Replace McDowall now, Dave


After the elation of the Rangers
fanbase following yesterday’s triumph at the EGM, there is absolutely no doubt
a wave’s crest was being well and truly perched. Morale was at a crescendo, and
while there are some small criticisms of certain comments made by the new
board, they were not enough to douse the feeling of rampant optimism swirling
Even Dave King’s vision of a
new manager being a ‘coach’ and with priority on rearing youth players appeared
to be a tiny slight at the current managerial regime, with its emphasis on
playing dead wood and pals, while casting away quality young players such as
Barrie McKay, Luca Gasparotto, and Kyle McAusland to name just three.

However, if today’s utter
disaster taught the new board anything, it is the absolutely ghastly nature of
the current squad, and the stale and rudderless leadership of the management.
If they were in any doubt of the task they face, just on a football personnel front,
today’s events in Fife dispelled them with
I am not even going to discuss
the game in-depth, it might just have been the worst Rangers match in recent
memory, including the Alloa atrocities. It was truly scraping the worst barrel
of the lot, and Cowdenbeath were worthy of their point.
It just highlighted the ‘cautious’
approach to finding a new coach that King, Murray and Gilligan tried to
campaign for yesterday simply will not do.
There are at least twelve players
out of contract this summer, and none of them have earned a new deal. One of
them, Kris Boyd, concedes that entirely, to his full credit.
But equally dreadful is the
frankly woeful ‘management’ from caretaker boss Kenny McDowall, who is quite
simply the worst manager in Rangers’ history. Thirteen men have taken the
responsibility of managing this incredible institution, and somehow McDowall
has managed to plumb worse depths than his predecessor.
Bluntly put replacing him ‘slowly
and precisely’ is not an option. It is my conviction an entirely new management
team, whatever its structure might be, must be in place by, at the absolute
latest, the end of this month.
Truthfully it would be better off
in place by the next home match because as much optimism as seeing a new board
has generated with supporters, if McDowall continues to chuck Lee McCulloch,
Nicky Law, Kenny Miller et al at them, that good swell of feeling may be
I am afraid, Mr King, ‘energy’
just is not going to cut it to drag this team to the end of the season, you
have to act ASAP – McCoist and McDowall’s contracts must be terminated
entirely, paid-off if necessary (albeit many fans appear to want McCoist to
walk away without pay to show he has Rangers’ interests at heart) and replaced
as soon as legitimately possible.
Rangers fans do not deserve to
draw in the abysmally embarrassing manner their team did today, and all of King’s
men need to realise this right now.


  1. This issue is not relative to football but to money..How about this quote from Paul Murray on the BBC website today..In regard to Mike Ashley (remember him) and I quote.."he's got rights to board seats." Sorry there are bigger issues right now than the team on the pitch…
    And I will leave you with one more thought..Ever since Dave King called for the EGM and to the day WH Ireland left Rangers..Shares in WH Ireland have gone up 15%..wonder why??

    • The other £5m loan which was drawn down by the departing board means that Ashley will be entitled to two places on the Board. Whether he'll bother to make use of that entitlement is another matter. And who the hell cares about W H Ireland?

    • You conveniently fail to point out that since the EGM Rangers shares have risen approximately 75%.

  2. Well written, I commentated yesterday when Ally Titchmarsh was mentioned and now turnip Mcdowall find them a allotment please and get someone who can somehow motivate these players who surely will be shown the door come the end of the season, this feel good factor will soon evaporate if nothing is done

  3. Agree with you one hundred percent goalkeeper ok macgregor is never a right back wallace body language and commitment he doesnt want to be there mcculloch well past it zaliukas maybe law non trier hutton waste of jersey millar and boyd done clark played out of position wont mention newcastle lad mcdowall I thought mccoist was bad he is worse a total lack of commitment from the interim manager right down to the duff players mccoist brought in a long long haul ahead

  4. i think mr mccoist should be down helping with mcdowall till the end of the season, sure wont do any more harm,,

  5. No one could possibly expect the team to suddenly improve. The manager is useless but so are the players. If they had suddenly performed brilliantly I would have fired them all for being totally unprofessional in all their other games. So MacDowall must go. But find someone else first! And no knee jerk appointment. All out of contract players can go. End of story. We won't win play offs regardless of who is charge. So what if it takes a few months to find right coach/manager. But get it right. Then new man can sign for next season and build to do as Hearts have done this year. Sad but it is long term.

  6. Was at the match. Get rid of McDowell he hasn't got a clue. Give Templeton a wee break. GIVE HIM A CHANCE

  7. Personaly i think walter smith or graham souness to steady the ship until the end of the season,by the looks of things we need a new team,it will take time but we will get there WATP

    • Souness is a parasite like ally he took 30 grand ebt from us 10 years after he left in a hurry to join his only love as he put it

  8. Before the EGM McCoist should have given his shares to one of the fan groups, these were incentive based and given by Green. He should walk away from his contract….or is this the walking away he was referring to?

  9. I go every home and away game from Manchester I've said all season this lot are gutless and its the lowest I've ever felt today …McDowell the clown blamed the wind and pitch but not the spineless players for a truly abysmal performance…. it has eclipsed ramsden final. Alloa semi final shambles and losing to Stirling away and Annan home as the worse ever result …we had 1 shot on goal against a team slammed 10 nil …..Kenny McDowell alias the clown bringing on the useless Smith to replace vuckic summed it up …..hearts and hibs are up already so only way to stay in play offs is to get rid of the whole management team and bring in new manger and staff…….sickening display and total and utter sewage on the pitch and talked by clown McDowell

  10. I don't understand why there's so much negative comments about Mccoist. Some rangers fans seem to have some memory loss, as from Day 1 on the job he had to deal with Craig Whyte then all the other crooks since. If mccoist was given the resources to build a better sqaud by any of those people then i'm pretty sure he would have. All hes done for rangers in the last 4-5 years is show total commitment and loyalty to our club. He held our club together when it was crumbling infront of us. Remember Charles Greens promise of 15 mil for players? Can you name 1 player Ally BOUGHT since Craig Whyte was in charge? I don't think so. Do you think it was ally's decision to sell Lewis McLoud our best player? i dont think so. Was the man shown the respect for Holding our club together in its darkest hour, that he deserved? I get the impression that many believe so, I don't. I don't think many managers would have been able to keep the guys who are there playing at a consistently good level with everything that has been going on. You'll all know that it's been brutal reading the papers the last few years as its felt like every other day there was something in them that was just infuriating to read. Just remember fellow blue noses ally, the players are people to and some feel just as passionate about the club as us, they will have been affected by everything thats went on. And i suspect we will hear more about exactly what they have had to deal with now the rats are gone!! Hope things start to pick up for Tuesday against QoS. Packed ibrox might get some of the players hearts beating again WATP

  11. I'm a Hibs fan and we need our top teams in the top league. We've had a terrible few years since you guys won the league at Easter Road each yr worse than the last till bang we got dumped into the Championship. None of us expected to be in with a shout of going up in the playoffs but if you guys keep ripping into your team we will be favourites to finish second. Of course your angry with them but if remember our lads were scared stiff playing at home last year and looked what happened to us. You've got the board you want so you have to get right behind your players and build up their confidence. Millar is past it now but Boyd just lacks confidence. Final push now and it looks like it's going to be an exciting fight for promotion between us, Falkirk and Queens while the Premiership is boresvile. COYH

  12. McDowall isn't even embarrassed. He will drain our club financially until he gets every drop of money out of his contract, he does not care about Rangers or the team. King and Murray have had months prior to the egm to find a short term replacement. Murray is a waste of time, he is one of the boys as well,, this is the problem about bringing in guys like that,,i bet you any money he will convince McCoist to return to management.. It should have been done on the first day they were voted in,, total wasters,, For the love of god,,will the new board take immediate action and get rid of every one those wage robbing chancers. We might not even make the play offs!!, Boyd, Miller, McCulloch, Black, Law, Aird, Smith, Foster, you are all a disgrace to the Rangers jersey, You will only be remembered as a disgrace to our team,, and yet you will still pick up thousands of pounds,,while the new board sits there and do bugger all about it,,, They want the fans to return to Ibrox,,, TO WATCH WHAT MR KING? UTTER DROSS ON THE PARK,, AND YOU AND MURRAY KEEP THE SAME WAGE ROBBING CHANCERS RUNNING THE TEAM,, ARE YOU BOTH BLIND, 0-0 AGAINST COWDENBEITH,,REALLY??!!!!!,, WAKE THE f#@K UP!!!

  13. Kenny suffers from a lack of modern thinking. He is a Smith clone who lacks imagination and independent thinking. His default criteria on selection is experience followed by strength and power.
    Young Murdoch came in and provided some much needed energy. Templeton's decision making is poor but he can disrupt defences. Law can be effective in forward positions but not centre mid. The right side of defence exemplifies Kenny's ethos, default position is a centre back. The Newcastle lad has nice touches but has been shuttled out to wide positions, possibly because he does not fulfil the typical attributes of a Rangers 'must have dig' central midfielder.
    Last season young Gallagher provided some much needed freshness up front.
    Fellow Gers fans, I could go on but we all know the deficiencies. My main point is that Kenny's approach to the game is antiquated, apprehensive and undermined by feelings of inadequacy.
    Kenny have the courage to go for a blend of younger players and mobility or just go!

  14. the 1pm poster who doesn't understand the negativity to McCoist? Really mate, don't know what you are having in your cornflakes but it must be effective.
    What troubles me most, apart from the shares accepted from Green, is the fact that he continues to accept payment from the club. What is the justification Ally? Your performance as manger (handed to you by Walter) reached the extremes of incompetence. You obviously think that your contract entitles you to further plunder the institution that has rewarded you well for many years. Please have a good look in the mirror and reflect on your position. Perhaps your destiny lies in a move to the Newcastle area where you can associate with certain other likeminded gentlemen.

  15. Re, The 01.00. O'clock!? Post. Didn't!? "Ally!" Sign!, & "Pay!" For!! "David Templeton". The Fact? Of His!? Inconsistency!? Remember!? This! "Young! Starlet!?" Scored! At "Anfield!!" In A European!! Tie!! "The? Rest? "Bosman's!? Free? Transfer's!?" Y!? Bring? "Young! Gallagher!"Back!? Me!? Personally "Bell!" ("Robinson") "Wallace" (Dissapointing!?This! Season!?) Gasparato" " Mcgreggor" Sorry!? "Jig!?" (Concentrate!? On! Coaching!!) "Barry Mckay" "Andy Little" (Yes! I'dv'e! Kept! Him!) "Nicky Clark" "Boyd" (At? Least? A Stone!? Lighter!? Sharper!? Given! A Decent!? Service!!) "Nicky Law! (Trialist!?) "Shiels". "Templeton" But!? What!? Do!? I! Know!? "LOOKING!! FOR!! A!! REACTION!! TUESDAY!! W.A.T.P.

  16. McDowells constant whining about his 'emotional scars' is getting tiresome. He needs to man up and create a more positive experience for the players. The sooner he walks away the better.

  17. Rangers need a breath of fresh air. A break from the old school tactics of Smith and McCoist. The game has changed and we need a young manager with fresh ideas. Mccoist, Smith, Mcdowell all lack creativity. Smith's rabbit-in-the-headlights act when they went down 1-0 to Zenit was embarrassing.


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