SFA find Ashley guilty of dual-ownership


It has been confirmed today Mike
Ashley has been found in breach of SFA guidelines. The major shareholder at
Ibrox (8.92%) and Sports Direct tycoon was charged earlier this year on
dual-ownership regarding his interest in both Rangers and ownership at Newcastle, and an independent
SFA tribunal has found him guilty and fined him £7,500.
Naturally this is a paltry amount
for a multibillionaire but nevertheless it weakens his own position at Ibrox
considerably and opens the floodgates for further sanctions unless he withdraws
the level of interest, possibly including returning merchandise rights to the

With Dave King set to take his
men on the board in due course, Ashley’s interest in Rangers is dented hugely,
with his directors Llambias and Leach looking to secure severance before they
too exit the board.
Sadly the Club as a whole still
has charges to answer regarding Ashley’s involvement, and that is due to be
heard by a different tribunal in a fortnight’s time.


  1. Argh… Typed a long reply only for It to dissapear….

    Truth is Rangers were a victim of crime aka Mr Whyte .. We should have been treated sympatheticly by football authorities, In FACT We may Well have been were It not for THE RABID
    reaction of jelous fans of other clubs, including you know who!!

    Now here We are again possibly facing fined or other restrictions. Due to the actions of those whom have zero respect for Rangers or the rules of the SFA. Just watch out for the rabid ones cramming the phone In shows demanding full punishment In the name of "sporting integrity!".

    Makes me sick, they wouldnt know sporting, or any other kind of integrity if It bit them on their collective erses.

    • That is precisely why no Rangers fan should ever set foot in any Scottish football ground other than Ibrox.

    • This finding is very significant. When Rangers challenge the validity of the Ashley contracts in court. He has been found to have influenced the board with the appointment of Leach by an independent organisation. He has effectively agreed contracts with himself. The Somers email further undermines these 'agreements'.
      Contracts void?

  2. According to an accountant on another website, Ashley is King's biggest problem. So its hardly a dent as you say. Not only does King have to payoff Ashley's loans, he is probably going to do so with high interest. If King wants to concentrate on other issues, like the football team, it would appear just a couple of changes will take place on the board and not the big changes everyone is expecting.

  3. Craig Whyte is a patsy in all this,, he wasnt the only person that pulled the trigger and shot our beloved Rangers in the head. He took the Ticketus money,,and paid the bank with it,, this has given the future board licence to borrow money,, if Craig Whyte did not do this, Rangers would have been blacklisted and the banks would not have done business with us again, FACT. We owed the banks 18 million pounds and Craig Whyte paid this off. David Murray got us into this financial disaster in the first place, FACT, David Murray was saved the embarrassment and the mighty rage of the fans by giving our club away for a pound!!, DAVID MURRAY KNEW WE WERE GOING INTO LIQUIDATION, FACT, and cowardly let Craig Whyte do his dirty work, so that he could walk out a hero?!,Craig Whyte is hated, while David Murray, Dave King, Paul Murray, can all walk out as hero,,They were all on the board at the time folks and did nothing to save us,,FACT, why do we still call our training facilities Murray Park,, it should be called John Greigs Academy. Murray is the architect of out downfall. I really hope the next set of highway robbers,, King, Murray and co, keep good relations with Ashley, the guys a billionaire for god sake, talk about Rangers fans chasing away fantastic investors into our team,,cause believe me,, we need every penny,, beware of King,, oh, one last thing,,,Will someone tell the Rangers players to shut up and stop telling us what we already know,, stop telling us the team needs to more,,or we owe the fans or we need to win every point now,,,,FOR GOD SAKE,,IF YOU DID YOUR TALKING ON THE PARK, WE WOULD HAVE BEEN AT THE TOP OF THE LEAGUE, YOU WAGE ROBBING, SUB STANDARD, CHEAP TALKING, LAZY, UNFIT PACK OF CHANCERS,, nuff said!!

    • I agree with every word of Anonymous 3rd march 2015 at 19:24 , a lot of fans think KING is the answer apart from me and you who remember King was with Murray and sacked by Whyte .
      King and Paul Murray should never get onto a Rangers Board again these 2 so called directors and Murray and Whyte and others nearly killed our Club
      and should never get another chance because this time they could succeed

    • What a pair of absolute idiots.What Whyte did was illegal and it is quite possible , he will go to jail for his lies and illegal practices while buying Rangers.Although Murray was to blame for apparently ignoring this guys chequered past , the only reason he could not find a buyer was the now shown to be bogus HMRC tax case.The debt was being reduced year on year and would have been managed without this .It was Murrays club and there is nothing King or Paul Murray could have done to prevent the sale.As for Ashley , he may have billions , but he has shown no sign of wanting to invest in the club ,investment is not done through onerous contracts and loans that cannot be repaid.Funnily enough I do agree with the comments about the players and their proclamations in the press .Shut up and do your talking on the park .

    • Whilst I don't think its courteous calling fellow Rangers fans idiots!, Your right about everything you say about Craig Whyte,,What my point is,,DAVID MURRAY, DAVE KING AND PAUL MURRAY ALL KNEW HIM, THIS WAS PLANNED. Craig Whytes illegal practices and law breaking, has actually took the hit for Murray and Rangers by paying the bank off. And ask yourself this question, How on earth did Charles Green get Rangers for a mere 5.5 million pounds,, Where were the pending Rangers bears billionaires then?? But now they want on the board,,wonder why, oh yes,,the tax case is more or less won now,,so its safe to go back to Ibrox ,, Pied Piper comes to mind, with King on the pipes!!! and we all know what happened at the end of that story!!

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