The future of Rangers under Dave King


Today at approximately 11:10
hours we will confirm a new regime in charge at Ibrox. Outgoing CEO Derek
Llambias and Finance Director Barry Leach have done everything in their power
to scupper the changeover, but if all is pure and holy by lunchtime today new
men will be in the boardroom.
A fan-endorsed change of
hierarchy is what has been called for, and whether you fully support incumbents’
King, Murray and Gilligan, they can certainly rely on something no previous
regime in living memory since the late 90s has truly enjoyed – majority backing
from the beleaguered fanbase.

I have been heavily critical of
Dave King in the past, but even more so recently of Leach, Llambias, Somers and
Ashley, who have simply conducted themselves direly and are not of the material
required to take Rangers forward.
As a result I, and many of those
more wary than the majority, are willing to give King a fair chance, just as I
have for everyone who went into the boardroom. It is up to him and his
colleagues to dispel our doubts and take the Club forward.
Questions certainly persist
regarding King’s plans, but there is a level of slack he is being afforded that
his (soon-to-be) predecessors were not afforded, and whether that is fair or
not is a debate for another day.
The key issues on King’s remit
and those which come under the ‘transparency’ umbrella he so keenly endorses
are thus:
  • Who is his NOMAD?
  • What exactly is
    his plan?
  • Under what capacity will Llambias & Leach
  • Will he pay them off?
  • How is he funding his regime?
  • Will he be able to halt the second tranche of the
    Sports Direct loan?
  • Who else will be appointed in the boardroom?
  • What will become of ltd chairman Sandy Easdale?
  • Will the fans’ board be fully reinstated?
  • Why has King backtracked re: FAPP and installed
    Murray as interim chairman rather than himself?
  • Will he be firing Kenny McDowall?
  • Will the ‘dead wood’ (McCulloch, Foster et al) be
I must stress I am not condemning
King before he starts, I am simply pointing out that he should be subject to
fair scrutiny as well as not being harshly dismissed by his detractors.
I am not a huge fan of King, I am
on record as stating that, but I am delighted to be proven wrong and for him to
turn this ailing ship around.

He said yesterday:

“The proposals that I gave to the
board, certainly when I came over in November, was that I would take on 50% of
the funding and I expected other individuals to take the other 50% and that is
where your [businessmen like] Paul Murray, George Letham, Brian Kennedy and
Douglas Parks all come in. I’m looking at a 50-50 split but I don’t see me as
carrying this whole burden.”
Promising in theory but the proof
is in the pudding, as they say.
In some fans’ eyes the man has
reached Messianic proportions without really doing a lot to achieve them. If he
achieves over the coming months the kind of progress painfully lacking from the
outgoing regime, it will quell the doubts a significant minority have about his
credibility, and I will be overjoyed to say ‘I was wrong to doubt him’.
Hopefully today is the beginning
of a bright new dawn for a support who really deserve it.


  1. Not the time for negativity. Today is a day for rejoicing. We are all very much aware that a lot of decisions have to be made and nothing much will happen overnight. We must be patient and show our support. Full houses at Ibrox for the remainder of the season will send out a message.
    Congratulations to all the Rangers fans! We were organised, determined, persistent in our crusade to save our club.

    • Whyte had majority backing from the beleaguered fanbase. Green had majority backing from the beleaguered fanbase. Wallace had majority backing from the beleaguered fanbase. Any else spot a pattern?

  2. He has put a lot into ousting this hopeless board and deserves a shot.
    But he will be under severe scrutiny and with his past, deservedly so.

    All we can do is get behind them and hope it works out this time for all of us.

    a new exciting manager would be a good start.

  3. you could stick the chuckle bros in there for all most fans care.just want rid of these cunts.desperate to get back to argueing about football.the right backs mince,etc.we are a total joke.if not king who else.always thought jim macoll couldve done more.spare change to him.

  4. Be wary my fellow Rangers fans. I dont trust King or Paul Murray as they stood back and let our beloved club drown in 2012 and did nothing to save it. Now they see a profit on the cards and are moving in on it, I dont think both of them have been challenged enough in their part of our liquidation. Craig Whyte sacked them?, ok, so, Why didnt they rally the fans back then to take over the board? They could called an EGM back then and took over the club, so why now? PROFIT!! King and Paul Murray are best mates with David Murray,, They knew Craig Whyte was going to liquidate the club due to crushing debts and pending tax date,, they walked away to let Craig Whyte take the hit and wrath of the fans,,so that they can return as heroes!!??, This is fact. Here is a question I would put to Paul Murray and King,,,"Do you agree with Craig Whytes decision to have the club liquidated?, If not, what would you have done to save the club?,,, They cant answer that, because they walked away from the club in its dying need!!!, However, it is what it is,, and we are going to have to watch another 5 years of struggle. I understand we need to keep the players here to see us out the season, but for the love of God and the sake of all our sanity,,please please please tell McCoist, McDowall, Durie and Durrant to go away,, We need to rid of them immediately. They have cost us 3 years where we should be seeing a stronger Rangers team, instead, we got worse and lying in a poor position in the league, the team is rotten. And the frightening thing is, they are still getting paid thousands and thousands of pounds,,of course they dont do walking away!!,,THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES AND EMBARRASSED WHAT THEY HAVE PRODUCED ON THE PARK, DISGRACEFUL,,,GOT TO GO!! nuff said,,,

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