Friday, 20 March 2015

Stuart McCall: "Lee is droppable"

In his press conference, McCall discussed his importance as a captain, but that Rangers need several captains, and explicitly denied McCulloch cannot be dropped:

“Of course the captain’s a leader, but we need more leaders. I’ve said it many times in football, leadership in football is a dying breed. But the captain’s always important but that doesn’t mean to say he’s not droppable.”

Crucially, McCall did not actually deny the existence of a clause preventing McCulloch from being dropped, his wording was a tad more vague and seemed to cover captains in football in general rather than Lee McCulloch directly.

He further expressed McCulloch’s importance to his team in advance of the crunch clash at Easter Road on Sunday:

“He needs to lead from the front, but we need to all be captains, we need to all take responsibility”


  1. The club is still a shambles I had dared hope things would improve how wrong can you be, No better that Super Ally blind or clueless the club will end up with no support at all if this continues...

  2. There cant be any other reason McCulloch plays its certainly not his football ability that's for sure !! he's as bad as it gets , I have lost all heart , the people in charge are blind and members of the old palls club Just like McCoist what a load of junk he assembled .

  3. Nobody should be immune...but our players are actually immune from playing well!!

  4. If my memory serves me right,you're the one that started this "rumour."
    Looks as if you might have been right.
    If you are...I have to ask...
    How many other "deals" like this are ongoing,and what damage are they doing ?
    I wonder if the new Board has yet found out the truth about the state of the finances etc;
    The silence is deafening..and worrying.

  5. Well that's us pumped on Sunday then if he wants him to lead us

  6. McCall won't get the job permanently if he keeps picking mcculloch who is,one of the main reasons we are in the mess ....he must have a presence in dressing room and intimidates the other players,into being scared of him ..There's,no way he should have played 1 game this,season as,he was past it in div 3,and div 2....his,legs have gone and he's a,terrible defender ....all the old boys network needs chucking out and all 12,players,out of contract can leave ......we are sick to death of them ....thousands will not renew if the dross stay ...

  7. Personally I think that this is just another of the bollocks you write on this site to try to be controversial.No-one gets a contract which says that they can`t be dropped.Its just non sense.He has played crap most of the season but apart from McGregor there is not a centre half on the books that is any good .Mohsni is a bombscare and Zaliukas is always injured.So who can be brought in to replace him.You also wrote a story about his wages and in neither story have you quoted any checkable source,Personal Agenda maybe ??

  8. Once this season is finally over, sanity can prevail in all contracts and dealings. The Newcastle loanees and other player contracts are a mess but no other club is seeing their player contracts dragged through the papers. Have faith in the new board and allow time to heal this mess they inherited. Another season in the championship, to rebuild a stronger core like Hearts and Hibs have done, is not too bad a situation. Rangers tried to win this championship with experience, and personally I was surprised in the level of the decline from the start of the season. Let's drop the scaremongering, the bickering, and the finger pointing and get off Stuart McCalls back. He has proved himself at Motherwell and if given the right support will get Rangers through the championship and into an outfit that won't be embarrassed in the Premier league. And lastly, let's not delude ourselves into buying the fanfare and smugness that reeks from every corner of Parkhead. They beat a poor Rangers side 2-0 and are stuttering over the line in a league that they bought and paid for. The gulf in class is not as big as many fear. It's big of course, but it's not insurmountable. Let them pat themselves on the back for winning diddy league cups, against a team whose best players they just poached, and a rival manager whose blood is green and white.


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