Time for Rangers players to shut up


Take a little look at the
“I started thinking about the Celtic
game as soon as it got drawn, to be honest. Everybody has got their opinions
and are entitled to them. The fans will
probably be dreading it because in the big games this season
, we haven’t
done well.”
-Steven Smith on Old Firm
clash, 9th January 2015
“They are flying right now, playing a
lot of football and scoring a lot of goals. There is a confidence in their
squad, and they have a good squad. But I
still think that we have a better squad than them and better individual players

but we need to go out and prove that.”

-Fraser Aird on Hearts, 14th
January 2015
“There is a lot of personal pride at stake
for me. It’s not as if I’ve been going home and made a cup of tea and thinking everything’s
all right. It’s killing me inside to be honest with you to see Hearts so far
clear in the league and we’re nowhere near them. It’s not nice and it’s not
what we want or used to. So it’s up to
us to finish the season well. It is time for everybody to stand up and be men.
To demand the ball in front of a crowd and not hide and go and show that you’re
good enough to be here. I think everybody does that (hide) when they are going
through their career
. I am not saying we have a team full of them, never in
a million years am I saying that. It’s just sometimes when your confidence is
low you aren’t wanting the ball as much as you do when your confidence is high.
That is basically all I am saying.”
-Lee McCulloch on Rangers’
poor form, 14th March 2015
“We are looking forward to it. We know
it’s a massive game for us but every game is massive at this club. We can take a lot of positives out of
Tuesday’s game
. I thought we did well. Wee Walshy was brilliant again,
Temps made a difference when he came on. So
we will take confidence into Sunday
-Nicky Clark
on upcoming Hibs’ clash, 18th March 2015
If there is one thing that
rankles supporters of any team when they are experiencing a dip, this would sum
it up: players with verbal diarrhoea, spouting absolute misguided nonsense in
the press, which is as much defeatist as delusional.
There is a fair argument to say
footballers are not the brightest bunch, and that they are only addressing the
press and answering a question they are asked, but under the full glare of the
Glaswegian goldfish bowl, any public comment gets scrutinised to microscopic
proportions, and the slightest hint of anything which is either overly
optimistic, pessimistic, or plain disagreeable, and fans will be all over it.
Unfortunately, Rangers’ players’
displays in the press this calendar year are only exacerbating the current
situation exponentially, and with the most recent wishy-washy twaddle from Clark one wonders if manager Stuart McCall has decided
the time for press conferences from the players is over.
McCall himself stated the time
for talking was over, and if we take that further would us fans object to
players being banned from speaking to the press so as not to give out
ridiculous messages of positivity or ghastly ones of depression?
When Lee McCulloch routinely
spoke to the press during dips under Walter Smith, he earned the nickname
‘Rent-a-Quote’ as he always appeared to be on-hand to provide the latest
nonsense following another low-key result.
We appear to be returning to this
kind of valueless diatribe, but with half of the rest of the squad joining in.
It goes without saying radio
silence would be now welcomed if it was also met with an upturn in performances
and results.


  1. 100% Agree, especially when the younger players (Fraser Aird for example) is actually letting you know his head is in the clouds with the garbage he speaks.

  2. Nicky Clark's comments are fairly typical of the type of misguided comments we are seeing. Young Walsh has displayed an enthusiasm which has been a breath of fresh air and he certainly seems fitter that the players we are used to seeing. However, his technique on the ball is far short of the requirements for a Rangers player, his tactical and positional awareness is far short of what is required for a Rangers player, but is that any wonder given the incompetence of those responsible for his development these last few years. That being said
    I'd rather have him that suffer the torture the more experienced players have put us through but lets not burden him with the pressure of being brilliant when he is far from that, he is promising and for the time being that is more than enough for me.

  3. Couldn't agree more.I am Fed up with all this nonsense and to say you can take confidence from that the other night is just preposterous.No more please.

  4. I don't see anything wrong with those comments, it is just the players being honest and giving there opinion, if you don't agree with the comments then fair enough but surely we don't want them gagged so that we don't get there opinions. I don't agree with a lot of your opinions on Rangers but everyone has the right to express there views

  5. The issue isn't the players, its the reporters. You ask a dumb question–you get a dumb response. There is an old axiom in journalism, "if he isn't good enough for news put him in sports." And lately the reporting on Rangers since the EGM has been awful. Many website including this one have tackled the serious financial issues. However mainstream media has ignored it. I watch one panel discussion on Scottish football recently and a reporter clearly admitted he had no clue about the financial issues at Rangers. None!! Incredible.

    • I believe you missed the point. There is social media and mainstream media. The social media are pointing out issues such as VAT problems, wage issues and others. While mainstream media concentrate on drivel. When someone admits he does not have a clue about Rangers finances then don't cover Rangers because finances are the issue. Right now the Invisible Mr.King or Rangers are not denying there are VAT problems and payroll issues. As they say..the silence is deafening.

  6. If I was to go into my boss tomorrow, after 3 years of absolute crap performances and say, "your right boss, I need to do better, Ive got to work harder, I'm not feeling all that confident, I've lost the company thousands of pounds,,,,,, but, that aside,,may I have another 3 year contract, because, I have improved yesterday!!!,,That boss would toe me square in the nuts and throw me out in my ear,,,, but they are getting away with it,, and you know what,, they dont care what you and i think, they really dont,, they shrug their shoulders and smile,, McCoist has destroyed our team,, a big happy chappy with millions of our cash,,gag them from the press??,, I would have them all thrown out in the ear years ago,,, Charles Green wanted ally the sack,, and most of the Rangers fans slagged him off,,,, Who do you think is laughing now??!!! nuff said,,

  7. I think less press less mess should be the motto for a while. Focus needs to be on the field and not the media. The stuff in the media can only be negative at themment…if the sound positive then they make themselves look like bigger arses when they dont win and if the sound less optimistic then they are talking themselves further into nonconfidence. Confidence comes from putting their heads down and actually focusing…the more they talk to the press at this point thess confident they ate gping to be.

  8. Aye they should shut up.

    Talk is cheap and the players should concentrate on training and winning games. That's their job. Nuff said.

    • There are many websites for your own team. Get some help quickly. Your deviant behaviour can be resolved. Best wishes for a return to normality.

    • Your pockets are aching too. To the tune of at least the 10 million a year you mob are losing out on. There is no one as thick as a bigoted Celtic supporter.

    • Pacific shelf? We were in the sh1t once

      Celtic have

      peaked plateaued and are heading down without the money generated by gers being present.

      We need to throw stones outside glass houses

      Hail hail

  9. Talk is cheap but the poster who said ask a dumb question get a dumb answer is probably right.The players have to front up at press conferences , so they have to say something and apart from Boyds condemnation of himself , generally they give P.C answers .The Anonymous poster who slagged off young Walsh , should be ashamed of himself…., criticising his technique ffs what game were you watching , his positional awareness and tactical nous may need work …….He`s only 18 and playing his second game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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