Why Lee McCulloch always plays


Information has recently come to
light which may shed new insight as to why Lee McCulloch appears completely
untouchable in selection.
After yet another horrendous
performance from the captain (not to mention the team) on new manager Stuart
McCall’s maiden bow at Ibrox today, fans are left wondering why McCulloch
continues to play despite showing absolutely zero merit when doing so.

The information refers to the
original contracts TUPE’d over when Rangers’ oldco was placed in administration
and Charles Green’s Sevco consortium purchased the assets and rights to Rangers
for £5.5M in 2012.
A number of players’ deals were
of course transferred over, including McCulloch, and to protect Rangers Charles
Green is said to have insisted that these players, McCulloch in particular,
gained a contract clause which made them immune to dropping.
The idea, to the players’ side,
was the best/existing players would never lose their place, a type of reward
for transferring their deal on faith to the newco. Not all of these players
gained this deal – Andy Little, Ross Perry, the youth players et al did not
feature in every game, even when fit.
But Neil Alexander, Lee McCulloch
and Lee Wallace did. And when fit, all three of these players at various stages
in the past three years have been selected.
The further claim on the company’s
side is that Margarita and Blue Pitch had/have a stake in these contracts and a
percentage of the fees for appearance clauses went/goes to them. Hence they insisted
on Green forcing these clauses because, naturally, they wanted their cut.
The notion is the current board
holds no court with the validity of said deals, but that it will take a little
paperwork and adjustment before McCall is free to drop McCulloch. That may
occur before Tuesday.
I have no solid evidence beyond
my source, a body close to Ibrox, but the explanation does appear quite a
reasonable one.
Make of it what you will.


  1. Yes, but what's the problem? McCulloch is offering to drop right down to 14 or 15 thousand a week for a new 3 year deal.

  2. 14/15K for a 36 year old player…..no thanks. great service he has given but youth + that money can be used better

  3. Charles Green was the friendliest owner we ever had. Alistair and him supported each other through thick and thin and that should be good enough for all of us.Please stop all the mumpin.

    • Try to concentrate on you own side/sites. Believe me we do not have to improve that much!
      You might also improve your existence by chatting to a medical practitioner or a close family member about this type of deviant behaviour. Once you have come to terms with the bitterness you will have an opportunity to return to normality.

  4. "…refers to the original contracts TUPE’d over when Rangers’ oldco was placed in administration…"

    You mean when Rangers were liquidated?

  5. "The further claim on the company’s side is that Margarita and Blue Pitch had/have a stake in these contracts and a percentage of the fees for appearance clauses went/goes to them. Hence they insisted on Green forcing these clauses because, naturally, they wanted their cut."

    Wasn't that absolutely banned by FIFA, following the Carlos Tevez 'fiasco' ?
    I may be wrong, of course – I frequently am

    • Please stick to fact.Rangers were bought our of administration prior to the liquidation of the parent company, an event which occurs hundreds of times each year to subsidiaries which as a result have a continuous existence. Your ignorance of company law explains why you should support Pacific Shelf!

    • I am a retired (at 51) lawyer living very comfortably in Switzerland in a villa overlooking Lake Geneva. The CVA failed, so Rangers have not yet come out of administration – they will do this when liquidation is complete but they are already well on their way to atomisation. Celtic were never in administration. McCann paid off all creditors and they survived intact which you, our beloved departed brethern didn't because you stiffed many businesses and Her Majesty for millions. Rest in Peace (that's Irish for Requiescat in Pace). You have no knowledge of the law, and are probably quite poor. Sorry (Me paenitet).

    • Preaching to us about tax avoidance whilst living in one of the worlds many tax havens, oh the irony. What you say is true but the "club" is still here and will never die.

    • Zippy I apologise unreservedly and beg your forgiveness. I come from a family of six and my father was a joiner. I've been very lucky in life and I just reacted to the nonsense of the Pacific Shelf contributor. I should not have done any of that show off stuff. I may do one last input here but will leave the blog for good soon.Sorry.

  6. If we remember correctly,, Charles Green wanted Ally McCoist sacked years ago,,then fans backed Ally,,,, Who's laughing now?!, As for McCulloch, good piece of business there Lee, guaranteed a game, 17k a week, and a good laugh at the Rangers Supporters,, well done son, you must be proud of yourself! Stuart McCall, again, well done mate,, 4 months of watching Rangers playing whilst working with BT Sports,, you criticised the team to pieces, saying they should change the team about,,and what did you do,, play the same team and used the same tactics as McCoist and McDowall,, then you come out in the media and say the defence needs fixing,,well,, its Mr SherlockHolmes himself,,, 1-1 and didnt know how to change the tactics to win the game,,no excuses,, this Rangers jobs for the boys needs to stop!!! its killing the team and our institution. You might want to go back in time, Mr King, I want to look to the future and modernise our team,, bloody nostalgic clap trap, get a bloody grip, start kicking arses and get those players earning their corn!!!

    • Fully agree, McDowell should definitely have been give a chance but we should now throw our hats in the fire for our prodigal son,

  7. I'm sorry but your sources theory is rubbish. Why would Blue Pitch and Margarita prefer to accept what would be pennies for appearance fees and at the same time greatly jeopordise our chance of promotion when the value of their shares would increase significantly if Rangers were strong and successfull. It just doesn't make any sense.

    In a team that badly lacks leadership McCulloch is the closest we have to a leader. And what are the options, Mohsni is a disaster waiting to happen and Zaliukas is not convincing at all. McCulloch is obviously not good enough but you could say that about 8 or 9 of the players that start most weeks. Conspiracy theories are not needed we just have a very poor squad.

  8. If this is the reason he always plays then why do they have to play him centre half, surely that is not part of the deal, all I can say is thank fuck his contract is up end of season, he is the only Rangers captain I know that does fuck all interviews wonder why it can't be he doesn't have much to say because he had plenty to say to Kris commons coming off the park after we had been humped

  9. what a loada pish.stuart will get rid.what manager in there right mind would put up wi that. allys off remember.mccall will sort it oot

  10. total pish.mccall wont pick him to line someones pockets.last regime felt a bit of loyalty coz he stayed.end of.he deserves a dignified end to his gers career.save the hatred for the fucks who bolted for more bread and the clubs enemies.hes played shite for 18mth or so but to constantly blame him for this shite we r watchin is a bit much.no a fan of lees but he deserves a wee bit more respect than this from his own.

  11. When the onerous contracts are eventually exposed in full, in the interests of honesty, integrity and accountability how on earth is the support going to react when they find out that £278,000 per month for rental of the stadihm is being paid by direct debit to Ticketus?

  12. Don't know don't care. All sounds far fetched.

    Jig's not good enough and shouldn't be at the club. Same goes for everyone else. Bullet them all except maybe McGregor and a few of the better young lads (not Aird, he's pish)

  13. I am a true blue loyal. Was taken to my first game in 1952 at five years old. I look at things as they are, not what I'd wish them to be and I never sang "Only Make Believe". To Scotswhahae and the others in denial, just think of this: Its the fact that we were conned by Green into believing that we were reincarnated that has caused us all the grief we have been through since the fatefuzl day in 2012. Get it straight, the CVA failed and we are currently going through iquidisation. We should have started modestly, groundsharing and working to a budget we could have afforded. Our loyal support would have stayed with us. Now its too late and I've no idea how or when we are ever going to get out of this. Sorry as anyone could be to admit this but that's the facts and anything else is make believe.

    • You sound like Calvin who blogged on the Scotsman at the time. You also made the point that not one of us said even the smallest "sorry" for all the damage we done to ourselves, the people we stiffed for money and the game in general. Just arragonance WATP.Nothing changes.

    • Aye Calvin (if it is you), its heidstanes like scotswahay whey haud us back. Lot of the people think like you in their heart of hearts but scared to say it.

  14. In regard to last week's resignation and the swiftness of the resolution means Blue Pitch still hold's considerable influence. I would be very surprised if King approves any changes that negatively affects Blue Pitch.

    • Blue Pitch Holdings ownes less than 5% of Rangers and have little or no influence over the club. King alone holds nearly 3 times as many shares so why would he be worried about negatively affecting Blue Pitch. Their only intrest in the club is making money (or minimising losses now). They never had and without a doubt never wanted to have such control as suggested here.

    • I suggest you go on the internet and research about Blue Pitch. There are some Scottish Law sites and other sites that come up with just about the same conclusions at least three years ago. Although nothing has ever been confirmed, countries such as Lebanon and Qatar are commonly mentioned their research.
      Therefore, the swiftness of last week's events (without the eventual findings of a Police Scotland investigation) gives the impression someone holds influence. And one can speculate from what is known on Scottish Law websites its Blue Pitch.

    • Please tell me you are not talking about a "Scottish Law site" or more appropriately a blog written by no less than a man held in high esteem by one Phil MacG, the well known irrational and often offensive hater of everything Rangers. I'm sorry but there is no credibility there.
      There is not one shred of evidence to support this rediculous claim. If you have to believe nonesense or conspiracy theories stick to Nessy, the theory of Atlantis or UFO's, they make much more sense.

    • Like I said there are numerous sites besides his. Infact there is plenty of archived newspaper business (not sports) stories about Blue Pitch. If you look at the time lines, plenty of websites were very interested in Blue Pitch. They come up with a common theme that Blue Pitch is an offshore holding company. And it appears its the type of company FIFA is trying to get rid of at a meeting this coming May.

    • What difference does it make if Blue Pitch is an offshore holding company? They own less than 5% of the club. They have no influence over anything at Rangers.

  15. I know we're not supposed to talk about Chris Graham, but I have a serious point about the aftermath of his mishap. As far as I can see, mohsni is our only non christian. I think we should sign a few more to avoid being targeted by "them". Sorry to bring this up and I know it wouldn't go down well with the BNP. Don't know about Mbabu or Bigirama right enough.

  16. On the NOMAD front, time running on and no sign, meaning our shares could get bombed out of the market. No idea if the Allenby Capital rumour had any foundation but maybe if they saw it was doing the rounds they would have come out by now or denied the rumour? That they have said nothing suggests they were tapped but are probably not going to go ahead, possibly because of Chris.

  17. Could Imran Ahmad be somewhere in this? Maybe if we'd been fairer with his bonus, he would have stayed on the board and then Chris would not have done that and he'd still be on the board as well. You just never know where your decisions will lead, take note Sir David, it was good while it lasted but you sure f????d us up for all time.

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