Friday, 20 March 2015

Stuart McCall: "Lee is droppable"

In his press conference, McCall discussed his importance as a captain, but that Rangers need several captains, and explicitly denied McCulloch cannot be dropped:

“Of course the captain’s a leader, but we need more leaders. I’ve said it many times in football, leadership in football is a dying breed. But the captain’s always important but that doesn’t mean to say he’s not droppable.”

Crucially, McCall did not actually deny the existence of a clause preventing McCulloch from being dropped, his wording was a tad more vague and seemed to cover captains in football in general rather than Lee McCulloch directly.

He further expressed McCulloch’s importance to his team in advance of the crunch clash at Easter Road on Sunday:

“He needs to lead from the front, but we need to all be captains, we need to all take responsibility”
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