Rangers’ shareholders in full


Far from 100% up to date (given
speculation of a movement/sale of outgoing chairman David Somers’ shares plus
Mather proxying his over to the RST), the following (apologies for the slightly messy layout) is about as comprehensive a
breakdown of exactly who owns Rangers as it is possible to find.

Name                                                              Holding           %
Dave King                                                       11,869,505      14.57%
George Taylor                                                7,575,000        9.30%
Mike Ashley                                                   7,265,000        8.92%
Sandy Easdale                                                5,256,110        6.45%
Park                                                  5,000,000        6.14%
River and Mercantile                                      4,704,827        5.77%
Rangers Supporters Trust + proxies               4,509,312        5.53%
Blue Pitch Holdings                                       4,000,000        4.91%
George Letham                                               3,299,515        4.05%
Margarita Funds Holding Trust                      2,600,000        3.19%
Rangers First + proxies                                  2,394,902        2.94%
FMR LLC                                                       2,000,000        2.45%
HSBC Global Asset Management (UK)        1,878,488        2.31%
Lynchwood Nominees Limited                      1,203,800        1.48%
Kieran Prior                                                    1,100,740        1.35%
Ally McCoist                                                  1,092,988        1.34%
Barclayshare Nominees Limited                    1,015,804        1.25%
Glenmuir Limited                                           1,000,000        1.23%
Winterflood Securities Limited                     989,651           1.21%
HSDL Nominees Limited                               968,599           1.19%
Felix Magath                                                  810,000           0.99%
Vidacos Nominees Limited                            748,462           0.92%
TD Direct Investing (Europe)                         709,975           0.87%
Graeme Henderson                                         590,164           0.72%
Fitel Nominees Limited                                 585,603           0.72%
James Easdale                                                572,749           0.70%
Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbrokers
Ltd        551,190           0.68%
Lawshare Nominees Limited                         280,794           0.34%
Smith and Williamson Nominees
Limited    276,375           0.34%
Rock Nominees Limited                                275,938           0.34%
Redmayne (Nominees) Limited                     221,837           0.27%
Lion Nominees Limited                                 211,594           0.26%
Share Nominees Limited                                207,985           0.26%
Brewin Nominees Limited                             202,855           0.25%
Malcolm Murray                                            200,000           0.25%
Patrick Oddie                                                  200,000           0.25%
Colin Howell                                                  200,000           0.25%
Investor Nominees Limited                            166,766           0.20%
Vanguard Bears + proxies                              156,123           0.19%
Hanover Nominees Limited                           107,776           0.13%
Platform Securities Nominees                        96,237             0.12%
Norman Crighton                                            96,222             0.12%
L R Nominees Limited                                   91,913             0.11%
Interactive Brokers LLC                                 76,712             0.09%
CG/Walter Smith/Ian Hart/Craig
Mather      71,428             0.09%
Pro-King minority shareholders                     63,721             0.08%
David Somers                                                 61,186             0.08%
Discretionary clients of
Hargreave Hale        10,300             0.01%
Pro-board minority shareholders                    10846              0.013%
Undecided minority shareholders                  1,828               0.002%
Unaccounted for                                             3,897,381        4.78%
Shares change daily, so this is
probably changing as it goes to press. But as far as all-encompassing
breakdowns go, this is probably as near to accurate as it is possible to be.
Credit goes to STV’s Grant
Russell for this.


  1. This is a good post. Would be a brilliant post if an X had been place in front of the BADDIES names

  2. valuable info but surely the new start will be tarnished is our ambition goes no further than Stuart McCall. Next appointment is vital. Mr McCall would mean another 2/3 year void.

  3. mccall has a good record with youth so i wouldn't say hes as bad as people are saying, i would prefer ian cathro but beggars can't be choosers
    i managed to calculate 47.63 from what i know to be pro king
    i'm just an ordinary fan though so i don't know who else is voting pro king
    still unbelievably confident kind will be victorious

  4. briliiant anonymous, Stuart McCall, is not the choice blue nose as he is, does not mean success
    it looks like dahlia the little tim is a hero, in such a poor league what would you expect,we were well sucked in with gardener Ally lets drop down 3 divisions heads held up we will walk straight back champions of every one, how wrong we were.I dont want Butcher or McCall in fact any of our past 9 in a row players.Davies, Curbishley,even Moyes for fucks sake lets get going.

  5. McCoist's tenure was a disgrace from the bottom division upward.For someone who doesn't do walking away he fucked off quick when it became obvious the old duds the dud had signed would never win league 2.He made sure he never lost any of his 760000(count the zeros)wages though.

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