SPFL may ditch Championship playoffs


No one knows exactly how much
Dave King is worth, but given he was able to pay SARS £50M, it is envisaged as
a huge amount. Douglas Park is worth £100M. Paul Murray’s wealth is unclear, as
is John Gilligan’s but with prospective involvement from Robert Sarver ($4B)
and Brian Kennedy (£250M) it is fair to say there are a serious amount of
investment resources potentially at Rangers’ disposal with the new board.
Which is probably why, after
having monitored Friday’s EGM result, SFA chief Stewart Regan stated the following:
“As far as the SFA are concerned we will get
involved as soon as the process allows. For Rangers fans in particular it’s
important there is harmony and stability. We’ve had several years of
uncertainty, changes of leadership, financial challenges and it’s important for
everybody’s sake that some stability is restored, and that whoever leads
Rangers can set about rebuilding the club.”
A distinct change in tone
compared with the anti-Rangers’ feel they and the SPFL have relayed in recent
Mostly likely because the SFA and
SPFL are putting serious consideration into a 16-team top flight to be in place
next season, voiding the Championship playoffs, because Sky Sports now demand
Old Firm matches as part of the TV deal.
The Sky Sports (and BT Sports)
deal is lifeblood to the SFA & SPFL, and with Rangers’ absence it has been
hit – no official numbers were ever released but my information is the deal
without Rangers in the SPL was worth a third of its previous value.
In short, Hibs, Hearts, Rangers
and most likely a toss-up between Raith Rovers and Falkirk would find
themselves fast-tracked back to the SPL, regardless of how this season
finishes, simply because the football authorities in Scotland need the money.
Rangers are already a huge draw,
and are now an even bigger one thanks to this potentially lucrative regime
shift (King has already promised at least £20M investment between himself and Park
et al).
And as most readers will know,
Sky Sports get the Old Firm matches, and are currently fighting tooth and nail
with BT Sports (they have even taken on MLS out of sheer desperation) to get
ahead, and the Old Firm is one of the biggest carrots in sport with which to do
It would be no shock to see that
happen again next season.


  1. And they call us paranoid….
    Once again the rules may be bent to suit the Govan Club…
    What might come as a shock to you is…
    Scottish football doesn't need the baggage that comes with your Club.
    Did you listen to Mr.Paul Murray's interview on BBC radio yesterday.??
    After insulting every club in Scotland, he just managed NOT to say "We are the peepul.".
    Who needs you?

    • Yous are paranoid and obsessed with rangers and this is coming from a Falkirk fan before you suggest I'm a rangers fan. Like it or not they are needed for the good of our game and also the good of your club. Deal with it.

    • Who asked you to comment on our club anyway stick to worrying about why you would support a club who openly interfered with innocent children. Remember BIG JOCK KNEW.
      Obsessed wouldn't be in it.

    • In this case the 'rules' would be updated rather than bent, so it would benefit 2 other clubs aswell. Scottish football needs a change like this. The current format is stale.

    • Declan !……………there, there son ! Its not your fault ? its all in the name of sporting " Integrity " right ?……………you know what that means ?, you did enough in the way of greetin for it a few yrs ago , ye must surely ? .

    • Mr anonymous, can you tell me why Scottish football hasn't had a sponsor for three years? Or why the TV deal is 3 million a year less than it was three years ago? (My names Jason by the way).

    • baggage mate you have a short memory as all celtic supporters do have you forgot when you almost went into liquidation though no fault of the fans the rangers fans did not react with the discust or distaste as the celtic fans did and also your recent troubles in Europe when your fans where in trouble with fifa and that your club says it is non political yet flies a giant flag of bobby sands at every game there is 2 yokes to every celtic fans words finally Rangers are the most successful club in the world in Scotland uk and possibly world football and celtic have had there fun the same as the clowns trying destroy our club time for payback.

    • I think the SPFL needs us even if you don't, is there a bit of panic in the East end of Glasgow to-night?

  2. Obvious not a Gers fan,so why do you and trolls like you read about the Gers,or is it that the team you support are shit and you are envious of the fame and glory Gers have you Muppet.

  3. I'd rather stay in championship another year than get fast-tracked , If this happened it would be because Scottish Football in general needs us , if sky are only paying a third of what they would and no sponsor is interested in the top flight without rangers its blatantly obvious we're needed , only today Lawell says the sky money is so low they'd be better without it and kicking off every week at 3pm , and he's previously stated the loss of Rangers costs Celtic 10million every year , If a Celtic fan thinks its OK for his club to lose so much revenue rather than have Rangers in same league I'd suggest they are more bitter than they would admit to .

  4. Anti rangers. don't make me laugh. they gave you a licence to compete that by passed all the rules.They peddle the myth that you aren't a new club. Your problem is that you still believe that we all want or need you,

    • Rangers are not a new club therefore no rules were bypassed and it's not about whether you all want or need us, it's simply that Scottish football would benefit from a strong Rangers. But you are obviously too bitter to see that.

    • Bitter bigot? Not sure I quite understand the logic. He suggests that rules are being bent for financial reasons. Therefore he is a bitter bigot? Liquidation always meant death until Rangers liquidated. Just ask the Rangers fans when Bill Miller proposed his incubator theory. The first man to suggest Rangers didn't die was Mr Green. Seems he told lots of lies to the Rangers fans but apparently the one thing he didn't lie about was the death of Rangers. Im pretty sure the new club were once called Sevco. Their first ever match it is alleged they didn't even have a license. But your right pointing out legal facts is somehow a sign of bigotry.oesn't it put all the trophies won by the old Rangers in even more doubt when the financial men can bend the rules and even break them in favour of the Newest version of the Teddies. Why do the Teddies need the rules to broken for them. Why are they constantly running out of cash. Why are they perpetually in debt since Mr Murray introduced the business model that killed them. Nobody in jail for the murder of Rangers. Death by Hubris debt and dodgy tax dealings. t least they now have someone back on the board from the dead regime.


    • Don't make me laugh mate, I'm interested who will Celtic sell for ten million quid? If Celtic were as good as you think, why are they not 20 points clear of Aberdeen?

    • As per my post of 12.35, if your not a new club explain why after finishing 2nd in the SPL you didn't play in Europe the next season. Remember liquidation meant loss of licence, you were not relegated to Div 3, a new entity was given the licence of the defunct RFC ( bypassing rules) and started in Div 3. As for kiddie brigade, I ask one question. What links Jimmy Saville, DLT, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall, Max Clifford and many more? Answer. Freemasons………..Nuff said

  5. That comment proves you are paranoid…..A bigger league would be a good thing for all of Scottish football not just Rangers but if it doesn't happen and we don't get promoted then another year in the championship is what we will have and accept.
    Rangers have been well and truly kicked when they've been down but for our haters no punishment is ever enough.

  6. I would be against gerrymandering the football leagues here in Scotland for the benefit of one club. If they go ahead with this they may as well just make a couple of rules saying certain clubs cannot be relegated and only two clubs are allowed to win the SPFL.

    It seems it's no longer the case that decisions have the sporting imperative at their core. Instead we've got financial considerations taking precedence and imo that's wrong.
    So Celtic are perhaps £10 million down as a result of crap TV deals and Rangers being out of the league? They're still a well run club. They still make a profit.
    They still win trophies and is a sum in the region of £10 million going to make a significant difference to Celtic here at home? No.
    Is it going to make a significant difference to Celtic in Europe? No.

    The reality is the whole league adjusts relatively to reductions in TV money and I'd point out that Aberdeen, Dundee Utd, Dundee, St Johnstone and a few others are no debt or virtually debt free. So I don't listen to the scare stories of Armageddon.

    • You people just don't get it do you the only reason you are winning trophy's (tainted) and getting a free passage into Europe is because you don't have any opposition ( Rangers) in the league.

    • It would not be for the benefit of one club… Increasing the league has been discussed many times and I think most fans are in favour…..or they were but now that paranoid people like you think that it would only be for the benefit of Rangers they might now be against it. If Rangers have to stay in the same league for another season then so be it.

  7. You must be from the kiddie brigade, If my club was into this I couldn't follow them no matter what, money problems is different. Then again hoops fans are different.

  8. This moron has obviously forgot about the SFA changing the rules not that long ago to keep aberdeen in the league when they were getting relegated.

  9. After the amazing season Sevco have had in The Championship I look forward to seeing more of your champagne fitba if you make the playoffs. There will be no reorganisation at the end of this season as the timescales are too short. So you either get promoted or you'll have another season of playing other diddies. Good luck with that. And good luck with finding the deeds to the Asbestos Dome. And good luck with trying to cancel the Sports Direct contract. Looks like you're going to need a lot of luck.

  10. So when King said it would take two years to rebound when everyone else was saying five..Now we see why…What other sidebar deals have been made? I'm thinking about Hearts and Hibs. I'm thinking about Mike Ashley. Remember when King got off the plane, he said 20 million. When further questioned, I hear north of 20..Then I read in a newspaper, 40 million.

  11. the scottish league has become a joke
    change the rules change the rules
    16 team league!
    are you kidding
    i suggest a 10 team league of teams that can compete
    no play offs 2 down 2 up
    championship league 10 teams
    we are now stretching the # of games sky would be interested in
    the MLS over here is a far better league
    ant team from Scotland would have a hard time competing

    • Watched your American league tonight and your in no way in a position to look down your nose at Scottish football. It's a league for auld blokes to retire to. Oh wait that's Rangers!

  12. why is it the hooped kiddie brigade go on about sevco. for me I would rather support a sevco as you like to call us than follow a club that kiddie fiddled. You may have to take a look at your self as well as your kiddie fiddling club. I would be ashamed to follow such a club and religion.

  13. Mickey boy. Do you not understand that you are the bigots. You segregate your children at birth and brain wash them with voodoo bollocks. That organisation is shamefully and I have no problem saying it. My name is mark

    • You can't be anti septic ! That makes you a bigot in this strange world we live in now. A world where you can sit in front of the TV wanting to be offende then complain when you are. Your Catholic Church organis ##### ation

  14. Before a penny is spent on strengthening the team or doing up the crumbling Ibrox why don't you pay the many businesses that you owe hundreds of thousands to. Paul Murray says he wants to build bridges, so why not start by clearing your debt

  15. The prick on about cheating !! My god don't start when your mob of dirty cheating ira loving pricks used the death of a former player to cheat the rangers out of yet another title. You lot are the most hated bunch of pricks in Britain. So go home

  16. Lets face facts here … this is the only way sevco will get into the top division. They will be royally pumped by every team if this happens. Bring it on – it will be hilarious to watch

  17. Big Jock did indeed know….how to win the European Cup…..oh and he also knew how to help in the immediate aftermath of the Ibrox Disaster in a humane and dignified manner. Did you forget that or would you have rather he hadn't have bothered?






  19. Liquidation means dead,gone etc.Being admitted to Div 3 means new team.I now understand why Catholic schools are way ahead of the rest,they teach us how to read and understand the rules.
    Here we go 10 in a row the jailbirds eleven will still be in the championship next season.
    Hail Hail

      W. A.T.P.

    • That's a good one jailbirds eleven. Is it not Septic who have at least three players from their first team squad awaiting courtroom appearances . One for bashing, one for flashing, and one for racism. (all allegedly of course) because the authorities can't seem to get them into court, wonder why that is. Lawyers earning a fortune no doubt. !

  20. 16 team league would be good but an 18 team one would be better, if we had either our teams wouldnt play the same teams about 4 times a season and the league would have less games plus no need for the useless split, less games would aid scottish teams in europe, but i have one question,
    What or who is your source ?

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