Walter Smith: “I can’t rule out a return to Ibrox”


Walter Smith today has confirmed
he will not rule out a return to Ibrox in some capacity.
Speaking in Helensburgh at the
launch of local community schemes devised by Ardencaple Football Club, of which
he is president, Smith conceded he cannot completely sever his ties Rangers
ties with any certainty:

“I’m four years away from it now, it’s a
difficult one but I’ve always said I’d do everything I could to help them. But
whether that’s stretching it or not I don’t know. You never rule anything out but
I’m not looking for it in any way shape or form.”
He spent two legendary spells at
Ibrox as manager, and is arguably, along with the great William Struth, the
finest boss Rangers ever had, but his spell in the boardroom was a lot less
illustrious and he resigned after three months.
But there are few Rangers fans
who would object to a useful role for Sir Walter on some level, perhaps
ambassadorial or maybe as a chairman of the hopefully to be reinstated Rangers Fan


  1. John Greig great captain and player , failed as manager , Walter Smith great manager , failed
    at boardroom level , David Weir came to Rangers late in his career but made a difference in
    defence , fresh new faces nowhere to be seen ??? old legends wont keep fans happy Mr King
    but progress might .
    The fans need a new tough manager and players that are fast and have skill and can score goals from anywhere in the park like young German and Dutch players
    you wont buy the fans with old boy names when we are looking for a new team to replace a
    crap one .
    So Mr King don't think about spending millions for wages on ambassadors for the club leave the pie in the sky stuff for Man united they can afford to waste millions but Rangers
    cant .

    • I think with Walter Smith, we're talking about till the end of the season rather than anything longer term. Some of the candidates won't be available till then. Walter wouldn't take any nonsense, some backsides would get kicked and he'd make sure we reached the play-offs and give us a much better chance of promotion than we have at present. I'm pretty sure, having taken the trouble to get where they are, King & Co will take the time do things properly and invest their and our money wisely. It looks like a strong Board with sensible, Rangers supporting Businessmen on it at last.

  2. We love you Walter but please Mr king dont ask his advice on our new,manager …Walter recommended McCoist and that was a complete disaster …. McDowell the clown is Allys clone . So no thanks Walter on any managerial advice … are welcome back anytime ….and just to help things now please get McDowell out asap the guy is clueless

    • Please explain how mccoist was a complete disaster ? You must be blind, he was incharge of the biggest team in scotland with the resources of clyde, do you not remember all the broken promises of millions to spend or the famous chuck speach about us being richer than celtic, mccoist did great considering everything that happened, what teams lose 95% of there team then still manage to win back to back titles, if its signings youblame him for he can take some stick but not it all, he was lied to as much as me and you were, but again tell me 1 team who doesnt sign duds

    • Get real. You must be having a laugh right? Mcoist was an utter disaster from an SPL manager where he lost the league to Celtic having a comfortable league. To paying in the third division with players who should never have been there. He signed them, yes all spl players highly overpaid with no view to youth. 2 nd division he gave up football just to say we were undefeated. That lackluster tactical disaster continued into this season to the doors we see now. Not one cup under his management. We couldn't even win the ramsden cup. He will go down in history as the worst ever manager of this great club and whilst being that, he was also the biggest paid. That in itself is disgusting. I am dumbfounded by anyone who can see that any differently


    • Surely the SFA compliance officer will take action on Gudetti's comments.
      Further embarrassment for Celtic. Lately, there seems to be a lack of control regarding outbursts from intellectually challenged employees.

  4. Walter Smith, will you just please stay away from the manager seat. You already recommended your pal McCoist into the job, and look at the embarrasment he has produced on the park. We are rotten and why on earth have the board not chased McCoist, McDowall, Durie and Durrant out on the street,, WE NEED TO GET AWAY FROM FORMER RANGERS PLAYER BEING COACHES, IT JUST DOES NOT WORK!!!! We need to go German. They have the far superior youth and senior total football ethos. We need a great coach,, we dont have that in Scotland,,banding names like McCall, McInnes, Butcher and Co is very much a step backwards.. Felix McGath is currently available,, we need to think big folks,, McCoist is still robbing us of nearly a million pounds per year in wages,, he is getting paid for nothing,, and fans cheer this???!!!,, MCDowall,, just F@#K OFF, WILL YOU!!!! you are just an embarrasment,, and King and Murray are doing hee-haw about it.,,,,, King said he is in no hurry to get a coach,, FFS King,,,if we dont make it to the Premier League next season,, it wont be long until the fans turn on you,, !!!

    • Magath already said he doesnt want a managers posistion, magath as a director of football and ian cathro as a head coach and were dancing

  5. Walter was the right man at the right time. However, the game has changed we now need a progressive manager who can develop players. The byword in our present position is patience.
    The new board must be given time to assess the shambles they have inherited, seek advice and make the correct appointment. The feelings of euphoria must now be replaced by realism.
    Our objectives wont be achieved overnight. We must support the new board in the face of media sniping and criticisms. We continue to stand united!

    There is an urgent need for all Rangers fans to stay composed. In the past few days we have experienced some irrational outbursts. From those who demand immediate action over this issue or that, to those who strive to proclaim their contribution in overthrowing the insurgents.
    The irony of one individual castigating the opinions of posters and referring to them as 'loudmouth internet cranks' exemplifies my point.

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