Report card for King & his men


With Rangers four days into the
Dave King era, some might say it is too early to make any rash judgements or
final conclusions about the potential of his tenure. I would be one of them.
However things never stand still at Ibrox for even a moment and it is worth
making an early assessment about how things have gone ‘thus far’ and providing
a ‘report card’ of what we like and what we might not. So far.

The first thing the new board got
absolutely spot on was the instant appointment of Douglas Park to the regime.
Park, an extremely well-respected businessman, with previous dealings with
Rangers, was touted as potential board material many years ago, and he made
good on that potential by investing in shares as part of the Three Bears. His
credibility and stock are extremely high, and with an estimated £100M personal
fortune his resources are deep.
However, in a backwards step, and
a very controversial move, Paul Murray praised and thanked the Daily Record for
‘courageous journalism’, despite their anti-Rangers reporting for the past
three years. Lest we forget, it was they who had the headline “RIP Rangers”
following administration and have repeatedly used Rangers’ plight to sell their
publication. Some say Murray
is deliberately trying to get the Record onside and this is a calculated move,
and I can only hope they are right. Otherwise it is a faux pas of epic
Onto more positive things again,
and King et al have shown an attempt to be as transparent as possible. When
questioned on his tax convictions, King did not hide, and stated that it has
not been an issue for anyone other than ‘the other side’, and said that inside
business circles it had never been raised by anyone. He also pointed out his
acquisition of a NOMAD (as yet unnamed) proved that credible operators in
stocks and shares are willing to discuss proposals with him. If his credibility
was in tatters and his reputation toxic, they would not.
However, the more negative side
of this is his apparent refusal to actually name who that NOMAD is. If he wants
to show transparency and accountability then he has to show the gory details
like no one ever has, because Rangers are under more scrutiny in a corporate
governance sense than perhaps any other football side in history. The honesty
has to include everything, not just some parts.
Then we have the more optimistic
notion that the manager search will be changing focus from the derelict “Old
Pals Act” under McDowall and previously McCoist, to a more ‘youth oriented’
approach. King wishes to do away with a ‘matriarch’ and bring in a head coach
who can bring the quality youngsters through, governed by a Director of
Football. This is a bold and visionary attempt at changing the old guard, and
it is worth applauding. Whether it works is another matter.
However, in a more depressing
concession, Murray
has praised Mike Ashley’s acumen and stated Sports Direct are a partner and we
will be working with them. Given how loathed Ashley and his brand are among
fans, this idea surely is contrary to the way forward, but then, us supporters
are not privy to the contracts, and perhaps we are completely bound to Ashley
by various clauses, and as such it is better to butter your enemies up than let
them hurt you.
On the other hand, Park’s
statement yesterday, while perhaps a little tub-thumping and playing to the
galleries, was nevertheless the kind of bravado we have lacked. Its defiance
showed a clear message, and it summed up the kind of mentality we need on
board. It has to be said he and Gilligan have projected this kind of attitude
better than Murray and King have.
There are many more aspects, such
as King wishing to build bridges with SFA/SPFL, today’s news that Llambias,
Leach and Easdale have been suspended pending investigation and Brian Kennedy’s
statement of investment intent, which are both positive and negative.
As such it is hard to provide any
kind of conclusion as yet, as it should be, and it is certainly early days. But
here I have tried to take both the positive and negatives in as objective a
fashion as possible.
So far, we will see.


  1. bit early for report cards. Lets allow the incumbents to get their feet under the table.
    However, one thing is for sure, any attempt to re-install McCoist in any position will seriously impact upon fan relationship. Should he be suspended and investigated also for negligence?

  2. While I agree it is early days the one big disappointment is that having known for some little time that he would succeed in replacing the board that there seems to have been no planning as to the football side. I would have expected an announcement as to who Rangers were appointing as coach/manager immediately after he was successful. I fear we are going to go down the route of bringing back the same old Rangers men mentality. I wonder how many of the fans who boycotted Ibrox who turn up tonight will continue to attend once they see just how bad the team is.

    • the real rangers men will always be with the club and as we all know it will take time to build,,watp.

    • "the same old rangers men mentality" is well underway with King and Murray as voted by the shareholders, both on the board when t all went down the tube.

  3. Are you joking. Four days into their stewardship of the club and your making judgements. Lets give them at least time to hang their coats up.

  4. King cannot name the NOMAD, for at least two reasons: it is not him who negotiates the NOMAD, it is the company responsibility; the NOMAD has to carry out due diligence before accepting. I think you are being unreasonable 'carping' when we are only five days into the new regime – wait and see!!!

    • Patience is a virtue,let us not be e blinded by the fact we are in a place that this is urgent time to stand shoulder to shoulder

  5. Acht mate, get over yourself… Its you and the Vanguard that everyone is sick listening to… Sniping at Murray for building bridges… well we aint gonna win friends with this 'Celtic-esque' chip on the shoulder.. Time to look forward if you are capable of that.

    • We don't need to build any bridges with rubbish like the daily rebel. Most Rangers supporters detest that rag and won't be as forgiving as Paul Murray. The only reason they supported King & Murray wasn't because they thought they would be good for Rangers, but because they were crapping themselves at the thought of a multi-billionaire like Ashley taking over. To them King & Murray were just the lesser of two evils. It won't matter how much the new regime tries to be pals with them, they'll never hesitate to put the boot in when they get the chance.

  6. Looks to me like King's game could be to make a list of actions by Askley's team which could be seen as criminal and to try to blackmail Ashley into giving up things he has won for fear of going to jail.
    If that's what they think or something akin to that, Ashley will laugh at them, and I doubt that Ashley's guys have done anything illegal.

  7. jumping the gun a bit this situation is not going to be resolved overnight as for the playing side we must get the management choice right mcdowall is pleading for his pal Ally to come back the fans are pleading for mcdowall to join his mate on gardening leave we need someone who is going to develop the young talent we have together with experienced players who are not over the hill Hearts are perfect example of how this can work

  8. Reading the article and some of the comments it's almost as if some are just waiting for things to go wrong so they can get ripped into the new men…….this is not going to be an overnight success, it will take time and I daresay there will be mistakes made on and off the park, which is how life goes in all aspects of life.
    We have the right men at Rangers now, I'm sure of that… give it a chance

  9. I will give you a Report Card……. FAILED TO IMPRESS THUS FAR,,,,, MCDOWALL IS STILL F@#KING RUNNING OUR TEAM!!!!!!,,,, ARE YOU ALL FECKING BLIND,,, MCDOWALL, DURIE AND DURRANT NEED,,, I SAID "NEED",, TO GET TOLD TO F@#K OFF,,, God Sake ,,stop this old pals act and get them out,, I would have mickey mouse and donald duck in their place,, anybody,, we are f@#king dying out their,, AND KING, MURRAY AND ALL THE OTHER MONEY GRABBERS HAVE DONE DAMN ALL,,,, GET MCDOWALL TO F@#K,,,,,,, 3 draws in a row,, how much more do we have to endure this torture,,Get a fecking grip KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rangers have no money. Why do none of you understand this? Mcdowall is in the job because they can't afford to pay him off.

    • Think its time for your medication again.
      Think there is a chemist near Parkhead so you can pick it up on Saturday.

    • Get the young players in, these current has beens are just working their ticket they know they will be gone in the summer, and as for Mcdowall how hard does he need to try to get the sack.

    • What a fan… Its not just you watching this pal… everyone else feels the same so pipe down and mediate your reactions a bit.

  10. No money?!!!,, SACK THEM,, let them take us to court and will see how much they love the Rangers jersey,, If I was ever to fail so much in my job,, Id be shown the door, and rightly so,, We need a ruthless board,, all we have is good old pals act,, If we dont get rid of those holding us to ransom,,then we will be playing in the first division next season,, Just not good enough,,King and Murray are more concerned of a wall being plastered than getting the team sorted,,, says it all,,,,Sack McDowall, MCCoist, Durie and Durrant,, if they were real rangers men,, they would have walked away for the better of the club,,sheer greed,

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