Tuesday, 31 March 2015

What of Bilel Mohsni?

When Tunisian stopper Bilel Mohsni joined Rangers, he instantly became a cult hero.

For the first three months of his time at Ibrox, his cavalier dribbling into midfield, goals, and aerial prowess drew comparisons with both Amoruso and Cuellar. He did indeed quickly become very popular indeed.

After all, Twitter immediately spawned a @mohsnifacts account, which is an indirect way of lavishing praise on anyone in the spotlight regarded as popular. It started with Chuck Norris, of course, and has covered many heroes, but in Rangers circles saw Romanian captain Dorin Goian gaining the privilege before Mohsni was drafted in.

Unfortunately, after around November of his maiden season at Ibrox, the concentrations levels started to drift, the lazy errors began to creep in, and the goal-costing calamities became his repertoire and Mohsni became a liability rather than an asset.

Some say partnering McCulloch was half the problem, given the Tunisian was having to do the work of two men, but ultimately two massive brain-burps in two recent matches consecutively have cost one goal and nearly another.

It seems unfair to pick on the African, given just how decent a guy he is. He regularly works in charitable circles, never ignores a fan, and is truly as good a bloke in football circles as you will find.

But when it comes to Rangers he has become, as it is known, a ‘bombscare’.

It really is a shame, because he does so much good work in defence, that the isolated examples of errors should not stand out so much. But they do. His manager, Stuart McCall, is more sympathetic to his failings than many fans:

"Yeah because you know something, he did so many good things defensively in the game today - but then he's got the little rick in him. He has got to cut that out of his game, but he knows that. It was a really poor error he made by trying to pass it into an area that wasn't on. He's got to learn. In the first half he was really strong, coming in front of his marker and put some good balls in.”

It is a fair assessment, highlighting the good as well as the bad. But Mohsni’s future at Ibrox is certainly up for debate. At this critical juncture Rangers cannot make 99% good play and lose it all on one calamity in defence, which could cost the promotion the Club craves so much.

Bilel is out of contract this summer, and it is easy to see why, despite his frame and colossal presence, that he has not truly made it in football. He has the attributes and the quality but not the concentration needed to excel at the highest levels.

He is unlikely to make it a third season in a row at Ibrox, and that is a bit of a shame, given what he could have been.


  1. S McC knows there is a player in there ! as to the question of changing his game enough to eradicate the obvious flaw ? , Time will tell . The big fella has pot loads of abillity , and you would think he could have learned the " when in doubt get it out " long before now ? but maybe he sees himself as being better than that ..............that might be his problem .

  2. Moshni's time is up in May ..our fans forget he was a striker / midfield player at Southend and now we expect him to be like majid or amo ...he makes to many mistakes and his distribution is awful ....he tried his,best but he's not good enough for the pressures of rangers,....his level is in league 2 in England or similar ..... Good guy and a,good man ...Thanks for your efforts bilel but it's time you found a new club. ....

  3. The guy's clearly not good enough and never will be. His calamitous error in the last game almost cost us dearly.

  4. Loveable guy but way to much of a liability

  5. He was having a good game until he made his one mistake which resulted in their goal. The unfortunate thing was that although it was a bad mistake, it was highlighted by the team's failure up till then to take more than one of the many chances which had been created. If it had happened when we were 4 or 5 up, as should have been the case, it wouldn't have caused such a stir. That said, we won't be able to afford those kind of mistakes next year, so unless McCall manages to iron out the silly errors from his game in the few remaining fixtures, (maybe a bit of a tall order) then he probably won't be there much longer or will be reduced to a squad player. It's a shame because he does look a decent player a lot of the time.

  6. Maybe he shouldn't be in defence. Play him up front he's scored more goals than Boyd & Daly

  7. There is 11 others that I would boot out before Mohsni,, Have any of you watched him play for Tunisia??,, He is a totally different player,,thats because he works with a football management that knows the game,, He didnt get that with parasites McCoist and McDowall (still getting paid thousands of pounds of Rangers money) I agree if McCall can get his confidence up and play him right,, we could have a solid centre half at least for the rest of the season,, but we really need to rid the team of the dead wood,,and hopefully in time, that will happen,, 2 good results, but still showing that vurnerablility,, really need to roll up the sleeves and get into them,,

  8. Big bombscare definitely has a future at Ibrox the manager will sort out his school boy errors and bring out the player I no is in there wish I could say the same for Boyd black daly mcculloch

  9. The big man has his moments,and centre half is his best position, he loves playing for Rangers as I see it sure he has made mistakes and unfortunatly cost us goals but no more that mistakes by Mcculloch who I think has done as much as he can for Rangers now and seems to have lost his sparkle. Ive read that Mohsni "s hero was big Amo , and although loved by many fans (my self included ) made some big howlers too but the fans didn't bother in the same way that they give the big gentle giant the cold shoulder,Give him time to shake off the mistakes he makes as he is still a bloody good player

  10. Decent but not great. Too much of the Amaruso's and Bougherra's about him. Thinks he's better than he is. Van Dyke over at breeze block boulevard is another in the same mould. Shite when it comes down to the top level.

    Mohsni Got to be replaced when we're in the premier. Bombscare.


  12. I think Mohsni has the skill and purpose,,but he has not got the mentality to cope with Rangers demands. He reacts far too easily to the away fans winding him up, then loses conentration. I feel McCoist and Co have destroyed his confidence as a player, as well as other players and its a shame of they guy. Since McCall has came in, he has improved, but Mohsni is still a time bomb at the back,,and at this stage of the season,,we need a solid back four, especially at the play-offs when aggregates count. I feel for the guy, I have no doubt he tries his best in the jersey,, he just needs to,,, how can i put it,,,,, 'screw the nut' and concentrate on the game and not whats round about him..


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