would be worth a spot in the team now we're creating chances.

    Diego Costa wouldn't have made a blind bit of difference in that Gers team of the past 6 months.

    Good luck to him if he does go. He came he tried it didn't work out, thanks Kris.....don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way oot.

    1. slinky you don't sound like a true blue, kris was not the worst offender ,his game was affected like the rest of the team and ally mccoist and all the staff everyone struggled
      please be a bit more considerate in your negative comments or better still keep them to yourself,and stop posting your pish.

  6. Good riddance to fat rubbish I say.This stuff about not getting chances is a smokescreen , for a guy who didn`t bother to get himself fit after his ankle op in the summer.He wasted plenty of chances that you would expect a finisher like him to bury easily .The header in injury time in the cup tie against Raith when Murdoch put the ball on his head and he headed past from 6 yds for example.How many goals did he have disallowed for offside because he has to give himself a yard on the defence because he is too slow.Assistant manager at Burger King would be a better use for his talents these days.


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